Brits WILL be forced to cover faces inside shops or pay a £100 fine

Brits will be forced to cover faces inside shops or pay a £100 fine

7/14/2020 12:37:00 AM

Brits will be forced to cover faces inside shops or pay a £100 fine

FACE masks must be worn in shops from July 24, the Government will announce tomorrow. Anyone refusing will be fined up to £100. ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates T…

Anyone refusing will be fined up to £100.⚠️ Read ourfor the latest news & updates7The Government will be making face masks compulsory in shops and supermarkets from July 24Credit: AFP and licensorsThe new Covid-19 rule comes after ministers were criticised for contradicting each other on the need for masks.

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to stop Covid-19 exploding again.The PM spoke out ahead of tomorrow's Government announcement thatmaskswill be compulsory in stores from July 24.He said: “I do think in shops it is very important to wear a face ­covering if you are going to be in a confined space.

“You want to protect other people and receive protection in turn.“Face coverings — I think people should be wearing them in shops.”7Boris Johnson said face masks are an added 'insurance policy' to stop Covid re-explodingCredit: EPA7Brits who don't wear face masks to the shops will be hit with a £100 fine

Credit: Getty Images - GettyMr Johnson’s endorsement comes after the Government was accused of dithering on the issue and making contradictory statements.He said he changed his mind over the value of masks in stopping the spread of Covid-19 after scientific advice “shifted in favour of them”.

The PM said: “In a confined space you are protecting others from the transmission you might be giving off.“And they in turn are protecting you. It is a mutual thing.“As the virus comes down in incidents and we have more and more success, I think face coverings are a kind of extra insurance that we can all use to stop it coming back and stop it getting out of control again.”

— the lowest daily total since March 12.GOVERNMENT SHIFTThe shift in Government policy will be announced tomorrow by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.It brings shops in line with public transport, where masks have been compulsory since June 15.Shopkeepers will be urged to encourage the public to comply with the new rule.

But those caught not wearing a mask will be fined £100, cut to £50 if paid within a fortnight.Children under 11 and those with some disabilities will not have to wear a mask.Downing Street has faced pressure to act after scientists demanded the rules be changed.

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Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made face masks compulsory in shops there on Friday.77Royal Society president Dr Venki Ramakrishnan said the “evidence has shifted” and is now “quite strongly in favour of using face coverings in enclosed spaces”.

He said it was “not consistent” to demand people wear face coverings on public transport but not in shops.Dr Ramakrishnan said: “A virus doesn’t know. The behaviour of the virus is the same in all spaces.”Downing Street has ordered increased production capacity at factories so five million masks a week will be available to meet demand.

The Government has been accused of a mixed message on masks.7Boris Johnson elbow-bumped medics in London todayCredit: AFP and licensors7Michael Gove said people should be trusted to use their 'good sense' to wear face masksCredit: AFP or licensors

The PM suggested last Friday that masks would be compulsory in shops only to be contradicted byMichael Gove who said people should be trusted to use their “good sense”.Justice Secretary Robert Buckland yesterday summed up the confusion by saying his view was that masks should be “mandatory — maybe”.

A new scientific report warns that a second wave of coronavirus this winter could be worse — killing 120,000 in hospitals.The Academy of Medical Sciences produced the report at the request of Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

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Well I won’t be wearing expensive lipstick in some time ... save me some money to be fair I will not be forced to do anything by this shambolic government I’ll do what i think is best for me Then we won’t go to shops order online way forward Ooo once again, 3 months behind everyone else. We’ve had this in Spain since day 1!

Hopefully that FINE money will be going straight to the NHS coffers. Ha ha ha thanks I needed a Laugh Why is he only now making face masks mandatory in shops. 4 months AFTER the pandemic begins 🤦🏻‍♀️Like wearing a condom to the baby shower. It was only a few weeks ago that the so called experts said there is no scientific proof that wearing masks actually helps stopping the spread, hence why whenever you saw boris he didn't wear one in public up until recently, so what has changed? What isn't he telling us?

I dont get why he dint make this mandatory at the peak of the virus🤷🏼‍♀️ Next we will have to wear seatbelts in cars 😳 What from the virus you told them was only like a flu build up your immune system Masks need to be mandatory for everyone around the world. This pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon and we haven’t even seen the second wave yet. If everyone would just be patient and follow all the Covid rules, we can all get through this faster and safer.

There is no chance I will wear a mask, . Not going to be told what to do by these idiots in parliament... How about Asthma? Should I show the Ventolin and Prescription to the Shop Assistance ? I show my Ventolin and Prescription to Bus Driver, they let me on the bus Yeah, won’t happen. They can’t enforce it on public transport. No one has been fined and you see people on the train and bus all the time without a mask. If you’re going to make this a rule, enforce it. Don’t expect people to just do as you say.

Like popping on a Johnny at the baby shower..... How about putting a veil or purq'e or niqab that are used by muslims? It is sufficient in Saudi if in two folds/layers. BorisJohnson congratulations you just killed many small shops because MANY people will NOT wear a mask to shop so will shop online. Me? I'm done. Once the freezer and cupboards are empty then I'll starve to death.

What about people who cannot afford to buy masks, people living in poverty who can barely afford food. Mandatory since Friday in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and it’s working 👍 suck it up and get your mask on - it saves lives 😷 Shopping online it is then. This has the potential to be another kick in the teeth for the High St

One way to start paying the debt off fine then I got 1 washed too🙂 Yes. This is the right thing to do. MasksSaveLives So people let just do it. Bethepeople of the UK that we would be proud of....and it doesn’t even hurt. This is awful Not a chance. What about deaf people who wont be able to lip read? 4 months too late but better late than never

But not until 24th July. If it’s for the nation’s safety, why not now? Yet i can drink in my local pub all day without one Finally

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Brits set to sizzle in scorching 25C heat as summer finally arrivesTemperatures will build throughout the week, despite rain and wind in parts, peaking on Friday at 25C with a 'very warm' weekend to follow, say forecasters

Labour tax raid 'would cost hard-working Brits around £2,500 a year'A TAX raid by Labour would cost hard-working Brits around £2,500 a year, the Tories claim. Six million people could be affected by the annual levy on savings and property under such proposals. Mini… I always remember my late dads words . “ Never trust a woman who can’t even brush her hair “. Another reason why you’ll never see another Labour government 🤷🏼‍♂️ Let’s remind ourselves that Labour would still be better than the Tories

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Brits to bask in temperatures of 23C before sizzling heatwave returnsBRITS will bask in temperatures of 23C before a sizzling heatwave could return. Crowds flocking back to bars and beaches after the lockdown can enjoy even more summer sun today and into next week. … Beans are the only thing that gives me pleasure stankybeans So anywhere between 72 and 75 degrees? What a shitty temperature measurement system. Oh please “sizzling, baking, scorching” all over the top words & phrases, it’s Summer, the suns out & yes it warms up nicely 24C - 30/32C is not unusual but the really high temperatures in Britain don’t last long...Please stop with your over-hyped headlines

250k High Street jobs could be axed as Brits shop online during virus crisisAROUND 250,000 High Street jobs could be axed as more Brits shop online in the coronavirus crisis. John Lewis is shutting eight stores putting 1,300 jobs at risk, while Boots this week said 4,000 w… Unfortunately even more will go if BorisJohnson enforces wearing a mask in shops etc.