Brexit talks to 'go the extra mile' as UK and EU keep trying to break the deadlock

12/14/2020 6:22:00 AM

Brexit talks to 'go the extra mile' as UK and EU keep trying to break the deadlock

Brexit talks to 'go the extra mile' as UK and EU keep trying to break the deadlock

PM Boris Johnson warns 'we're still very far apart on some key issues' and that no-deal is still the 'most likely' outcome.

happened on 31 January which have seen the UK continue to follow most EU rules.Businesses have been told to prepare for big changes to come into force from 1 January but have no idea on exactly what terms firms will be exporting and importing goods.Tony Danker, head of the Confederation of British Industry, said the news that talks will continue"gives hope" but that"ongoing delays are frustrating and cost businesses".

"Government must move with even more determination to avoid the looming cliff edge of 1 January," he added.Analysis from London: How significant is leaders' latest statement?By Sam Coates, deputy political editorThe mere fact there is a joint statement is extremely important.

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CRIMINAL Johnson needs time to work out how to sell the EU deal offer to us. He is out of choices, they won't budge and he is in a jam. And no he won't walk away, they could have done that 4 years ago. Boris the fraud. He ain't no brexiteer. We should have left yesterday. We didn't have a deal. Just more cock n bull Boris.

If you haven’t sorted it yet you never will There talks should be broadcast live - so the tax payer can see what these clowns are Upto, cause the only looser is the taxpayer in this - Nothing that the EU has said/done over the past four plus years has made me doubt that LEAVE was the right decision. Their actions have confirmed just how right Brexit is, & how bureaucratically corrupt the EU is. ~ Walk away Clean Break NoDealBrexit When the EU less emotional?

UK Government has failed to protect itself and the economy will suffer either way, with the past due date for a resolution companies do not have time to prepare for the outcome. This is the worst ever Christmas panto I suppose that, they now work towards a « Deal » its smell that. We're being prepared for a last-minute sellout.

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