Brits ignore coronavirus lockdown to buy paint, garden tools and a LAVA LAMP

Brits ignore coronavirus lockdown to buy paint, garden tools and a lava lamp

3/29/2020 11:42:00 AM

Brits ignore coronavirus lockdown to buy paint, garden tools and a lava lamp

BRITS have been ignoring government rules to only leave the house for necessities and popping out to buy paint, garden tools and even lava lamps. Pictures show shoppers in Stockton-on-Tees exiting …

The UK has been onlockdown since Tuesday, with the government strongly advising against all non-essential travel.Anyone leaving the house for any other reason could be charged and handed a fine of up to £1,000.Thousands of non-essential stores have already been closed in order to curb the spread of the virus.

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After the lockdown, panic-buying has left many shelves empty across the country after Brits stockpiled a whopping £1billion worth of food in preparation for lockdown.This has forced supermarketsto impose limitson the amount that shoppers can buy for the first time since the Second World War

Despite empty shelves appearing across the country, the CEOs of major supermarkets have constantly assured shoppers that there will be no food shortages or disruption to the supply chain due to the coronavirus.Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda have set a limit of three for any item and two for essential products, such as toilet roll and handwash.

Supermarkets have also beenin store to help people stick to the two metres distance rule put in place by the government.Stores areto get their groceries to ensure they're not overly busy.Police have also encouraged Brits toto report anyone breaching the coronavirus lockdown.

Concerned citizens can use an online form to submit tip-offs if they see people breaking the rules.In the UK, the coronavirus death toll surged to 1,019 today after 260 people died in the last 24 hours.Most read in NewsFurious locals block in tourist who drove 115 miles to Snowdonia during lockdown

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Brits are not very bright. You cannot educate pork Covid_19 stupidity selfishpeople Ffs. People’s mental health is just as important! We’re allowed out to shop for essentials, for some people, keeping active IS essential!!! So you would sooner see people go mad being locked up in their homes instead of doing some DIY to keep busy etc. They didn't break the law they are trying to keep going through this hell

So bloody what. You might as well get a bit of DIY done. Me and my son are giving his bedroom a full make over. Keeps him busy , as well as me. We can’t watch TV all day. FFS People need to do something to combat the boredom. So long as they practice social distancing buying the paint or gardening products

banlavalampssavelives Should be closed Well you can't expect people to stay at home doing nothing We need army to stop all this Why are these shops open? No need for DIY stores Mate people need to chill they gone out to get bits... ALONE. May as well do something productive whilst being off. Jesus Christ.

Hardware shops have been made to close down in other countries, simply because they are non-essential stores. The government needs to shut these stores down the only stores that should be open is supermarkets and pharmacies. why shouldn't people be able to buy paint its doing no harm I would say is a therapy, a productive DIY THERAPY that saves money, keeps the home upgraded and clean. Nothing wrong about it, we are not coach potatoes.

Tossers. Not ignoring lickdown. The are visiting hardware stores that can open to buy stuff to do jobs whilst staying in. Stop printing bullshit for the sake of something to print. Errr didn't the government say that hardware shops to stay open so can't work out how they are breaking the law. If I was them people I would be taking you to court for making a false claim and plastering them all over the Internet

I bet that image is not from recent times. Shut the shops then BorisJohnson Getting things to do will keep people at home Typical daves ...smh 🤦‍♂️ It's not a lockdown ffs My neighbour has spent over £3.5k on new stuff for fitting out his bathroom from wickes whilst we were supposed to be on lockdown!! Openly admitted it to another neighbour

funny thing is the person who wrote this article probably went into an overcrowded supermarket after work. you're probably safer buying paint and lava lamps than buying milk and bread. Let them keep themselves occupied instead of listening to the scaremongering news! Shops shouldn't be selling them, PM shud put a stop to non essential items, if he doesn't they are in their rights to buy these so stop talking shit..

The shops are open, selling this stuff. Shut the shops selling it then🙄 People are bored so they will go out buy DIY stuff, stuff for the garden etc and work on their home. They are not socialising with others, are photographed on their own! So what is the big problem 🤷‍♀️ As long as there are rules within shop dont see a problem people are being told to self isolate so what a better time than now to redecorate the house at the end of the day it will keep people in...Journalists need to get a grip.of themselves

Shhhh No one here actually cares about the shop workers in B&M putting there health at risk because you lot want something to do. Your absolute idiots. Ever thought that most of the staff would rather be safe at home instead of serving customers with NO protection. Idiots. This is news? Really? Well if your staying at home. You may as well being doing odd house around your own house and garden

If the govt have deemed diy shops as essential retailers then people shouldn’t be demonised for shopping there 🤦🏻‍♂️ Those shops have not stopped selling those items, no have the government placed any restrictions on doing so. Are you going to start shaming people buying booze next as 'nonessential items'?

At least they are staying home and doing the jobs there wife's have been asking them to do for years and Britain houses are going to look better or there will be work for builders and decorators after lock down lol They've been told to DIY to keep bust so 🤷‍♀️ People are doing home improvements in the Lockdown....what did you expect As long as the keep there distance & keep clean 🧼 no problem!

