Brits to start paying for lateral flow tests under new 'live with Covid' scheme

Brits to start paying for lateral flow tests under new 'live with Covid' scheme

Coronavirus, Boris Johnson

1/9/2022 9:41:00 AM

Brits to start paying for lateral flow tests under new 'live with Covid' scheme

Boris Johnson is reportedly set to announce a cutting down of Covid spending, including an end to universal free lateral flow tests and a scaling back of NHS Test and Trace

Free tests will still be available for people with symptoms, as well as for those in high risk places like care homes, schools and hospitals.However, the Government is reportedly set to scale back Covid spending with £6 billion already having been spent on mass public testing.

The new plans will also apparently see NHS Test and Trace scaled back.A source from inside Whitehall told The Times : "I don’t think we are in a world where we can continue to hand out free lateral flow tests to everybody for evermore." The source did add that the Government will maintain the capacity to ramp up testing again if needs be, such as in winter months.

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