British IS prisoner 'killed in Syria'

British IS prisoner 'killed in Syria'

7/11/2020 8:14:00 PM

British IS prisoner 'killed in Syria'

A London man becomes the first British IS-supporter to die in Syrian Democratic Forces custody.

Close share panelImage captionIshak Mostefaoui is the first British IS-supporter to die in the custody of the Syrian Democratic ForcesA British man who joined the Islamic State group in Syria has died while being held in prison in the country, the BBC has been told.

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One source said that Ishak Mostefaoui, originally from east London, was killed while attempting to escape custody.Another said the death came during serious disorder in a jail in Hassakeh, which houses IS prisoners from various countries.The death and surrounding circumstances have not been officially confirmed.

After being captured last year, the 27-year-old was held in a prison in north-east Syria controlled by the Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.He is the first British IS-supporter to die in SDF custody. Sources said he was one of around 10 British men and 30 British women being held by the militia.

The prison where he was held is a converted school. When the BBC spoke to him there last October he admitted joining IS.'At least seven from my university joined IS'The general situation in the prisons and camps where IS prisoners are being held has deteriorated this year and there have been several riots.

The British government has refused to allow adult prisoners to return to the UK, saying they should be put on trial in the region.A government spokesman told the BBC the Foreign Office had advised against all travel to Syria since 2011.They added:"Those who chose to leave the UK and fight for, or support, Daesh potentially pose a very serious national security risk."

Image copyrightImage captionA cell at the prison where Mostefauoi was being heldThe SDF has said foreign states should take responsibility for their citizens, stating earlier this year that IS prisoners were"a time bomb" and"we need to set up international courts, under UN jurisdiction, and try them in NE Syria where they perpetrated their crimes".

Several countries have arranged for the return of some citizens.Ministers have said that, of the estimated 900 people who have left the UK for Syria to join violent Islamist groups, 20% have died, 40% have returned to the UK, and 40% are still in the region.

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There are differing accounts of how Mostefauoi died.The BBC has been given the two versions: that he was shot while trying to escape, and the other that he was killed during recent rioting.An IS propaganda channel on a messaging app claims he was killed while trying to get water during a siege of the prison that also saw food and medication withheld from inmates.

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Oh no. What a shame. I do hope he wasnt tortured as well... Oh dear, no sympathy whatsoever!! BBCWorld And idc Oh well, never mind! So? Bbc headlining left wing again. Try British citizen who went to fight against British soldiers for a terrorist organisation dies abroad. BBCWorld Result What great news! Finally something good.

Saves us paying for him... should happen to all of then. Remember when London police killed a Brazilian guy thinking that he was a terrorist? Hoorah defundBBC Good 🙌🙌 Good riddance. Do the SDF gave a go-fund-me page? Diddums🙄 I think you mean Algerian bloke who lived in Britain and was denied citizenship and went to fight with IS has been killed.

Finally some positive news from the BBC An Islamic State member who either murdered Syrians or at the very least was an enabler to murderers of Syrian citizens, is killed in an attempt to escape custody; absoloutley no loss to the human race, unlike the tens of thousands murdered and abused by IS members.

He paid the price for the filthy and evil choice he made when he joined the Army of the Devil. Millions of innocent people were deprived of their human right to live a decent life because of them. And scores of others were killed for being guilt of nothing. Live by the Sword... Good. But hardly earth shattering.

Hope they were payed well! one down 29 to go, fu*k all of them. Good islamicterrorist At least that is one less violent extremist not coming back 🎉🥳👏👍👍👍 One barbarian down, how many more to go 👍🏻 Sad ..... not! No loss, surely. Oh dear. How unfortunate BBCWorld When he left London to join IS, he turned his back his nationality... His fate is down to his own decisions and no concern of Britain's.

Great news, hope it was slow and painful. Great news 👍🏻👍🏻 BBCWorld No loss to anyone. Algerian And the point of the story is BBC? Don’t join IS so yo avoid being a prisoner in a country that hates you British illegal IS lowlife killed trying to escape from a prison where he was being held as a penalty for crimes that he committed .... There ... fixed it for you

Good! And....... Good news from the BBC at last. He was not British as his citizenship had been revoked he was Algerian as he was at his birth. Will you be televising his funeral? Oh well Macetrain Any news of how many people that he killed or sold to the slave markets that operate out there before he was caught?

