Britain will deploy army to defend Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, says Boris Johnson

1/25/2022 11:36:00 PM

Plus: Russia deploys 'undercover teams' as 'advanced elements' into Ukraine

🗣️Britain will deploy troops to protect its allies in Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, Boris Johnson said as he predicted Vladimir Putin’s army would face “ferocious resistance” from Ukrainian freedom fighters

Plus: Russia deploys 'undercover teams' as 'advanced elements' into Ukraine

Britain will deploy troops to protect its allies in Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, Boris Johnson said as he predicted Vladimir Putin’s army would face “ferocious resistance” from Ukrainian freedom fighters.Monday January 24 2022, 12.Boris Johnson and world leaders including Joe Biden have agreed to take "swift retributive responses" if Russia invades Ukraine warning of "unprecedented sanctions".carrying Russian gas to the West ? The conventional wisdom has long been that a complete shutdown of piped gas from Russia, which makes up roughly a third of the gas burned in Europe, was unthinkable.

Mr Johnson said “The British Army leads the Nato battle group in Estonia and if Russia invades Ukraine, we would look to contribute to any new Nato deployments to protect our allies in Europe." The US and UK have ruled out sending any Nato troops into Ukraine but Britain could deploy armour, infantry, artillery, engineering, medical and intelligence units to Nato’s eastern flank as part of an Alliance-wide agreement.The prime minister said the intelligence around the situation was “gloomy” but that a Russian invasion was not inevitable.The US is considering sending 8,500 US-based troops to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states as a deterrent before a possible Russian invasion, with President Biden saying that some of those troops may move "in the near term".A Downing Street spokeswoman said: "The leaders agreed on the importance of international unity in the face of growing Russian hostility.At Camp David at the weekend, defence officials reportedly presented Joe Biden with an option of dramatically increasing that number if the security situation deteriorates.We need to make it very clear to the Kremlin, to Russia, that that would be a disastrous step.Mr Biden also said he would consider directly targeting Vladimir Putin with sanctions if he does order an invasion.” Unlike his Soviet predecessors, the Russian president can afford the cost of a brief energy shock.

The US President warned of "enormous consequences" for Russia.I think it’s very important."They also agreed that the international community should not tolerate any action which undermines Ukrainian sovereignty.He said a full-scale invasion would be the largest since the Second World War, and would "change the world." But he added: "We have no intention of putting American or Nato forces in Ukraine." Asked what would trigger the deployment of the 8,500 troops to Nato's eastern flank, he said it depended on what Mr Putin did."The leaders agreed that, should a further Russian incursion into Ukraine happen, allies must enact swift retributive responses including an unprecedented package of sanctions.But he said: "I may be moving some of those troops in the near term.But Russia today has some $600bn sitting in its central-bank reserves and could easily handle such a blow.

Just because it takes time.And again, it's not provocative.The US Department of Defense in Washington said about 8,500 American troops were put on heightened alert and were awaiting orders to deploy to the region, should Russia invade Ukraine." A U.S.plane carrying military equipment and munitions has landed in Kyiv, the third shipment of a $200-million security package to shore up Ukraine.But having surrounded Ukraine with forces from the north, east and south, Moscow is now citing the Western response as evidence that Russia is the target, not the instigator, of aggression.For one thing, Gazprom has already slashed the flow of gas through Ukraine.

When asked about personal sanctions against Mr Putin himself if he invades, Mr Biden said: "Yes.I would see that." Britain could offer personnel, Typhoon jets or other assets to locations on Nato’s eastern fringes.He told a news conference that the enhanced presence on Nato's eastern flank could include the deployment of additional battlegroups.Personnel could be dispatched on an annual ‘cold weather’ exercise starting in northern Norway next month.Armour, infantry, artillery, engineering, medical and intelligence units are among those Britain could deploy to the edge of the coalition.Because of its climate-motivated push to retire coal-fired power stations and its rash decision, taken in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima disaster, to shut down its nuclear plants prematurely, it remains more reliant on natural gas than it need be.

The Prime Minister told MPs, “What we are all discussing at the moment is what we can do to fortify Nato’s eastern/south-eastern flank..The French are looking at Romania.There are questions about Hungary and what we might do there.” The British Army has about 850 troops based in Estonia under the banner 'Operation Cabrit'.US officials said the Pentagon was finalising efforts to identify specific units that it could deploy to Nato's eastern flank.The UK is leading a multinational battleground in the nation as part of Nato's enhanced forward presence.Andreas Goldthau of the University of Erfurt in Potsdam points to some useful changes.

A further 150 British troops are based in Poland under a US-led Nato enhanced forward presence.Separately, about 130 UK military engineers have been dispatched to Poland under a bilateral agreement to help Warsaw cope with migrants flooding through the border from Belarus.Ukraine shares borders with four NATO countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.The Prime Minister warned Mr Putin that he would face the "condemnation of history" if he chose the "tragic and futile" path of "bloodshed and destruction".Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Johnson said the UK and its allies would crush Russia with “heavy economic sanctions” if its massed troops crossed the border with Ukraine."Ukrainians have every moral and legal right to defend their country, and I believe their resistance would be dogged and tenacious,” Mr Johnson said as he rejected Russian demands to ban Ukraine from joining Nato.Citigroup estimates that with historical utilisation rates for those facilities running at 50% of capacity or less, the region can in theory handle enough to replace nearly two-thirds of Russian piped gas imports.

