Brit, 70, dies inside 'happy ending' massage parlour in Thai 'Sin City' Pattaya

1/29/2022 3:05:00 AM

Brit, 70, dies inside 'happy ending' massage parlour in Thai 'Sin City' Pattaya

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Brit, 70, dies inside 'happy ending' massage parlour in Thai 'Sin City' Pattaya

Police arrived at the 'Lovely Massage' shop in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya City to find Robert John Swain, 70, had died at the scene

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A British man has reportedly died inside a “happy ending” massage parlour in a Thai city, after falling asleep and then choking during the procedure.Millions of Brits are happy to live with Covid and are prepared to continue wearing masks in public – whilst also coming to terms with the increased complications of booking holidays.Version of the movie was made available in China on streaming platform Tencent.Thu 27 Jan 2022 07.

Police say they arrived at the 'Lovely Massage' shop in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya City to find Robert John Swain, 70, had died at the scene. The pensioner was pronounced dead before his body was moved to the hospital. More than half (59 percent) are happy “living with Covid”, with the average adult feeling this way for the last five months – despite soaring numbers over the winter, and the introduction of more restrictions in December. According to Newsflare reports , Mr Swain had taken off his clothes and was lying naked on the massage table while being rubbed with oil by the masseuse 'Miss Oraya', 39, shortly after 3pm. Reacting to China's change to movie, Palahniuk said 'This is SUPER wonderful'. Oraya said it was the first time Mr Swain, who arrived on a rented Honda motorcycle, had visited the parlour for a massage. And 40 percent are okay with the fact they might have to always wear masks in public places, while 18 percent no longer care if it means booking holidays are now “complicated” and “uncertain”. “Everything was going normally then I noticed he was sleeping,” she said.

“Suddenly he started struggling to breathe. A spokesman for lateral flow test provider, RapidTests, which commissioned the survey, said: “It's understandable people have had enough of how we've been living for the past two years, and are keen to get back to “normal”. He was gasping and choking.” 'I called the other girls for help and we started pumping his heart. “People are keen to enjoy making plans without the fear of last-minute cancellations and wasted money.' Oraya called for help and staff began performing CPR but by that point, Mr Swain had already stopped breathing. After coming to the conclusion they were unable to revive him, staff covered his body with a towel. Of those who are still working from home, 45 percent miss their usual place of work to some degree.

Police reportedly arrived at the 'Lovely Massage' shop in the Bang Lamung district at 4pm and cordoned off the scene. Officers said they looked through the building for signs of foul play or a struggle, but found nothing. Nearly six in ten have even stopped booking holidays altogether, because it’s too stressful when worrying about delays or cancellations. The elderly man was said to have had no identity documents on him. The Investigating Inspector from Nong Prue Police Station, Pol Lieutenant colonel Teetat Trunjan, charged with handling the case, said officers had arrived and cordoned off the scene to keep people away from the parlour. The research, conducted via OnePoll, also revealed just how many don’t feel Covid is as much of a threat – with more than a third of those who are fully vaccinated believing themselves to be “pretty much immune” to any serious symptoms of the virus. “They checked that there were no signs of any abuse,” he continued.

“The cause of the death is still unclear. The spokesman for RapidTests added: “It’s such a hard call to make as the vaccine has had a major impact on cases, but coronavirus does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The body must be sent for an autopsy, to summarise the true cause of death further. “In the mean time, we are contacting the relatives of the deceased.” Read More Read More.” The city of Pattaya, on the east coast of Thailand, is best known for its round-the-clock adult nightlife. It has previously been dubbed “Sin City”.

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