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Britain is warned it WON'T escape being targeted by France

France turns its ire on Britain after recalling ambassadors to US

9/18/2021 11:50:00 AM

France turns its ire on Britain after recalling ambassadors to US

A French diplomat slammed Britain for acting 'opportunistically' and former British ambassador to France Lord Peter Ricketts said he expects further measures against all three countries.

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Why does macron always over react like a 5 year old having a tantrum 🤣🤣🤣 I think it is about time the French public kicked this lot out of power. This government must be so embarrassing for them keep throwing their toys out of the pram, stamping their foot, keep having tantrums. 😏 They'll get over it. Its business

It conflicts with French assumptions the EU ,by which they mean France ,is a major player in world affairs. Then it would be OK to send the rubber boat people back to France. Plastic friendship Mr Biden’s foreign policy is identical to that of Mr Trumps producing the exact same results of shattering the relationship with most of its post war European allies, why they even bothered with an election is beyond me.

Lol what's he going to do shag all of our Nanas? Wait until the French wine n cheese are not being bought by UK citizens, they’ll be back. Nothing new?

France accuses UK, US and Australia of behaving like Trump over submarine dealDowning Street hailed the deal as a ‘landmark defence and security partnership’, but reaction from France has been less enthusiastic.

No it's the Americans and Australians not us My God, the French are histrionic babies. Increasingly grateful ScottMorrisonMP and the Govt took this decision. Nothing new there then. The french can’t be trusted. Well they only have themselves to blame. It is a big problem. Here it goes mail online predicting the end of the world🤦‍♂️

The French have never been our friends, what goes around comes around, they can go do their little frog sulk. Makes the book I'm reading seem rather apt. In many respects, this collaboration is dangerously late in the day and could quickly prove to be nowhere near enough. Meanwhile the French would rather nothing happen on the world stage if they are not involved, but always want to dictate the terms to everyone else when they are

Covid-19: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workersThe country has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all healthcare and care home workers. Why someone in an office no where near the sick should be penalised is a bit weird. Why? The vaccinated can still get sick and pass it on.

France wouldn’t be where it is today if AUKUS hadn’t been there to liberate them from a NAZI regime. They’d be living a different lifestyle under total fascism. 'Paris regards Washington and Canberra as ringleaders in plot, with London as accomplice.' The UK's post-Brexit diplomatic status? Not quite what Boris Johnson had in mind!

Biden angers France, EU with new Australia, UK initiativePresident Joe Biden’s decision to form a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain has angered France and the European Union with a go-it-alone move they see as a return to the Trump era This is why, the EU needs to federalise. The world is changing. So Russia China Middle East France Europe not so keen on Biden run US (not looking Good Joe) Glaube ich kaum ,EU und Frankreich sind selbstbewusst genug um sich nicht zu ärgern..ganz im Gegenteil freuen sich für USA!

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pactFirst time France has recalled a US ambassador in alliance dating back to American revolution It probably would have a bigger impact if they just banned Joe Hockey and Alexander Downer. I'm not sure if the other parties in this stupid show care at all. Lol

France RECALLS its ambassador to the US amid row over US pactIn a stunning break with the United States' oldest ally, France has recalled its ambassador to the US after a blowup over a new pact between the US, Great Britain, and Australia. That's serious...😨 Pacific is a vast ocean. No good having subs that need surface refuelling Macron's choice between money and friends is crystal!

France recalls US and Oz ambassadors saying security deal is 'stab in the back'Australia tore up a 2016 deal with Paris worth £30bn for 12 diesel-powered submarines, a blow to French industry. You can’t stab a Frenchman anywhere else, they are always retreating 😂