👍🏻🤣 Lost his right to British citizenship the minute he stepped off the plane and joined ISIS. We really don't need to read about him. He was a traitor to this country. Light bulb moment...... is this another of the lefty BBC's charitable causes? He's not British as his citizenship was revoked..... Why is this news

Can’t find any fucks to give 🤣👍 Can’t understand why they were/ are alive ? Should be burned alive in cavers or thrown of high building their preferred method for disposing of prisoners 👌🏾 ‘Algerian Terrorist (supported for years by UK) Carks It Whilst Escaping Prison For Terrorists’.....ho hum.....there you go, sorted.

Oh boo hoo. Woe is me (not) Shame He is not British and good He isn't British. 😂😂😂 Wonderful. British or whatever that don’t give him license to invincible, fighting is not the only way to resolute After being captured last year, the 27-year-old was held in a prison in north-east Syria controlled by the Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. Sources said he was one of around 10 British men and 30 British women being held.

Thanks for posting this good news👍 What a shame. Drop the British in the headline and then it's correct. Should read Syria do British a favour and kill scum IS man Cracking start to my Sunday morning No fucks given here Seems par for the course - you go to Syria with IS - your likelyhood of getting killed is extremely high - tough luck is all I can say - he decided to take the risk

“Murdering scum killed” See that’s how it should’ve read. Poetic justice! Marvellous. More please I love a good news story. Hopefully a painful end with major violence involved. AWWWW how sad but never mind pity the rest were not with him that are roaming freely on our streets BBCWorld Good hope it was very painful too!!

At least its one less piece of vermin, coming back into the UK! Hands up if anyone gives a fuck Thought not No ISIS member is British No one f*cking cares. Why is this news?! Who cares GOOD BBCWorld And now I should feel sorry? GOOD, KARMA ! DEFUND THE BBC No great loss, why report it? Good news Sorry for your loss

Algerian terrorist dies in Syria... Shame. Saved british taxpayer money. Went out to kill and knew they could die. BBCWorld You reap what you sow!! Bovvered ? Does this face 🤷‍♂️look bovvered ? BBCWorld Guys, Qasim Abukar is one of those 3 jihadists, but what makes you believe he was one of them? Which was he, Ibrahim, Talha, or Ubayda? Do you know maybe the rest 2 true identity?

BBCWorld Move on nothing to see here...... BBCWorld I am so sorry but you have enough ISIS boys from Bosnia anyway That's a shame. BBCWorld and hopefully it was one of those badass YPJ women who did it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Now for the rest of them 🙏🏻 absolutely chuffed to bits. God bless the YPG ✌️ One less to worry about.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Next! BBCWorld Hardly worth worrying about .. He's not British , fought in the IS. Scumbag ,no loss. Not news move on. Another twisted headline from the disgusting BBC. Who gives a shit. Good. Ah what a shame 😢 hopefully there will be at least 500 friends & family at his funeral, and hopefully the Americans will have a drone in the air nearby that can take them all out 🤣

Headline should read, “man of Middle Eastern heritage with British documentation who joined ISIS is dead after an attempt to escape justice”. Fixed At least he want turn in Britain on a boat from France that was escorted to british water by Boarder Patrol who are a joke in the Dover seas. British when it suited him ..are well

BBC News 🤥 claims anti-British IS prisoner who got what he deserved was, the BBC alleges, still 'British'! Outrageous! Just whose side is the BBC on?🧐 🤷‍♂️ Nice Put it in a barrel of acid. Store at Chernobyl. Do not open Do not commit the corpse to the ground. It will pollute and spread like cancer. Do not burn. There is a risk of breathing in it's toxic ash.

