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Britain is nation of litter louts, says Jeremy Paxman

Britain is nation of litter louts, says Jeremy Paxman


Britain is nation of litter louts, says Jeremy Paxman

Clean Up Britain patron criticises ‘utterly useless’ ministers and ‘even more useless’ Keep Britain Tidy

Britain is a nation of litter louts and government efforts to tackle “the soul-destroying problem” are “utterly useless”, according to Jeremy Paxman, patron of the Clean Up Britain group. Polluters, such as the makers of chewing gum and cigarettes, should be made to pay for a national campaign to change peoples’ behaviour, he will tell the UK’s largest waste and recycling conference on Thursday. The aim is to make littering as unacceptable as drunk driving, he says. Posters showing pet animals harmed by rubbish and automatic number plate recognition to identify litter offenders at drive-through McDonald’s outlets are among the proposals made by Paxman, a longtime campaigner against litter. Paxman, renowned as a fearsome news interviewer, blasts the government as “utterly useless” and the Keep Britain Tidy group as “even more useless”. He does, however, praise the deposit return scheme for bottles and cans, proposed as part of the government’s waste strategy. This could wrap EU directive rules into UK law and force industry to pay much of the £1bn annual cost of cleaning up litter. “We used to be a nation of shopkeepers – we aren’t any more, we’re a nation of litter louts,” Paxman will tell the RWM conference. “Britain has an enormous litter problem. It is getting worse. It’s soul-destroying.” People’s more mobile lives, eating on the go, and the replacement of paper packaging with plastic are to blame, according to Paxman: “The rubbish we discard now will still be around to annoy and depress not just our children, but our grandchildren.” “The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has for years been known as the most utterly useless ministry in government,” Paxman will say. “A national litter strategy working group was set up. It met once before being binned.” Keep Britain Tidy, founded in 1960, is called “an even more useless organisation” by Paxman, who says the amount of litter dropped has risen by 500% since then. To solve the issue, Paxman will say: “There is, in truth, only one way to solve this problem. People have to change the way they behave. Our ambition is to reach a point where dropping litter is as socially unacceptable as drunk driving.” Clean Up Britain’s Now or Never campaign is targeting 16-25-year-old men in particular, with Paxman speculating that the cost of cleaning up litter does not bother young people because they live at home and do not pay the council tax bill. He says Clean Up Britain’s posters showing real images of harm to animals hits home, perhaps as many young people grow up with pets. Chewing gum and cigarette butts make up about 40% of all litter, Paxman says, but their producers do not pay to clean them up. He says a levy on each cigarette of half a penny would raise £155m: “That would make a good start to funding a highly professional, genuinely collaborative, national behavioural change campaign to make litter socially unacceptable.” A Defra spokeswoman said: “Littering blights our communities, spoils our countryside, harms our wildlife, and taxpayers’ money is wasted cleaning it up. We’ve invested in the national ‘Keep it, Bin it’ anti-litter campaign in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, and which is supported by some of the biggest names in retail, travel and entertainment, to make littering culturally unacceptable within a generation.” “We at Keep Britain Tidy are disappointed that Jeremy Paxman has used his public profile to attack the very agencies that share his hatred of litter and are working tirelessly to tackle it,” said Allison Ogden-Newton, chief executive of the charity. “Our record needs no defending,” she said, pointing to campaigning for a 5p plastic bag charge and the work of over half a million volunteer litter-pickers. A spokeswoman for Wrigley, which produces most UK chewing gum, said: “We agree that changing individual behaviour around litter is the only long-term sustainable solution, which is why we are the largest corporate funder of anti-littering campaigns in the UK.” Topics Read more: The Guardian

This is a massive problem in cityoflondon especially outside construction sites and large office building. People need to be hit with massive fines! Just got back from singapore why can’t our laws be like theirs, beautiful clean county Really? That's our biggest concern at present ? 😂😂😂 For a few seconds, this is wanting to harass the hundreds that are walking out of my house, they would avoid more than one crime, as you can embezzle in this way and go crazy for thousands of criminals Mossos D'Escuadra 60000 images in every imaginable situation, 13 years where.