"If Russia pursues this path, many Russian mothers' sons will not be coming home,” he said as he called for diplomacy to prevent a conflict comparable to the first war in Chechnya or Bosnia" in the House of Commons.The country had "scarcely known a day of peace" since Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014, Mr Johnson said as he accused Mr Putin of placing “a gun to Ukraine’s head” and seeking to redivide Europe along the lines of the old Iron Curtain."If the truth is that Russia's goal is to keep Nato forces away from its borders, then invading Ukraine could scarcely be more counterproductive," said Mr Johnson.Britain was also discussing banning Russia from the Swift global payments system with the United States, he said.Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the number of US troops on "heightened alert" may increase in the coming days.Market rumours suggest that a new armada is coming.

He also said the US may start "moving around" troops that are already "on the ground" in Europe.He told CNN: "I certainly would not rule out the possibility that we could be putting additional forces on heightened alert in the coming days and weeks."And maybe even moving troops around Europe that are already there to bolster and to reassure some of our allies on the ground, on the continent."So, I would not rule out the possibility that we could be talking about larger numbers in future days and weeks." Emmanuel Macron, the French President, will speak with Mr Putin on Friday.Last year’s bitter winter, along with Gazprom’s reluctance to fill storage units it controls in Europe, left gas storage at levels below the five-year norm.

He held talks with Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor over EU sanctions against Moscow in Berlin on Tuesday.Both leaders called for deescalation.The EU has threatened massive sanctions if Russia invades but its member states are yet to agree what form they could take.Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, is set to travel to Nato HQ in Brussels and to Germany and the Netherlands to discuss the crisis.At the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr Wallace said that Russia already had operatives in place to prepare for an invasion.For technical and safety reasons, regulators insist that storage units like salt caverns and aquifers maintain a huge amount of gas that is not normally available to put on the market.

"We are becoming aware of a significant number of individuals that are assessed to be associated with Russian military advance force operations that currently are located in Ukraine," Mr Wallace told MPs.Russia deploys 'undercover teams' as 'advanced elements' into Ukraine by Roland Oliphant, Senior foreign correspondent Russia may have deployed undercover teams into Ukraine as advanced elements to prepare the way for an invasion, the British government has said.The warning came as Ukraine's security service said it had dismantled a group of Russian-directed saboteurs planning a series of attacks to "destabilise" the east of the country." Russia denies planning to attack Ukraine, but has massed more than 100,000 troops near the border and has issued a series of ultimatums to the West that it says will trigger military action if unmet.Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, told MPs on Monday that there were individuals already in Ukraine "linked to the Russian state in ways that are not conventional" and "that should give cause for concern".He reckons surplus regasification capacity could make up for about 50m cm/d.

"We are becoming aware of a significant number of individuals that are assessed to be associated with Russian military advance force operations that currently are located in Ukraine," he told the House of Commons foreign affairs select committee."Any crossing into Ukraine, whether small or large, would be viewed as a breach of that sovereignty, against international law and an invasion.Later on Tuesday the SBU, Ukraine's security agency, said it had broken up a criminal group "coordinated by Russian special services." The group was led by two men, one of whom is a Russian citizen, who were planning a "series of armed attacks" on city infrastructure with the goal of "destabilising the internal situation in the regions," the agency said.The pair were recruiting from criminal groups under the pretext of hiring for a private security firm and planned attacks in Kharkiv, a city of one million near the border with Russia, and in Zhytomyr, in central Ukraine.In sum, Europe will suffer if Russia cuts off the gas; but that price will be paid from the pocketbook rather than through physical suffering.

Raids in both cities led to the seizure of communications equipment, an explosive device, small arms and ammunition.Vadym Pristaiko, Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, declined to comment on the specifics of Mr Wallace's warning, but said he "totally agreed" that Russian military intelligence teams are operating on Ukrainian soil."It is not the first time when you have GRU operatives in Ukraine.It is not big news for us that they are already there.We are ignorant of the immediate danger - but we have seen it all," he told the Telegraph.That is an unpleasant prospect.

"What we are trying to do right now is reinforce the defence and security of critical infrastructure, nuclear powers stations, bridges, dams and all this stuff.As you know, we have already lost a couple of ammunition depots already." Massive explosions that tore apart two Ukrainian ammunition depots in 2017 and 2018 have been blamed on operatives from the GRU, Russia's military intelligence agency.In April last year the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats after the GRU was linked to a 2014 blast that destroyed 50 tons of ammunition at Vrbetice.On Saturday the Foreign Office claimed that Russia was considering installing Yevhev Murayev, a former MP from Kharkiv, in a pro-Russian occupation government.A shutdown might even persuade China, now cautiously importing more Russian gas, that its long-standing concerns about Russian reliability are well founded.

Mr Murayev denied the allegations..

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