The more people out and about doing non essential shops the greater chance of infecting yourself or passing it on. Please people listen to the rules and adhere to them. It’s all about the greater good. STAY HOME SAVE LIVES Dicks This is why these sort of shops should be closed Imagine this; Your autistic child’s lava lamp broke and it’s caused the epic of all meltdowns because their sensory needs are so much that it’s ESSENTIAL they have this, they’ve lost all their normal routine and you went to B&M to pick up a new one. You disgust me The Sun!

Pathetic Just finishing the room.. this will be to their detriment, sad to see while reading from Spain, the UK need to step up. Life needs to go on as normal This should be enforced more Where are the POLICE Essential maintenance...... myarse Also buy lava lamps might be therapy for there child who gave autism or some thing else .all you care about is selling papers

Close the bloody stores!! for gods sake I can understand buying paint as everyone is at home this is the time to decorate your homes . Iv ordered all our paints on line as not risking going out to be near anyone British ignore coronavirus lockdown as we send a photographer to take pictures of people shopping.

There not braking the rules home and hardware store or shops are allowed to be open so it will give them something to do whilst saying home why don't stop selling or printing papers what aren't essential if your spouting about this you hypocrites Oh more bullshit from the Sun. for starters THE SHOPS ARE ALL SHUT

So do some who pray 🤷‍♂️ Why are these stores still open? How, if these shops should closed. Well if the shop is open what do you expect? Bring the army in to patrol the streets, then people will realuse how serious it is They are the things that are keeping us busy If the shop is open people will shop. By that line of thinking I should only be buying food in the supermarket not clothing or household stuff they sell as well.

At least the projects would keep them indoors. That's why we where lucky and got it all before the madness Haha so now enjoying being able to decorate without having to leave the house Mental health is more important than ever right now. Perhaps more people should go out and buy something that keeps their mind active. And those of you who think this is wrong and are the “Big I Am” tough - watch your own mental health over the coming weeks. It may shock you.

Blame the shops that allow them to go and buy it Maybe they want to keep themselves busy at home since Indoor is so boring, They know they have to be safe from this unfortunate world we've found ourselves in. buying paint and garden tools means people can stay indoors without loosing their minds. this 'quarentine shaming' is poison, and im assuming the jobsworth who took these photos had to break quarentine to do so.

Absolute selfishness with side helping of stupidity. However, why were these items allowed to be sold? Well...They are trying not to go mad while isolated. Need to keep busy and spirit up Public announcement: use any copy of the sun newspaper as emergency toilet roll, it will smear but it’s used to bring full of shit anyway. Non-story. Pointless story. Shut the shop people can’t go eh. Otherwise ssshhh

Well then In 14 days time they'll have a surge & wonder why again 🤔 they there will be another lockdown All these items are actually from TheRangeUK which many people have already called to be closed for this exact reason people think this is a free holiday let's go buy a lawn mower etc, it's classed as shopping The people in this country have no morels, only think of themselves, this is why all the food they have will be going rotten in theirs homes.

That s just 1 stupid man them things are not food/drink the DickHead should take them back and think before he leaves home again if he can't do that I know a prison where he can live. Journalism needs a major overhaul after this outbreak, vile inflammation of news and sensationalism needs to be kept in check. Bout time journalist evolved into mature adults that led by example of how to be a decent human.

You’ve made the news again!! Greggs03 If they followed the 2 metre distance then they’ll all have something to keep busy! We can’t do that in South Africa because the only shops allowed to be open are supermarkets. The UK should close everything else down so lava lamps are unavailable. Essentials only!

But off licence's are ok hmm, already society and the media show how much they are hypocritical c*nts Very harsh and also very poor you've shown people photos. These people.have done nothing wrong. If the government dontwant us entering shops then close them. Don't say it's ok to go to Asda for milk but not ok to go to B&M. If shop is open people don't know it's not ok

Thick as mince. Hopefully you the sun can name and shame these ppl and get them fined. Is it just some British people that are as thick as pig shit and can't seem to get the non essential bit? I've seen ppl trying to get beds and fridges ffs, STAY AT FKN HOME, ppl are dying 😡😡😡😡 kuku27 They are trying to use idle time into productive one for home improvements

So what do you expect people to do when in lock down watc TV 24/7 To be fair you need stuff to do at home, if I had money I'd buy gardening stuff to. I bought my child a slide cause she needs entertainment at home and cant go to the park for 3 weeks/months. but if it’s there once a day excercise and the shops that cell them are open , why not , if they have enough food , what people ganna do , watch re re repeats of CATCHPHRASE AND THE VOICE. every day .

Hardware stores are open and the sun is struggling to find stories not related to coronavirus Not a big deal. We all need to do something to keep our minds busy and for get about this bloody coronavirus out in our minds. I so bad needed some stuff from garden centre,so that I don't go mad indoors but everywhere is shut and I wouldn't risk going out. I've bought what I need online.

Surely you are ok to do some DIY FFS. I get people having picnics and chilling in parks are arsholes but what is wrong with painting and fixing things at a time like this. You cant speak to the wife 24/7 or we will all be divorced after this. What do you want us to do sit here rocking!! Shut up sun The government is allowing these places to stay open so they must want people to use them!

