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Brian May thanks Queen fans from ‘bottom of my heart’ after ‘AVALANCHE of support’ – WATCH

Brian May thanks Queen fans from ‘bottom of my heart’ after ‘AVALANCHE of support’ – WATCH #BrianMay #Queen

2/13/2020 11:53:00 AM

Brian May thanks Queen fans from ‘bottom of my heart’ after ‘AVALANCHE of support’ – WATCH BrianMay Queen

QUEEN and Adam Lambert's Brian May is now feeling much better as he thanked fans following his 'unwelcome' encounter on arrival in Australia.

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Coronavirus: Donald Trump says 'maybe I'm immune' after leaving hospital

The president's doctors call him a 'phenomenal patient' but decline to answer questions on the result of his lung scans.

Being tall may cut the risk of dementia in menUniversity of Copenhagen found for every 2.5inches (6.5cm) in height above the average, risk of the memory-robbing disease reduced by 10 per cent. Trump is 6ft 3. How do you explain that? No, times it by 10 Great

In New Hampshire, Tulsi Gabbard may be the last stand of her 2020 presidential runShe's been a pariah of Democrats since 2016 when she endorsed Sanders. But in the Granite State her polls could signal signs of life Good. She can p*ss off. A pretty Russian Fascist girl that needs to go back to the Perm. Y’all can write headlines better, I know it.

Hamish McRae: The UK's political ties with Europe may have soured – but our economic relationship hasn'tAt a time when there is a surplus of money washing around the world seeking a home, it would be mad not to place some of those resources in the eurozone, writes Hamish McRae

The Hundred may lose Australian stars due to clash with ODI seriesOrganisers for the Hundred are sweating on Australia’s selection for a ODI series against Zimbabwe it's been beginning to look likea total disaster fora while and I understand ticket sales are 'very disappointing' mind you, it is February Biggest waste of time ever That’s ok... don’t want the cheating davidwarner31 anywhere near the rose bowl

Deadly SARS 2.0 may have originated in a bat cave 16 YEARS AGOIn 2004, researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology found bats in a cave in Yunnan province were carrying hundreds of different coronaviruses. One strain is almost identical to COVID-19. Then it was manufactured into a biological weapon. More like a lab.... Bruce Wayne should have called the doctor. 😷

The leather trouser trend: Why the look of midlife crises and Theresa May is everywhereThree years after the then PM caused a row by sporting a pair of gold leather trousers in an interview, the once-shunned clothing is fashion gold The pillbox purse is an awesome throwback. Looks like an anti-personal landmine. Everywhere? Not seen any up here yet! Mind you northern women have more style Personally I dont think leather trousers are cool but jeans are if worn by men or women.