'Bring Your Own Booze': Email Reveals Boris Johnson Aide's Plan For Downing Street Party

PM and wife among 40 people who reportedly attended garden drinks during lockdown.

Boris Johnson

1/10/2022 10:19:00 PM

'Bring your own booze': Email reveals Boris Johnson aide planned Downing Street garden party during lockdown

PM and wife among 40 people who reportedly attended garden drinks during lockdown.

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Calls for PM to be questioned by inquiry into alleged No 10 lockdown gatheringsRequests follow reports that Boris Johnson may have been present at a ‘bring your own booze’ party The man deserve to be behind bars. I mean, if they wanted to put a ring around Patel, there's not much chance of anything different happening here is there? Seems a pointless exercise because nothing will be done about it.

Boris Johnson ducks questions over new Downing Street lockdown partyThe Prime Minister refused to say whether he and his wife, Carrie, attended the gathering in May 2020 allegedly organised by his principal private secretary Martin Reynolds. Any got a fridge he can hide in? They are all liars. ALL of them. It's a propaganda show for the peasants. Usual tory denial

Boris Johnson refuses to deny joining Downing Street party Boris Johnson has refused to deny attending a drinks party at Downing Street in May 2020 when England was under severe coronavirus restrictions. Dominic Cumming I wonder why 🧐 Janet45220381 Teflon Johnson.

Boris Johnson ‘will not face new inquiry into Downing Street flat refurbishment’PM set to evade probe which could potentially have led to his suspension from Commons Always ask this Question when looking to effectively utilize the Power of Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses via meta, where we verifiably query very many Citizens of very many Constituencies on very many things: Is there a Law you wish to have Enacted, Enforced, or Repealed? At a Penny-Per, with Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses via meta, verifiably querying every Citizen of every Constituency: An 'All-UK', = 50,415,000* x .01 = $504,150 *18 Years & Over 2/When we have Mapped All Data Points inputted by Each User, that identifies Education, Occupation & Experiences, to Authoritative Bodies for verification of All Subject Matter Experts on All Subject Matters, we will Most-Effectively Gather Consensuses.

Boris Johnson to escape standards investigation over Downing Street flat makeover🔴 Boris Johnson has been told that he will be spared a potentially damaging investigation by the parliamentary standards commissioner over the redecoration of his Downing Street flat 00٠ Why? The evidence is entirely clear. Why if you’re crooked shouldn’t it be bought out into the open