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Britain a nation of tracking fanatics keeping tabs on sleep, steps - and sex

Britain a nation of tracking fanatics keeping tabs on sleep, steps - and sex

6/22/2021 9:37:00 PM

Britain a nation of tracking fanatics keeping tabs on sleep, steps - and sex

A poll of 2,000 adults was conducted by Huawei to launch its Watch 3 that offers a suite of continuous health monitoring and found the Top 20 habits Brits track

A poll of 2,000 adults found 68 per cent now track their health and wellbeing habits on a daily basis.While 51 per cent keep a log of how many steps they take a day, 30 per cent do so with their heart rate and more than a quarter also track their sleep.

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Distance they've covered, calories they've burned and getting a better night's sleep were all things Brits want to achieve as a result of keeping tabs on themselves.Were they able to, respondents would also like to track their body temperature, a breakdown of what they've achieved and also the time they've spent in the sun.

What is your view? Have your say in the comment sectionAs the nation eases out of lockdown, monitoring habits have become even more apparent with over a third (34 per cent) of Brits admitting they are now more health conscious than before.A quarter (25 per cent) say they have started to track new traits they hadn't monitored previously.

The research, conducted by Huawei to launch its Watch 3 that offers a suite of continuous health monitoring, found 67 per cent track areas of their lives to motivate themselves.More than a third said they'd never exercise if it wasn't for their tracker giving them a boost - while nearly 57 per cent even like to set new goals and compete against themselves and others.

Follow all the latest news by signing up to one of the Mirror's newsletters It also emerged that of those who use technology to track their general health, 69 per cent have noticed a positive improvement in their own mental wellbeing.Keeping track of progress was seen as important to eight in 10, in their daily lives.

We're a nation that desires updated technology for tracking with 55 per cent using a smart watch or phone to track their habits, and only one in eight are 'old school' and use a notepad.Brits keep track of their progress on apps and tech on average four days a week, with four in 10 claiming they couldn't imagine a life without technology as a result.

More than half also said buying a new piece of tech gives them a boost to put it to work and keep a better eye on themselves with things such as heart rate or calories burned.And 56 per cent believe they're healthier in all aspects of their life due to having more insight at their fingertips.

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Anson Zhang of Huawei, which commissioned the research via OnePoll ahead of the launch of their new Huawei Watch 3 launch, said: "The research has certainly shown that tracking a variety of aspects of your life has become commonplace for many."To a degree, people are relying on such information to make life judgements and better their health, which can only be a good thing.

"Our latest smartwatch has been created with technology that can provide many people with more of an insight into their lives than ever before."It enables users to monitor things like heartrate, continuous SPO2 (oxygen in blood) tracking, and even skin temperature."

Top 20 habits Brits track 1. Steps2. Weather3. Finances4. Distance travelled5. GPS location6. Heart rate7. Calories burned8. Sleep9. Screen time10. Running11. Health in general12. Social media usage13. Nutrition14. Menstrual cycle15. Water consumed16. Stress

17. Oxygen in blood18. Swimming19. Sex Read more: Daily Mirror »

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