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Brexiteer lets rip at Labour and Lib Dems for 'insulting' Leavers in general election

Brexiteer lets rip at Labour and Lib Dems for 'insulting' Leavers in general election


Brexiteer lets rip at Labour and Lib Dems for 'insulting' Leavers in general election

A FED-UP Brexiteer confronted two Remainer s who want a second referendum and argued Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been insulting Leavers.

“That was voting on whether we wanted to leave the EU, the people did not say on what terms we would leave.

A Brexiteer argued against two Remainers who want a second referendum

“Are we going to have the best of three or the best of five.”

Labour voting Liz Barling argued that she knows people who want a second referendum

Read more: Daily Express

brexiteers should be shouting at tories; they're the party who've failed 2 deliver will of the people & honour result of referendum, because the uk's still stuck in eu with no sign of coming out any time soon; definitely not 4 another year or 2; leavers will be shafted by tories.

Former Labour peer Lord Sugar urges Labour voters to fire Jeremy CorbynAPPRENTICE boss Lord Sugar today urges Labour voters to fire Jeremy Corbyn for the sake of the nation. Writing in The Sun, the former Labour peer insists backing Boris Johnson is the only way Brita… He obviously hates poor people , the nhs and people with disabilities. Greedy bugger 🤬

Chuka Umunna: How you can take Labour and the Tories down through tactical votingThe polls say the Conservatives are on course to achieve a majority – but, with your help, the Liberal Democrats may well stop that from happening can't wait for Umunna to lose his election in shame, the shameless narcissist. Nobody dares cover this * Boris said 'Give Iran a nuclear bomb' 👇 * Boris allowed arms sales to Saudis 👇 * Saudi arms sales illegal👇 * Saudis fund ISIS 👇

'Labour Brexit betrayal' and 'NHS waits cover up'Monday's papers lead with Boris Johnson's final appeal to voters and reports of problems in the NHS. lmfao BBC putting all the pro-johnson covers at the top of the article. classic. Stop this disaster of a Brexit vote labour

Boris Johnson heads into Labour heartlands | Your daily general election briefingSign up here to receive this daily briefing in your email inbox every morning That sounds interesting....

Labour unveils blueprint to revive steel industry and save 80,000 jobsEXCLUSIVE: The party is unveiling a blueprint to revive the fragile sector including a £1billion injection into boosting steel recycling by creating new plants in three UK regions Is this part of the 4 million green jobs? Coal burning steel mill? Gorg! This will not happen. Wake up!! If you vote for these dreamers then you won’t have any right to moan

General election: Labour sets out plan for first 100 days in office – live newsJohn McDonnell to outline agenda for Labour government as general election campaign enters its final days Day 1: Run on the pound Days 2-99 . Recovering from run on the pound.. Day 100 vote of no confidence Repeat £ parity with $. Gilt market sell off. Investment dries up. Housing market sell off. Jews plan to leave......cheaper rails fares Day1 release Russia Report and establish investigation into any criminal activities unearthed. Pursue & prosecute those identified.

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