Brexit: Northern Ireland Protocol talks 'kind of stuck' as Boris Johnson heads to Belfast

5/16/2022 2:10:00 PM

Brexit: Northern Ireland Protocol talks 'kind of stuck' as Boris Johnson heads to Belfast

Brexit: Northern Ireland Protocol talks 'kind of stuck' as Boris Johnson heads to Belfast

An EU source characterised a conversation last week between foreign secretary Liz Truss and EU commission vice president Maros Sefcovic as 'horrendous'.

But the EU source suggested it was worse than that, describing the call as"horrendous" and adding that they had"seldom seen Sefcovic so cross and so upset".@robpowellnews UK ministers threatening to walk away from talks; EU negotiators refusing to rewrite deals; and Irish politicians urging compromise for the sake of peace on the island.Sun 15 May 2022 13.Sinn Fein 'Dangerous brinkmanship' Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald said:"It is very dangerous, it's reckless, it's a game of brinkmanship, very cynically carried out by a Tory government in London that has no care for the island of Ireland, north or south.

The source added:"We are kind of stuck here."The UK says this about democracy and avoiding potential civil war, on the other side the EU says there is a deal you should implement - it's not true or fair to say we are being rigid or intransigent.The Westminster government is using the threat of domestic legislation in the same way that"no deal" was weaponised as leverage in previous talks.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 2:54 Kwarteng on NI Protocol "The UK is asking for the kind of flexibility that has been offered to Ukraine.The business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, said the UK had “the right to act in a sovereign way” and to “reopen or re-examine the protocol” but denied the actions would constitute a breach of international law.But Ukraine is at war, so that is an exceptional measure.Despite repeated mentions of the Article 16 process by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, sources confirmed it was the separate option of domestic legislation that was being actively considered."Firstly, the UK is not at war, and there is no serious risk of this.However he will say the"delicate balance" of the GFA has been upset, eroding the historic economic bonds linking Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, leaving the unionist community feeling its aspirations and identity were under threat.

And secondly, this because of Brexit.But there is also the issue of appeasing the DUP to enable power-sharing to resume at Stormont.Signs that the government was rowing back its rhetoric on the protocol came amid mixed messaging over a trade war, with Johnson allies claiming he had a “conciliatory” call with Ireland’s taoiseach last week.This is a legitimate choice the UK has made." The protocol was designed to prevent the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after the UK left the European Union.Republicans also detect a dose of cynicism in the UK’s approach.But that means customs checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain - effectively a border in the Irish Sea separating the two.Johnson has already been warned that dozens of Conservative MPs will attempt to stop the bill becoming law if it reaches the later stages – though many see it as a negotiating tactic.That creates rancour in particular among unionists as well as, critics including the UK government say, disruption for firms and consumers across both communities.But many would argue it’s not the protocol that’s paralysing politics in Belfast, but rather the intransigence of the DUP."It is very clear the Tory government in London is in cahoots with the DUP to stall and to hold back progress, to frustrate the will of the people as expressed in the election and that, to anybody who calls themselves a democrat, is clearly unacceptable and clearly shameful.

An impasse over efforts to renegotiate the deal has been brought to a head by the recent assembly election results, which saw Sinn Fein become the biggest party in Northern Ireland for the first time.Northern Ireland's main unionist party, the DUP, has said it will not take part in a power-sharing devolved government with Sinn Fein unless what it has described as"the poison of the protocol" is removed.But Mr Coveney told Ridge:"The EU wants to continue to negotiate, wants to show flexibility, wants to compromise.“There is a minority, a large minority within unionism, who are unhappy with the protocol,” he said.Mr Johnson is due to hold talks with Northern Ireland's party leaders in a bid to unfreeze the deadlock.The government is preparing to publish legislation to override the protocol but Sky News understands there are still concerns in cabinet about the legal position.We are dealing with the consequences now of a decision by the British people on our own country that has cost us hundreds of millions of euros, that is risking the peace process and its institutions on the island of Ireland.The bill could be challenged in parliament or in the courts if it is deemed to have breached international law.Coveney said the EU had not threatened any specific retaliation – though several European parliamentarians have said there will be consequences, including the potential suspension of the trade deal, should the UK government act unilaterally.

Mr Coveney, who was in Brussels on Monday, warned that the entire UK-EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement deal - the TCA - could be jeopardised if Mr Johnson takes unilateral action." He added:"There's no way the EU can compromise if the UK is threatening unilateral action to pass domestic legislation to set aside international obligations under an international treaty that, don't forget, the UK was the primary designer of along with the EU.He said with calmness, dialogue, compromise and partnership there could be"progress quickly to respond to the concerns of both the business community and the unionist community in Northern Ireland".Unilateral action by Britain would mean"tension, rancour, stand-offs, legal challenges and of course calls into question the functioning of the TCA itself" Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, DUP leader, said:"The protocol is not working and is harmful to Northern Ireland."But, you know, sabre rattling and grandstanding in Westminster ratcheting up tension is not the way to do it.But, you know, sabre-rattling and grandstanding in Westminster ratcheting up tension is not the way to do it.Those problems must be addressed."It is decisive action that must be taken.This is a problem we need to solve together.

"Until that action is taken, the consensus necessary for power-sharing in Northern Ireland does not exist.“We should be able to act in a sovereign way."."So, let's work together through the summer get these issues resolved, get the institutions back up and running in Northern Ireland.

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Brexit trade deal change must result in NI government - PMBoris Johnson is to visit Northern Ireland amid a political crisis sparked by tensions over the protocol. Seriously - do one. Own your deal. Getting really bored of you and your lies. You better fix this Prime Minister. You betrayed the Loyalist majority of Northern Ireland - you said there would never be a border down the Irish sea. Soon we will have a huge economic crisis but this fat oaf will he swimming with money somewhere far away.

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