British scientists ‘frozen out’ of EU research due to Brexit row, MPs warn

British scientists ‘frozen out’ of EU research due to Brexit row, MPs warn

10/25/2021 2:12:00 AM

British scientists ‘frozen out’ of EU research due to Brexit row, MPs warn

‘With each passing day opportunities are missed,’ says Brexit-backing chair of select committee

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You left the club, you do not get to use the facilities, even a child knows that. I'm getting suck of brexiteers sulking, move on with your lives please.

Brexit: UK says new Northern Ireland Protocol talks 'constructive'A government source says the EU has offered 'things that we can work with' but gaps remain. Locals of Northern Salingyi & Eastern Yinmarpin Tsp never skip a day to protest against Genocidal Dictatorship. WarCrimesOfJunta Oct24Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar The Tories agreed to the deal and that's it. EU please stand firm on this. Brexir has consequences.

Brexit: What's the Northern Ireland Protocol?The EU has outlined new proposals for the Northern Ireland Protocol. Why would I listen to LW bbc news editors? It’s simply wrong,if Frost can’t get agreement by end of year then simply withdraw from the agreement and bring NI back into GB and deal with the fall out If it's more than 3 words, 52% of Brits aren't going to read it.

British scientists being ‘frozen out’ of EU research due to NI row, claims MPBill Cash says UK still not being made full member of Horizon Europe science programme linked to dispute over NI protocol this is terrible news “Britons complain there are consequences to Brexit” There’s an evergreen headline for you Brexit Former golf club member who resigned his membership, angry because he no longer gets his 9am Sunday morning start he had for 40 years. “It’s not fair, so it is”. He said, tearfully, stamping his foot.

Households warned of ‘Christmas crisis’ for bin collections due to staff shortagesCouncil waste contractors now offering sign-up bonus of £1,500 to recruit bin lorry drivers We've not had regular collections for 3 months, with our Tory Council in Derbyshire using taxpayers money to bail out Serco who've already been paid to deliver the service but haven't. Private industry and Conservatives doing the same thing, fleecing the taxpayer. Brexit again?

We’ll play ‘dirty Remainer’ and stir up trouble if EU does not stop overreach, warns PolandCountry’s ruling party could target EU net zero policy in retaliation for move to punish Warsaw in rule of law spat, claims party official

Japan Brave Blossoms 23-32 Australia Wallabies: Rugby spring tour 2021 – as it happenedAustralia withstood plenty of Japanese pressure to earn their fifth Test victory in a row horrible