Not British at all. He's, ermmmm one of those. ! Ah well he'll not be missed Good. It’s called Karma. Does anyone seriously care? BBCWorld British? BBCWorld Good he doesn't deserve it but he choose the wrong side after killing alot of regime soldiers He who kill by the sword shall die by the sword ... peace

He’s NOT British, good riddance as far as I’m concerned. Why report this? IS is EVIL and murderous. My elderly in-laws (late 80s) will have to start paying their licence fee again to support this tripe! BBCWorld BBCWorld how can he be British if his citizenship has been revoked. He was born overseas so is no longer British. Would be great if you could report factually.

How sad, that it didn't happen sooner. DefundTheBBC He’s not British and never was British. Diddums..... That is a shame. He could have come home to merry olde England and told us how racist everything is. Tragically, he’ll never get the chance. Insignificant News, absolutely “No Fucks Given”... Fucks given, None 🖕🏻

Real story Very Good.. Why has someone wasted space reporting this? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? And ? Ah bless! Shame should kill the rest savages the way that treated people Thank God Good news. Hopefully he won't be the last. Cool Great anymore 😁👍👍 Good And were ment to care Ohhhhhh noooooooooo 👍

Best news in ages Good. British? Excellent news! Why is this news? I don’t pay my licence fee to hear this crap. He was an enemy of the U.K. so stop glorifying the scum. Excellent news. He's not British. Citizenship revoked in 2018. And born in Algeria. All in all a great result though. BBCWorld Finally some good news. Just need to knock off the rest of the foreign IS prisoners to complete the set!

Good news. BBCWorld No BBc,he wasn't a London man,he just happened to have once lived in London,along with thousands of arseholes like himself,he went abroad to fight and got killed,so who gives a fuck. Breaks your heart An IS supporter deserves such a fate. BBCWorld Good news. Good, anyone that joined a group that video themselves cutting people’s head off need to die. I should think the LGBT community is glad after IS threw gays off buildings?.

BBCWorld Having several British friends here in the states I can say being a Brit is by nature;not by what may be written on immigration papers..If the guy was ISIS then who gives a shit anyways? Ishak Mostefaoui Minute joined Isis, lost all rights call himself “ British “ and awww did he die ? Didums 😢

Oh happy daysssss I'm on bended knee.. The poor soul. Not British, citizenship revoked, I know facts aren’t big at the bbc but you know . . ffs And Why do I feel like that’s a misleading headline? I wish death on no one. Not even horrible murders. But, this guy is not news. BBC constantly promoting extreme organisations is dangerous and idiotic. Its like BBC want people to join these cults.

It's a sad day to jihad and for you. My condolences. Please rewrite your headline to this: 'A Former British Citizen who joined the ISIS killed in Syria.' So what? He made his own bed... BBCWorld Great news. Any death is sad, but he joined an inately evil organisation doing unspeakable things. Why is it big news?

Good Stupid, stupid BBC Remember when Europe and the United States where financing IS? Yes. Every terrorist group gets support from imperialists countries and then we all get f*ck Move on! Get well soon Good riddance, there’s enough dog shit on the streets without this ploppy turd Good BBCWorld 👏 a good news story at last

BBCWorld Who cares He’s not British - he had his citizenship revoked. If it's it's probably FakeNews 🙄😷😷 Whoopee! Another one gone. Boo f-ing hoo. Why is this even news. No fucks given BBCWorld feed his body to dogs Boo hoo He's not British he's a traitor and it's good he's dead. Oh dear... So sad... 🙄

BBCWorld Good riddance.. 👍👍👍👍 Cool IS prisoner killed. He isn’t British. 'Ishak Mostefaoui' isn't a British name. If someone chooses to support an ideological regime that suppresses other people's freedoms there's no good reason to for sorrow when he meets his fate. inb4 Labour demands we bring captured ISIS terrorists to the UK...

I hope he felt some of the fear these scum inflicted on their victims GOOD Unlucky! You reap what you sow! At least they are still alive to tell their tale and alive to still pose a threat! Oppressors and colonialists always end up on the wrong side of history. Whatever their faith creed or colour! In contrast, a virus is killing innocent people who have never hurt a fly. Who should we worry about? The answer is self-evident.

