Britain should stay well out of Russia’s border dispute with Ukraine | Simon Jenkins

Britain should stay well out of Russia’s border dispute with Ukraine | Simon Jenkins

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1/20/2022 2:06:00 PM

Britain should stay well out of Russia ’s border dispute with Ukraine | Simon Jenkins

Johnson won’t save his skin by threats of war with another ailing populist, and Putin will not be stopped by the west, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins

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I lost a lot of respect for for posting this Kremlin propaganda drivel. So, 'Putin has never indicated the slightest wish to invade, damage or interrupt trade with Britain or the US.' Apart from spreading nerve agent around Salisbury and radioactive poison across London, that is. Just friendly high spirits, was it?

What if they 'annexe the sudetenland'? This is an Opinion piece, but I say if Russia invades Ukraine, or China invades Taiwan, the world should go to war... and we should tell them that before they do it! Stand up tobullies ! So no, Britain should stand up for what is right, and defend a country from an aggressor?

Boris could view this as his Falklands moment. It worked before. Sorry, cannot get past your pro-Putin headline. Crimea had been given away illegally to Ukraine by Crustchev. The majority of the Donbass people want to get out of Ukraine bc they're afraid of the nationalists and fascists. Just let them decide in a referendum. What people want to die for Ukraine in the NATO countries? You?

This guy could share his opinion in Komsomolska Pravda, all I care. I don't need to see his useless, illinformed input. Jeez- not one single mention of the illegal annexation of sovereign territory, the lives lost or perhaps more importantly what might be best for Ukraine. Johnson going to do a Maggie Thatcher here

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Border dispute? Orwell would be so proud. Ukraine is alone like Afghanistan and in future Taiwan. West is not a loyal partner, they only care about their economic interests, and anything that deprives their economic benefits and a good night's sleep is being neglected. Human rights and freedom for them are showy slogan.

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Ukraine: Washington and Kremlin's top diplomats to meet as Russia ramps up military drills in 'extremely dangerous situation'Washington and the Kremlin's top diplomats are set to meet for talks in Switzerland on Friday, stepping up efforts as tensions escalate amid fears of a possible invasion of Ukraine by Russia

Ukraine: Blinken flies to Europe amid Russia invasion fears Russia denies any plan to attack Ukraine but tensions are high as troops mass near the border. I still don’t believe Putin will invade Ukraine. Biden simply can’t look soft after the invasion. Germany’s resistance to tough actions against Russia will break. Stop the war mongering. If your anonymous “reporting” on Ukraine wasn’t such rubbish - and it’s junk journalism much the same (pretending to accurately describe such a serious situation) it would all be risible...

UK may send MORE weapons to Ukraine after 'increasingly threatening behaviour' from RussiaBRITAIN may send more weapons to Ukraine in a bid to stop an impending Russia n invasion, as Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK is open to further cooperation with the Eastern European nation. Don’t you mean increasingly threatening UK/US/NATO behaviour?

Tens of thousands could die if Russia goes to war with Ukraine, minister warnsFormer Army officer James Heappey said tens of thousands of people could die if Russia launches an attack on Ukraine . He added Moscow would be 'extraordinarily stupid' to go to war with its neighbour That’s generally what happens in war bright spark!