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Brexit party MEP called for EU fishing vessels to be 'sunk like Belgrano'

Brexit party MEP criticised over Belgrano Twitter comments


Brexit party MEP criticised over Belgrano Twitter comments

Robert Rowland’s tweet about foreign fishermen ‘evil’, says Lib Dem committee chair

The Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies, who was elected this week to chair the fisheries committee, called the remarks evil. “That’s calling for people to be killed, that’s calling for fishermen from another nation to die in our waters. That’s evil. That makes me sick to the stomach.

Barrie Deas, chief executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, said the “intemperate language” was not helpful.

A spokesman for Farage declined to comment on the Belgrano remarks.

Davies, one of two British MEPs elected to lead influential parliament committees this week, said she was lying: “I’ve no idea what she is going on about.” Mummery had introduced herself at the end of the meeting, before “haranguing” him in a corridor, he said. “I had people all around me and there are witnesses to say her account is inaccurate.”

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Something old for old mothballs of all colors and ages!!! But all British!!! Hit the road Jack! via YouTube If someone in the House of Commons had said that, they would be told to apologise otherwise they would be suspended. The Brexit party seem to be trying to be as unpleasant as possible in their last few weeks as MEPs.

Why is it that most Brexit party members and supporters (plus Mark François and his followers) seem to be most unpleasant characters, at least they are when seen on TV or in other interviews. The world must think that the UK has turned into a terrible unwelcoming country. 83% of British fisherman SOLD their licences to EU fisherman, and for decent money. They never stole our fish guys.

Please... By all means.. Do it... Don t be surprised by the EU 20 something navies answer... Thankfully the Royal Navy doesn't have that many ships to be sunk!

Brexit Party boost as Lib Dem councillor defects to join Farage - ‘We voted to leave EU’A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT councillor has defected to the Brexit Party just six months after leaving Labour.

They even made a stamp for him They are all despicable and are yet again another embarrassment to our country. I would advise the EU to bring in powers that can have members removed when inciting such awful measures. Disciplinary actions should be introduced against MEP and their party. Weird comment. Dosent look good for withdrawl.

not just the EU to worry about with fishing It all fits. Like drunk football supporters abroad. National embarrassment. They're an embaressment!!! 200 mile Zone So practical inside Ireland and France .. etc because from Liverpool to Dublin it’s over 172 miles ., 😂 who the hell voted for these incompetent idiots.

Why are BxP MEPs so ignorant about almost everything? The whole gamut from getting to the European Parl to fisheries. Apart from claiming their expenses of course. They know all about getting their noses in the trough. We have a long way to fall yet. These are our representatives, fomenting division, planting the seeds of mistrust, undermining decades old alliances, insulting allies, conflating nationalism with patriotism, creating scapegoats from minorities and the dispossessed. They are scum.

Farage’s Brexit Party to collapse if Johnson delivers Brexit by Halloween - shock pollNIGEL FARAGE’s Brexit Party is set for collapse if Boris Johnson can deliver Brexit by October 31, a shocking poll has revealed. Utter nonsense! It’s not a party it’s a business venture Pathetic article

When I repeat when is the collective press in the UK going to start calling this horse shit out and taking these morons to task. Instead they’re continually given a platform from which to crap out even more bile without being challenged I would call them idiots but that's a complement unfortunately! A nation of war criminals

Disgusting people. Promote him. Do these Brexit Party MEP’s realise we sold out fishing rights. The EU didn’t ask the UK to do this. They were doing relatively well until now. I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a continuing trend. ARGinUK This is not acceptable in any way. This is not how the majority feel. Ironically, if it weren't for the diligence our civil service & Clive Ponting, we'd never have been held accountable for an atrocity that we commited. We deserve all the persecution we get.

Awful What the fuck is wrong with those people?

Bank of England warns of lending crisis for EU firms after no-deal BrexitStability report says about half of EU companies using UK-registered banks face being cut off EU should mandate all banks which wants to do business in the EU to relocate their operations from London to the EU when the 🇬🇧 leaves Yes money should be for British firms owned by Britons 😠 Sounds like that would be a disaster for the EU, perhaps they should not have been so stubborn in trying to not let us leave.

These are simply awful people who shouldn't be anywhere deciding anything for anyone. brexitparty_uk the disgrace of the British political system. Arrest the bloody lot of them. That's incitement to murder. BYE BYE EU IN OCTOBER !

BREXIT LIVE: Labour Brexit policy ‘dictated by unions’ - Ruth Davidson attacksRUTH DAVIDSON has lashed out at the Labour Party for adopting more than three years after the EU Referendum a “suitably obtuse” Brexit policy dictated by the trade unions.

It's outrageous that Len McCluskey and his Union mates are dictating Labour's Brexit policy.RuthDavidsonMSP: It's outrageous that Len McCluskey and his Union mates are dictating Labour's Brexit policy RuthDavidsonMSP It's been the same for decades ... Why the surprise now? RuthDavidsonMSP Labour can’t think for themselves RuthDavidsonMSP Creepy

Brexit Party surge is fading, new poll showsExclusive: BMG Research poll puts Farage’s party on 14 per cent, down four since last month Despite De Frauds use of rhetoric on LBC. If we dont leave by end October, we'll see... As to be expected

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