Oh dear AND WHATS THE FUCKING POINT OF THIS? Algerian IS prisoner ‘killed in Syria’ fixed it 👏👏 And the news is what? Excellent news.. Correction formerly British IS prisoner the BBC distorting facts as usual ! He made his decision to join ISIS so is no interest to Britain! Excellent news. Good. Should say IS terrorist dies

Most of them are Asperger, ADHD, OCD and its a bloody shame we cannot stop this mad, mad Marxist exploitation. BoooooHoooooo Where's the news story? , BBCWorld Dr_Kafeel_पर_अत्याचार_बंद_करो ReleaseDrKafeelKhan DrKafeelKhanWantJustice Family moved to Britain in new labour's reign. Diversity is our strength, huh. Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish.

And? Good Riddance!! He got what he deserved after deciding to be an evil isis Terrorist!! At least now he'll never be free to murder, rape or torture more innocent people. Or have Labour idiots campaign to bring him back to the UK & free to kill more kids at concerts. Can’t you write headlines ? At last some great news from bbc news dontdothecrimeifyoucantdothetome

Some good news at last. BBCWorld No sympathy I’m afraid. You live by the sword, you die by the sword I had chicken tikka for dinner and it was amazing zombie_nun Sorry to hear that Thoughts and prayers 🥱 Oh well. Not British he had his citizenship revoked stop with the propaganda Has anybody on here complained about the overcrowding yet ?

Some good news at last 😀 I don’t think, that is a great loss to humanity, somehow! Presumably some 'woke' idiots somewhere will be demanding an inquiry into his death and planning a demo in London anytime soon. One less to worry about. One less sleeper to return to uk. What do they want an apology Hurrrrayyyyyy. So long prrrrick!

Oh BBC.....with this wokeness you are really spoiling us. Will you be holding a minutes silence for him in the BBC news centre? DefundTheBBC defundBBC Missing him already!!!! NOT! It's will be IS LIves Matter next I guess.. He had his whole terrorist career ahead of him aswell. 😂 BBCWorld WOW, NO, NOT BRITISH , ANOTHER AWFUL MIGRANT, LET into the COUNTRY ,ON BRITISH BENEFITS and no doubt his Family still in the UK ,on FULL BENEFITS and A FREE HOUSE that the POOR TAX PAYER PAYS FOR NOW 🧐🧐🧐🧐😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

Good. Hope it wasn’t painless. He had his citizenship revoked, so he is no longer British. Why is this a major headline ? BBCWorld He paid the price for his choice. Guy joined ISIS. Who gives a$hit BBCWorld I wonder if the comments are what you expected bbc. Seems nobody gives a fuck so... Great let’s hope he suffered the 🐀

Hope it was painful. Brown lives matter 🤣🤣🤣 are we going to mourn his death? and chanting terrorist lives matter? BBCWorld What's this got to do with news. Oh no, this is devastating news. 🍾🍾🍾🍾 Great news. Now hand over the rest of them to the Real Government of the Syrian Arab Republic so they can put them on trial and execute those found guilty of terrorist crimes against the State.

Good. How does the saying go? Live by the sword, die by the sword. If someone was stupid enough to turn their back on the UK, law & order & civilisation to then create terror in another country & has subsequently died in that country - their life choices. How many did he kill or maim? BBCWorld Good job just another terrorist

🤷🏻‍♂️ 💤💤💤 Best news of the day 🍾👏🏻 Whatever ... Good,lets all celebrate Oh dear, how sad, never mind Thank goodness some good news for once BBCWorld That will save hundreds of thousands of £s in legal fees, to be paid by the British taxpayer when he insisted on coming back to the UK Cause to hand out sweets in the streets?

👏👏 brilliant 1 done now sort the rest please Syria Pity... I have no fucks to give. We are all susceptible to cults? So not a bad news day today after all.... ;) BBCWorld More oxygen for us to breath... good Oh well a good news story at last Ohh well, another piece of British shit dead.....good YEPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..... GOOD NEWS DAY!!!!