Well if the shop is open people are going to go get stuff. What is the point in people following the rules if others are being selfish? PEOPLE ARE DYING WHATING ARE YOU THINKING 😡 Blame the store for being open. Better to be at home doing DIY than congregating in public, isn't it? But you're ok to buy milk, bread and some fancy cheese from waitrose?

Journalism has really gone down the pan. This is pathetic Those places must be OPEN then...... Well, if your work space does stuff like this what's the difference - This helps people's well being by keeping them busy during this time of isolation Shut the damm shops ain't rocket science!!!!! Shut them down, we in Ireland have and our cases/deaths are nowhere near the rate over there. That muppet Boris is taking too many chances with peoples lives

Their doing nothing wrong. Shops are open that sell these things, they are needed for people to keep busy, and people still have birthdays so presents are still needed. Nothing wrong with that.....good time to do a little bit of DIY at home during this lock down! This old guy should have been at home. Instead he was parked in a child bay panic buying soil!

Either Covid-19 isn’t that bad at all and will blow over and all this is fine or it’s going to kill us all in which case people might as well do what they want anyway. This is getting out of hand......... who the fuck is buying a lava lamp in 2020!!!! They are taking the piss. And ? They are on the their Jack ! And going home to do something positive and keep the mind in tack. ffs Report on the mass groupings at mosques around the country last Friday ! Rather than a bloke on his own buying a tin of paint !

And? Is this from a shop that sells food?Home bargains B&M’s still open due to selling grub so why not pick some DIY,gardening items up while there!Some people need to occupy minds if suffering with mental health and nagging spouses!Like GMP said buy cigs while shopping this is same! Those in the photos have every right to file lawsuits against because they are not breaking the law and you are suggesting that they are. I hope they do!

也许“集体免疫法”在英国真的有效。 I went for toilet roll yesterday,didn’t have any so I bought Easter eggs instead. And what else do they buy in DIY shops you great story by the sun tools If the shops are still open and you’re still allowed to go on a walk... Nothing wrong with it. The shops are still open and people are just trying to keep busy so they don't go bonkers at home

So what? Life goes on, we're just spending most of it in our houses. If and when they announce a total lockdown then this will become an issue and also impossible, as those shops will be shut. Companies ignore the lockdown and force employees to go to work too. Look at the warehouses where staff are unable to keep 2m meter distance and face being sacked if they dont turn up

'Journalist' ignores coronavirus lockdown to report on people buying paint, garden tools and a lava lamp... Covid_19 What's wrong with that? We need to keep ourselves active mentally and physically. Doing up the garden ticks many boxes. As for the lamp, he may have a child with sensory needs and setting up a beautiful space..? StopJudging

Some Brits are arrogant, selfish morons who only think of themselves and couldn't give a toss about anyone else. Looking at the pics this lot are probably too intellectually challenged to even understand the threat they pose by going out for non-essential supplies. Well they have to do something with their time. Stop shaming people you vile rag. CovidNazis

They're not breaking the law when hardware stores are still open and they're on their own

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Top cop vows to 'take action' against Brits ignoring lockdown rulesA POLICE chief has fired off a warning to those who disobey quarantine laws. Andrew Slattery, Assistant Chief Constable of Cumbria, also urged businesses to consider whether their work was “really … kew79 Meanwhile I believe the mosque is open NeilJamesWeekes This needs getting under control. All the mosques are still open. Markets open. We all stay in but loads ain’t. You cannot negotiate with dickheads. Rules do not apply to them and they are bullet proof. This virus is cramping their style and they do not like it as they cannot do as they like. If they catch it should they be treated ?

Top cop vows to 'take action' against Brits ignoring lockdown rulesA POLICE chief has fired off a warning to those who disobey quarantine laws. Andrew Slattery, Assistant Chief Constable of Cumbria, also urged businesses to consider whether their work was “really … kew79 Meanwhile I believe the mosque is open NeilJamesWeekes This needs getting under control. All the mosques are still open. Markets open. We all stay in but loads ain’t. You cannot negotiate with dickheads. Rules do not apply to them and they are bullet proof. This virus is cramping their style and they do not like it as they cannot do as they like. If they catch it should they be treated ?

Albert Camus novel The Plague leads surge of pestilence fictionAuthor’s daughter explains 1947’s book’s renewed appeal during coronavirus lockdown No shit. I'm reading it right now. Great book. I'd also recommend World War Z. It's got zombies, but it's also a really interesting, documentary style take on pandemics. Excellent book. I read it while waiting many hours for a train in Oujda on the Moroccan/Algeria border - perfect setting. Huge station but only had 2-3 trains a day. greatbooks Camus

Shopping during coronavirus: five tips for social distancingBuying essential supplies can be tricky during the coronavirus lockdown. Here’s how to navigate the new rules Order award winning piesbypost throughout the UK, including Best Vegetarian Pie in the UK 2019 🛒🛒🛒 The Guardian - by far the most censored/moderated media in the UK. Disgraceful. Seems we're getting the hang of some of the tips