Brexit negotiator: UK must be able to set own laws

Brexit negotiator says UK must be able to set its own laws


Brexit negotiator says UK must be able to set its own laws

David Frost's remarks come amid warnings the UK and EU will 'rip each other apart' in trade talks.

The EU has repeatedly warned that the UK cannot expect to enjoy continued"high-quality" market access if it insists on diverging from EU social and environmental standards."The more thoughtful would say that such an approach would compromise the EU's sovereign legal order."

"But that is part of negotiations, everyone will defend their own interests," he added.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Just like we always have. BrexitReality Is Scotland still part of your definition of the UK? It's not a case of must. We will as it's nothing to do with anybody anymore. Itreallyisthatsimple All rise I think free and fair are important keywords. This is instinctual love in parenthood. If we can fully understand this point, I think that the current social system will naturally change.

UK could lead a CommonWealth(CW) FTA of 2.4bn people with a GDP of $13trillion. CWFTA - 6 of top 15 fastest growing economies. CWFTA can be rapid based on historical ties. CWFTA provides economic & political might of 53 independant states worldwide. EU has got to look after it 27 members. England can't dictate the rule they chose to leave. I just wish could get out of the sinking ship called England.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ He Means anotherkinda Law hence the emphasis on the Must aswell The EU is corrupt to the core

France warns UK of bitter post-Brexit trade talksThe UK and EU will 'rip each other apart' as they vie for advantage, France's foreign minister says. EU: Not allowing the UK to pay for the Euro border. 😂😂😂

Keep at it the EU s bottle is draining away! We already could? Always has been. Of course it can. And accept the consequences. Well, we are now sort of stuck desperately signing up to whatever bone any larger economy throws us. Not that anyone will untill we have settled with EU. Which we can't do in 1 year unless we fall on WTO. Then we'll be desperate for Trump to F us. Take back control yey

Sadly not as good at the EU would be No doubt he'll start stomping his foot and saying he won't play soon. These are highly educated and qualified negotiatiors, I have seen better in college union meetings. Hey I thought they got it done and that now we are able to do so.. What a horse shite. It is not EU but its member countries agreed on the all laws including UK.

No question we voted out.

Large drop in skilled workers applying to work in UK since Brexit voteThere has been a 10% drop in overseas skilled workers applying to work in the private sector, a study suggests. Serves them right .. the idiots should have foreseen that .. We will just have to grow our own then .. Or are you implying that british children are too stupid or unworthy to learn. You voted for it... Too late now. Suck it up..😀

Here's a simple, easy to understand guide from 2018 explaining how laws are passed in parliament (the Brexit negotiator might find it useful). Just 6 minutes. No mention of having to ask EU permission as part of the process. Funny that. This advisor what is his credentials? He might be another inept pre Brexit agreement non entity. Remember our future is in the hands of these people. We need to question what is their expertise? Are they inept like Dominic C?

Must. And will Like they already do? Boris has a deal that’s oven ready, Liam Fox has 40 deals ready to go. Farage says we hold all the cards and Brexit means they need us more than we need them, so why’s England worrying? England isn’t suddenly trying to say it didn’t actually know what it was voting for, is it?

with this clown...lmao Exchange ‘must’ for ‘shall’. Continue negotiations on that basis. This surely self-evident. It is what we voted for. DAMN right we must!! Anything else is betrayal. Stand firm on this BorisJohnson Conservatives Then GB shouldn't ask for access to the single market- if you can't play be the rules, to ask to join the club or ask for favorable access to the club.

UK 'urgently' working with Japan as coronavirus-hit ship sees 67 new casesUS citizens on the boat will be evacuated on Sunday, prompting speculation that the UK government will also stage a rescue mission. 'Deadly' exaggerations again. The death rate of covid-19 is minimal compared to the thousands of deaths annually in the UK from seasonal flu. Stop spreading fear and unnecessary panic. Really? He sounded quite cheerful on GMB the other day!

Wonder why they plan that ... 🤔 Foolish desire to make our own laws Of course the UK can set any laws it want. But if it wants to trade with the EU it better not make some shit that we don't agree with. Sure, but then the EU also has the right to protect it’s manufacturers from being undercut by UK manufacturers who don’t have to comply to the same standards.

Well it’s kind of the point of leaving Isn’t it. 🤣 We already set our own laws. Should be on mastermind, subject 'The bleeding Obvious'... I don't think Canada is subject to EU law ! Is that G BR exit?

McDonnell warns UK faces decade of disappointment under ToriesShadow chancellor says Johnson plans to ‘steal’ Labour policies without sufficient rise in spending no flies on you, john best you resign, asap The doom and gloomers - airports are open. Lol, Labour have been saying this for ten years and we have had low inflation, low interest rates, house prices up, employment up, unemployment down and no big foreign wars.

Twitter posting HELP via your Website has done nothing. Why the hell has nobody read into what I been Posting since last November ? I don't care if i end up dead getting robbed as LONG AS YOU ALL GET SHAMED In a global world, if we want to trade with others we have to accept we can't just set our own rules.

Why do you give rubbish like this the time of day Already did you toe! 🙄😑 The UK stance equates to someone who has for years had a season ticket which they decided not to renew, but expects to be able to continue going to matches & sitting in the same seat for free. Brexit It's slightly worrying that this has to be stated, as if it is somehow up.for negotiation.

I am SO looking forward to the economy going tits up thanks to Brexit 😂😂😂 The same as we have been doing since the EU's inception? Great, let's carry on doing just that. we already set our own laws as does every other member state. Or we'll stamp our feet and say it's not fair... And not much else

British man detained for 'patting' guard in Egypt returns to UKTony Camoccio 'may not have been freed' without international press attention, campaigners say 😊❤️✌️ What the fuck You sure it’s “pat” and not “grope” 🤔

Sowhat laws can’t we set 🤔 give us examples please Saw on BBC that Brexit was done few weeks ago, they did a bong as well. Now just show me the benefits, I want a higher salary and the doctor on call. Now! It was always unlawful against our Bill of Rights for anyone else to do so. The fact that this even needs to be stated is ridiculous

Laws to include introducing eugenics? What, like we do in parliament and have done for hundreds of years...?

British couple in quarantine on cruise ship criticise UK governmentVideo comes soon after US announced it would fly its citizens on the ship home Ha fucking ha Absolute Bollox by them, this Russian owned kitty litter lefty rag. Watch GMB from 1.38 onwards. bbcnews itvnews skynews Thoughts and prayers

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