And to think, it was the Syrians who torture and murdered Eli Cohen or 'Agent-88' Sacha Baren Cohen film. Well, look now, they tried to destroy Israel, kept on killing innocent members of Israeli community, not military targets; then Israel clobbered them, thanks to Eli Cohen. BBCWorld And still they want to boycott Israel not Muslim countries! Funny

Awesome Off ya pop. Cool! Great news. Good 👍🏻 BBCWorld Not news no one care if another terrorist is killed one less is happy days Fabulous Assume you’ll be live broadcasting the funeral? Thank you Putin Oh well The headlines keep coming. defundBBC keeps growing. I wonder if he had his time over again he would choose differently? 😙

Oh well. BBCWorld Any good news is welcome in 2020 I expect you at the BBC will be wringing your hands and wailing, will you be televising the funeral like you did a convicted rapist FELON from America, but wouldn't televise Dame Vera Lynnes, the sooner you are defunct and off our screens the better. The world is much safer without him.

Sorry to be unkind, but honestly to join ISIS he must have been total evil. He won't be missed by anyone, except maybe a few woke journalists at the BBC. Is there a go fund me page for the killer? I can't say I'll give it a second thought. Next? BBCWorld Sad I demand a state funeral for this man Corbyn currently in tears... paying for the repatriation

Jihadi terrorist dead 💀 good riddance. Polly_Politics And? BBCWorld Are we supposed to feel sorry for him or others like him? They are all getting what they deserve. Good and he is not British!!! BBCWorld And nothing of value was lost Play stupid games... Win stupid prizes. One less. Good. That news has perked me up no end👍

Oh diddums BBCWorld Good day to you too The replies on here are giving me the impression that the British public are very angry the government didn’t do more to bring him home. Oooh diddums Maybe you forgot to read last line of your own article? 'In 2018, Mostefaoui had his British citizenship revoked.' So try 'Ex British citizen' if you must, or why not just stick with 'Algerian citizen' and tweet it from your BBC News (Algeria) account in case any is interested?

and? In other news I have been to the toilet 3 times today!!! 👍👍 NOT A BRIT. ANOTHER SCUMBAG WONT BE COMING BACK 🔥 Obviously he doesn’t value his life. Interesting how the BBC article tries to promote the view he was; 1) British...Nope 2) A victim...Nope. Defund the terrorist loving BBC Such Sad News 🙏🏻🙏🏻 😂😂😂

Shame...what happened in the football? Shame Haha good Excellent Can't say I give a shit. Has to be investigated. . Good riddance. '''''British''''' Kier Starmer is currently kneeling in his honour From all the people you helped to murder R Sounds like if anyone cares 🤷🏻‍♂️ That's a shame And I didn't think this day could get any better..

Ghislaine Maxwell given paper clothes and denied bedsheets over suicide fears'I don't think the feds can handle these prisoners, such high-profile prisoners like Maxwell or Epstein' Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself... Shes gonna die🤷🏼‍♂️ They will find some way to have her suicide herself.

Idlib reports first Covid-19 case and braces for fresh disasterSyria’s rebel-held province has been dreading an outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic They have the White Helmets LMAO Run out on the streets and declare—“ the immune system is dead “💀

'Make things right': criminal justice officials urge California to release prisoners amid Covid-19 surgeSan Francisco attorney general and lawmakers issue joint call as San Quentin prison has records 1,500 cases and seven deaths Might as well empty out the rest of the jails while you’re defunding the police and cheering on the riots. That's worked out well in New York of course.... Right, no chance they’ll reoffend

From addict, to armed robber, to movie starA new documentary looks at how the 76-year-old left his criminal past to become a film star. Nice. 14 in the chat to defund the BBC DefundTheBBC Always nice to see people who have turned their life around.

The prisoners who found 'escape' in footballThe last surviving Italian PoW to have been held in Orkney recalls the importance of football for those in the camps. There is a book called POW Baseball, about the German camps. The YMCA sent sports equipment. My father was a POW at Milag Nord for 33 months. PQ17. There were major and minor leagues. And a World Series. Red Cross package cord was used to make nets (football, volleyball) The Great Escape 🤔

'They scavenged scraps': the Britons rounded up by the Nazis in occupied FranceDescendants of the 3,000 British internees and their families recount one of the war’s forgotten episodes No sh*t ? This would have happened to my uncle, an English father and French mother, if he had not left to join the Free French soon after occupation. RivieraReporter RivieraReporter I think you meant scavanged*