Britain's reckoning with its racist past - podcast

6/11/2020 5:25:00 AM

Britain's reckoning with its racist past - podcast

Britain's reckoning with its racist past - podcast

UK Black Lives Matter protests have been taking place across the country. They have not just been about solidarity with the US or racism in Britain today, but also about the need to address Britain’s past and the impact of that legacy

Thu 11 Jun 2020 03.Overnight the Rhodes Must Fall campaign has been buoyed by 26 local councillors signing a letter in support of their protest.8th Jun 2020, 6:12 pm BEZOS BACKS BLM Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has said he is “happy to lose” any customers who oppose the Black Lives Matter movement.The UK's official death toll has reached 40,883 people across all settings.

00 BST The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis did not just prompt countrywide protests in America.Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the world.Cecil Rhodes was a white supremacist who believed in brutal colonial rule and subjugation across Africa and the world.This weekend, 200 demonstrations took place in the UK, during which protesters of a 17th-century slave trader in Bristol and daubed graffiti on a statue of Winston Churchill in London.The sender, named Dave, was the “kind of customer I'm happy to lose”, Bezos added.Protesters are now rallying for the removal of a Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford University.The presence of this statue on our High Street is incompatible with our city’s proud internationalist heritage and commitment to anti-racism.Guardian news reporter tells Anushka Asthana about covering the protests.Earlier, official figures showed the UK's hospital death toll had recorded the lowest rise on a Tuesday for two weeks, totalling 31,988 after 145 more fatalities were reported.

She discusses why George Floyd’s death mobilised such a large show of solidarity in the UK.We call on Oriel College to immediately remove the Cecil Rhodes statue and associated plaque.” Boyega also posted a series of photos of visits he had made to schools in Southwark, London, adding: “Connecting with our kids and motivating them towards a future that is stronger and brighter, is urgent, and necessary.Kehinde Andrews , professor of black studies in the School of Social Sciences at Birmingham City University, looks at Britain’s racist history and whether these protests might finally change the way that it is viewed.Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA..

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Will you cancel yourselves asap pls ? The Guardian was founded by a slave trader back in 1821. Hi, could you please support this petition that seeks to embed equality in uk teaching and decolonise uk curriculum. Sign and share would be appreciated. If the is to atone for its racist, slavery-condoning past, it should start by donating its billion pound trust fund to minority and independent organisations. I’m sure it can manage without the bloodstained Scott Trust slush fund.

Black Lives Matter!!! EU citizens' lives... Not so much. Racism is absolutely wrong!!! Xenophobia on the other hand is for now okay. Brexit guy destroys lefty arguments via YouTube The Guardian was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor who traded in cotton produced by the slaves of the American south. Ban the Guardian for historic slave links!

White Silence, Police Violence. It's Now or Never! Actually most British people are appalled at what's being done to their country and their history. Those thugs and criminals have over played their hand. Good ScumMedia

UK Black Lives Matter protests live: Oxford demo to target Rhodes statueLive coverage and reaction from around the UK as Oxford demonstration against Cecil Rhodes statue expected this evening nailheadparty Cool Zone About time.

Black Lives Matter latest news: UK protests turn violentBORIS Johnson said last night Black Lives Matter protesters “cannot be ignored” but rioters must face the ‘”full force of the law”. Mr Johnson said the outrage over&nb… Did it turn violent when your thug police showed up? Fascists Shock horror when the police are useless Wait until Saturday 🙂

UK coronavirus death toll in big rise as 286 more people lose their livesThe UK's official Covid-19 death toll lifted by 286 to reach a total of 40,883 across all settings including hospitals, care homes and the wider community on Tuesday Several areas in England have a relatively large spike in numbers today. The second wave could be starting. Just 286 people 😌 Give it up with these bullshit comments on numbers. ‘Big Rise’ It always goes up on a Tuesday. Down on last week, rolling weekly average on all settings down. Ignore that thou.

Enforcing UK lockdown earlier 'could have saved 20,000 lives'Former scientific adviser says putting restrictions in place one week earlier could have halved death toll Says man who predicted 500,000 deaths Think that was obvious to everyone really! x Why are we not ignoring anything that guy says?

UK weather forecast: Brits face three days of rain as downpours lash BritainTHICK cloud from the north and east is bringing heavy showers – welcome news for gardeners during lockdown. The Met Office says that while today will kick off with “occasional rain”, heavy sh… splash Splish Splash Splosh! Quack Quack! Heres the good olde English weather we have been waiting for... Said no one ever

Black Lives Matter: UK 'has always had a race problem' and people are 'finally looking in the mirror', UK spokesperson saysBlackLivesMatter spokesperson Siana Bangura told Sky News the UK has 'always had a race problem' and 'this time people are finally looking in the mirror' The UK is the most tolerant country on earth. This idiot doesn’t know they’re born Blacks are the ones who should lookinthemirror TrumpLiesMatter where do we go from here?