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Brexit Scam, Brexit Scam Text

Brexit scam warning: Britons targeted by dangerous text message - ‘please stay alert!’

People are being targeted by a new scam relating to Brexit, so it is vital to stay alert

1/27/2021 12:11:00 PM

People are being targeted by a new scam relating to Brexit, so it is vital to stay alert

BREXIT has been achieved, with the UK exiting the European Union with a trade deal. But scammers have unfortunately taken advantage of the change to target Britons with a dangerous text message.

TrendingSeveral people expressed their concern about the scam when a random text message appeared on their phone.It appeared some were even called on the telephone and told about supposed Brexit changes in another variation of the scam. There were a number of close brushes with the fraudulent correspondence, serving as warning signs for Britons to keep their wits about them.

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One person reached out to HMRC and asked: “We receive a call today asking about Brexit and how we are dealing with paperwork?Brexit scam warning: Scammers are using new techniques to target unsuspecting victims(Image: Getty)SEISS grant 4: When will the next self-employed grant be available?

“Is it genuine? We were apprehensive about giving out our details considering fraud. Please advise.”A second individual commented: “I’ve had a couple of them, it’s a scam text which is taking advantage of Brexit.”And a third said: “Really must be my ‘lucky’ week for scams. Just received a new one relating to Brexit.

“I noticed it straight away, but it makes me angry because so many vulnerable people could easily fall for this. Please stay alert!” Read more: Daily Express »

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