Brits risk 'going back to square one' unless staying apart in Bank Holiday

Brits risk 'going back to square one' unless staying apart in Bank Holiday

5/23/2020 10:42:00 AM

Brits risk 'going back to square one' unless staying apart in Bank Holiday

BRITS have been warned they “risk going back to square one” if they don’t stay two metres apart outdoors during the sunny Bank Holiday weekend. Hundreds of thousands are set to flock to parks and b…

Invalid Date,BRITS have been warned they “risk going back to square one” if they don’t stay two metres apart outdoors during the sunny Bank Holiday weekend.Hundreds of thousands are set toas temperatures hit 25C (77F) on Monday.⚠️ Read ourcoronavirus live blog

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for the latest news & updatesBrits 'risk going back to square one' if they fail to practice social distancing during Bank Holiday weekendCredit: Paul Edwards - The SunBut there are fears that could bring a second wave ofCovid-19.The Office for National Statistics said yesterday that almost one in five adults plans to meet up with friends or family from outside their household.

No10 last week relaxed rules on outdoor activities after scientists found there was a lot less coronavirus transmission outdoors.But people must still exercise only within their household groups.They can also meet only one other person from outside their household outdoors, and must still stay two metres apart.

PM Boris Johnson’s official spokesman said: “Anecdotal evidence suggests the vast majority of the public are following the rules.“As we head into the long weekend, we must all renew our efforts and continue to abide by the social distancing rules.MOST READ IN POLITICS

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MIGRANT WARNINGHuge number of migrants crossing Channel are 'major threat' to securitySTAY HOMEArrivals to UK must quarantine for 2wks from June 8 & rule-breakers face £1k fine"As the Health Secretary said, let’s not go back to square one. The PM certainly echoes those words.”

Lifeguards want ministers and the RNLI to allow them to return to work.Ex-Tory MP and former lifeguard Charlotte Leslie said: “If the Government is, it must make sure it is safe.”The warning comes after some people were caught ignoring social distancing

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Credit: Kennedy News and MediaBut officials claim the vast majority are still respecting the rulesCredit: EPACORONAVIRUS CRISIS - STAY IN THE KNOWDon't miss the latest news and figures - and essential advice for you and your family. Read more: The Sun »

There shouldn’t of been a lockdown to start with For our Sake please be sensible this bank holiday weekend. Chris antoniou a cousin of the late George Michael Govt issues bad advice re masks that is detrimental to health. Public are smarter they research good science and immune system they know they already have trillions of viruses, masks harmful ie accumulate viral download only wear mask if you are infected to protect the healthy

Even the African community are getting unlocked🤔😎 Does that include Cummings The government can't understand that the lockdown is killing families, mental health issues mental abuse millions of people can't pay their bills, if we have another lockdown people will rebel against it It’s good enough for Cummings

Not Brits because the vast majority of us are doing it it’s these fucking idiots if you had cameras there take pictures and post them it’s time to call the troops in And when they do I'm going to lose it with my idiot neighbours It is not the public’s fault! The government should have locked down earlier and be doing more testing. If there is a rise again, it will be because of the government’s vague messaging and failure to act quick enough.

Seems safe enough to me. Peopleeeee enjoy your lifes and dont listen to listen to the government who the f they are to tell us what to do? If it’s ok for Cummings to travel with covid symptoms instead of isolating himself, then it is surely ok for all the people without symptoms to go to the beaches, Lake District, Peak District, park, bars,... where ever we want, whenever we want from this weekend on. BorisJohnson

We NEED to visit the coast this weeknd & support the wonderful local businesses who are protecting local people by providing local jobs/opportunities They have already lost the start of the season due to lockdown They need lots of custom to stop these areas becoming ghost towns Please guys you need to respect this. The longer you take to stamp it out, the longer the global economy suffers. Get serious. Save lives. Do what you're told.

Rubbish Back to square one then. Don't forget to clap and bang pots though. After all nothing says we live in the 21st Century like making loud noises to see off miasma like peasants in a Medieval village. Yeah and it's your team that are causing problems....if they do it so can we. This is not happening anywhere else where the lockdown has been eased, so why are Brits uniquely at risk when we are from the same species as all the other countries that are doing fine out of lockdown?

Horseshit Coronabollocks 🖕Piss off Utter rubbish. Fake news. Watch and learn: I think I’ve given up caring. Between Brexit and this I’ve realised this is a nation of selfish assh0les who only care about stuffing their fat faces and blaming foreigners for their bloated, moronic existence. The median age of COVID-19 fatalities in the UK. is 81. Don't see a lot of 81 year olds on the beach.

Brits urged to shun beaches over sizzling 26C Bank Holiday weekend aheadTemperatures are set to soar to as high as 26C over the Bank Holiday weekend but the government are warning families to resist the temptation to flock to beaches and beauty spots Yup I’ll not be going as much as i want to , the pull is strong 💪 in this one I shall stay away and I do feel for the local Businesses that are suffering , there are tools 🧰 coming online that can and will unlock the lockdown A LIFE AND DEATH RISK SO LET IT GO 'THIS IS MY LIFE!'

Motorists urged to shun beauty spots as UK faces balmy bank holidayAA suggests government should not have eased lockdown before Monday Awesome dogs and cats having fun Not going to happen. Heard on BBC Radio 2 today that the pictures from the beach at Southend could have been misleading due the type of Lenses that were being used !!! Nice to hear the BBC allowing bogus news items on its its airways. Take if from a New Yorker, folks. Practice social distancing, wear a mask and forget the sunburn!

Shocking pics show The Peaks overwhelmed with cars & litter before Bank HolidayTHE Peak District, one of the most picturesque spots in England, has become overwhelmed with cars and litter in the wake of the government easing lockdown restrictions. Police have urged people not… people who live in very nice rural areas go to even nicer rual areas and destory them. kinda like they do when they come to the city RIGHT NOW THE CITY IS PEACEFUL AND AIR IS CLEAN! The policy of keeping car parks closed to deter visitors isn’t working. Open them all so people don’t have to park on the road and there is less chance of interaction with locals.

Urgent seaside danger Bank Holiday warning that 'could be recipe for disaster'Dangerous 15ft waves are expected to smash into the south west coastline and sun worshippers have been warned not to swim in the sea because it could be a 'recipe for disaster' Common sense. Utter arse water

UK weather forecast: Bank Holiday scorcher as 25C blast to ROAST Britain - latest chartsBRITONS can expect to bask in temperatures as high as 25C on bank holiday Monday, as high pressure moves back in driving the mercury back up.

You can get paid to use electricity in your own home over bank holiday weekendThe National Grid can't let energy output slump while shops and businesses are open so one option could be to pay customers to use their power on Bank Holiday Sunday