Why can’t property and landowners be made legally responsible for keeping area from their land perimeter to edge of the road clean & be fined via land registry info if they fail to do so? KeepBritainTidy Trouble is people are encouraged to be mindless economic units where there is no meaning or purpose to life or thoughts around the consequences of their day to day actions. We are fcuked!

Fantastic talk from Jeremy on litter. Totally scathing of DEFRA and rightly so. Industry has to lead the recovery but ultimately it’s all of us who are to blame. I do not litter, I hate litterers especially those who throw litter out of their vehicles. Something needs to be done about these disrespectful people and reverse this growing culture. Thank you Jeremy Paxman for being an advocate for this unwelcome phenomena.

Jeremy Eh Litter louts err tell Me about it week in and out here Its Becoming dickensian*** & ive lived that tc You're absolutely right JeremyPaxman - I've just returned from France and the difference with the amount of litter compared top the UK is night and day. It's at crisis levels. Its only a small percentage of people i would think. The majority just need to pick up a few high profile bits of rubbish wherever they are if they are walking or parked up. The majority can also be like sheep. They see rubbish and are tempted to be lazy themselves & drop some.

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And a few louts in government Yep. Outside McDonald’s is the worst. Yes. That's the big story right now. I would say just louts. Britain is nation of litter louts and crap politicians, says Jeremy Paxman. Are the problems connected? The pub bore wants attention again The mindset of Littering is: - Was already like it, so my trash makes no difference - Someone else will clean it up Its the same with fighting ClimateChange - connected issue We must change Hearts & Minds

Britain isnt a nation. Guy Watson of Riverford gave a speech to DefraGovUK 11 years ago. When asked at the end what single thing would improve the environment, he said unified waste collection policy across the UK. They gave him a standing ovation. Still not happened. People don't know what to do.

Watch as Jeremy Corbyn makes huge blunder in clip shared on his OWN Twitter pageJEREMY CORBYN made a huge blunder in the House of Commons as eagle-eyed social media users noticed him appear to say 'erection' instead of 'direction' during a heated debate with Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of the prorogation of Parliament for five weeks. He's a disaster a communist and lover of terrorism

I think it really depends where you are. I grew up in Chester and people mostly respected the beautiful city they had and we're good with not littering. I've been to other cities where people just don't care though. I won't name shame. You obviously have not visited Brussels For posh twats like Jeremy Paxman, 'litter' is just a synonym for working people. Just like they don't like to see empty beer cans on their Belgravia streets, they can't stand interacting with the people who drink them.

Agreed. But surely he other matters are of concern to him right now? Always has been 💁‍♂️ Pretty spot on. Among other things He’s not wrong.

Brighton love-in sees Jeremy Corbyn tell the trade unions what they want to hearOpponents will no doubt claim the Labour leader is handing out goodies in return for unions funding the party's election campaign. £10 a hour for 16year olds? We will have 1000s of businesses go under and a generation of unskilled workers! No incentive to get those qualifications and get a decent job! Deluded old fart who will *never* become PM. God forbid this happens the UK will be empty then Corbyn can enjoy the back-lash. PS. who will actually voe for him? And nothing for the people of the U.K. Who in their right mind would consider voting for this fool!

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Jeremy Corbyn net worth: The staggering earnings of Labour leader ‘fighting for workers'JEREMY CORBYN announced today a Labour Government would introduce the biggest extension of workers rights ever seen before in the UK. But how much does the Labour leader earn himself? He's worth every penny. Is he not worth a salary? What a hopeless article! May be okay to pay more attention to the old etonian who are disguising as the people's champions. Just like his pay masters in the TUC, these so Socialists are the biggest phoneys going, they call the bankers but at least they don’t try hide behind some so called working class principles.

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