Brother and sister make $3million on OnlyFans and pay off parents' mortgage

The siblings help each other out when filming sexual videos.

10/22/2021 12:40:00 PM

'It’s been so great that we can both fully look after our family, and it’s really brought us all a lot closer.'

The siblings help each other out when filming sexual videos.

Siblings Daisy Drew and Sean Austin have found massive success making explicit content on OnlyFans (Picture: Jam Press)When Daisy Drew saw how much her brother, Sean Austin, was making on OnlyFans, she knew she wanted to get involved.Sean, who is gay, launched his account back in December 2019, and quickly found mega success.

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Just as he started raking in cash, Daisy, 24, was travelling in New Zealand and had run out of money.Inspired by her 29-year-old brother’s popularity on OnlyFans, she decided to give the platform a go, too.Now, the duo – who never appear in content together – help each other out with filming videos of sexual content and are making a combined $3million (£2.19million) a year.

And yes, they’ve got their parents’ blessing – so much so that the pair are now supporting their mum and dad financially and encouraging them to give up their 9 to 5 jobs.Daisy and Sean have managed to pay off their parents’ mortgage, too – entirely thanks to their OnlyFans income.

‘My dad is really proud of me, he’s supportive of what I do,’ said Daisy.‘He’s a typical Glaswegian man, he loves football and is a man’s man, so you’d assume he would be ashamed but it was a different story when I told him.‘The main thing is me and my brother are safe and happy, and that’s all our parents care about – and all any parents should care about.

Daisy, 24, got involved after seeing how much money her brother was making (Picture: Jam Press/@daisyy.drew)‘I get that it’s not a normal job, but I’m the exact same person I’ve always been when I put my phone down.’Sean added: ‘When I decided to start OnlyFans, the success I had was absolutely amazing and overwhelming, I felt so fortunate but at the same time it can feel like a lot of people don’t understand.

‘When Daisy began her OnlyFans page and became successful I was so grateful that not only did I have someone to share this journey with, but it was my sister as well.‘It’s been so great that we can both fully look after our family, and it’s really brought us all a lot closer.’

The siblings have a lot of shared fans who say they ‘don’t know who they fancy more’, and often get requests to film together.‘It’s very common that I receive custom content requests and one extreme one was someone specifically requesting for me to film an explicit video with my brother – even though he’s gay – in exchange for $1,000,’ said Daisy.

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‘Obviously there was no way I was going to do that.The duo never appear in explicit content together, but do help each other film (Picture: Jam Press/@daisyy.drew)‘The first time I did a livestream I told people about my brother also having an OnlyFans page and, at the time, I didn’t realise the irony of us both doing it.

‘I’ve got some bisexual fans who wanted to know his account name.‘Someone actually messaged me saying I looked like Sean before I had even mentioned him being my brother.’While the pair would never make content together, they do help each other out when it comes to filming and snapping photos – and there’s no embarrassment as they pose for the camera.

Daisy said: ‘When you’ve been in the industry long enough, nothing is embarrassing anymore.‘It’s easier because Sean is gay, so it’s not embarrassing being in my underwear or showing my boobs, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.‘He is such a perfectionist and so honest with me – sometimes I’ll show him content and he’ll say if it’s not good.

‘He keeps me grounded and tells me the truth, and I trust him more than most people, so he’s the best for taking content with.’Daisy even refers male fans who are struggling with their sexuality to her brother’s page.Their parents are super proud – especially as the pair have now paid off the mortgage (Picture: Jam Press/@daisyy.drew)

She said: ‘I’ve had fans who are in the closet who have confided in me and so I refer them on to Sean.‘I watched my brother grow up as a teenager struggling with his sexuality and now he is so proud to be gay.‘I’ve never seen him so happy and now he can do the same for other guys, making them feel confident and helping them to accept themselves.’

That bond is part of why the siblings love the job. They’re also big fans of the freedom their new source of income gives them.‘It’s nice to give the whole family something more than money: time,’ said Daisy.‘We’re going to Los Angeles soon and me and my brother paid for all of that.

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Misleading headline. I thought they appeared together on some depraved shit. They help film content for each other 😬🤢 I’d rather my children didn’t sell their bodies and pay for my own fucking house. Meh