Brits masturbated 25% more often during lockdown, study suggests

1/28/2022 9:45:00 PM

Brits masturbated 25% more often during lockdown to cope with boredom and kill free time, study suggests

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Brits masturbated 25% more often during lockdown to cope with boredom and kill free time, study suggests

Research from the universities of Bournemouth and Roehampton found quarter of young adults pleasured themselves more frequently at the height of the first wave in 2020.

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Millions of Brits are happy to 'live with' Covid and continue to wear face masksNearly three-quarters are 'fed up' with the constantly-changing rules and restrictions, and are ready to accept the virus as part of everyday life

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Peston: Boris Johnson slammed over ‘Partygate’ by Labour frontbencher - ‘Taking the mickeyBORIS JOHNSON has been slammed by a Labour frontbencher who claimed the public is 'bored' by the wait for the Sue Gray report into the alleged lockdown parties.

A fifth of adults admitted to watching more porn during the first Covid our new free Indy100 weekly newsletter Haga spoke about how she came across the bottle on the small Norwegian island.Millions of Brits are happy to live with Covid and are prepared to continue wearing masks in public – whilst also coming to terms with the increased complications of booking holidays.Listen to this article Loading audio.

Third of survey respondents did more sexual fantasising during restrictions. Men in the UK normally masturbate an average of two to three times per week . It didn’t look very old but you could immediately see that there was something inside.