Brexit LIVE: EU still hellbent on carving up UK! Fury at ECJ ultimatum as Sefcovic shamed

10/13/2021 9:12:00 PM

#Brexit LIVE: #EuropeanUnion still hellbent on carving up UK! Fury at #ECJ ultimatum as #MarosSefcovic shamed #northernirelandprotocol @DavidJonesMP @johnredwood

Brexit LIVE: EuropeanUnion still hellbent on carving up UK! Fury at ECJ ultimatum as MarosSefcovic shamed northernirelandprotocol DavidJonesMP johnredwood

THE EU is still fixated on 'carving up' the UK despite the concessions unveiled by Maros Sefcovic in relation to the Northern Ireland Protocol, Tory Brexiteers have warned.

Ciaran McGrath 'No access to single market without ECJ', says Sefcovic Northern Ireland cannot have accesss to the EU's single market without being under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, said Mr Sefcovic.Brexit Frans Timmermans, a fellow European Commission vice-president to Mr Sefcovic, told Sky News:"We just want to find practical solutions for the problems of the people and businesses of Northern Ireland.People socialised more in August, with restaurants and hotels growing 10.Two new water parks coming to the UK in 2023 An expat claimed only those who received an NHS vaccine are exempt from quarantine if they are contacted through 'Test and Trace'.

Speaking in Brussels, he said:"We have invested so much effort negotiating the withdrawal agreement."In the end we found the solution which we agreed."We know that there are some objective difficulties in Northern Ireland for citizens and businesses and we want to be part of solving those and we will make some practical propositions to solve them.We did it because I believe we share the same goals of prosperity, stability and peace on the island of Ireland.This more than offset a 1." He added:"I hope that we share the same goal of making sure the businesses and people of Northern Ireland benefits from the dual market." Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player Lord Frost said the Protocol was 'the biggest source of mistrust' between the EU and UK."You cannot have access to the single market with the jurisdiction of the ECJ.On the Government website, it states fully-vaccinated Britons do not need to self-isolate after being in contact with someone with COVID-19 if they"are fully vaccinated- this means 14 days have passed since your final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine given by the NHS.

" 1 hour ago Ciaran McGrath Customs checks to be reduced by 50 percent The EU says its proposals on customs will halve the volume of paperwork needed on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland."How do you help the people in Northern Ireland and the businesses in Northern Ireland by triggering Article 16? "Why not just try and find practical solutions? We will make some propositions tomorrow and hopefully they will be met with a positive reaction from the British side.Admittedly, the 6.This will be achieved by expanding the number of businesses and products covered by trusted trader arrangements and a concept that differentiates between goods destined for Northern Ireland and those"at risk" of onward transportation into the Irish Republic, or elsewhere in the EU.Those products deemed"not at risk" would not be subject to customs duties.Irish deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar warned the UK's requests would be"very hard to accept" in Brussels.The arrangements were originally only envisaged for NI-based manufacturers with a low turnover.2% m/m decline in construction output was the third drop in four months and is probably due to materials shortages.Under the EU proposals they will be extended to include manufacturers with higher turnovers and GB suppliers."I don't think we could ever have a situation where another court could decide what the rules of the single market are.

Another practical consequence will mean companies dealing in NI-destined products will only need to submit basic customs information, such as a copy of an invoice, rather than comprehensive EU customs code data sets that would otherwise have been required.The EU says the combination of the SPS and customs proposals will effectively create an"express lane" to help facilitate the movements of GB goods whose end destination is Northern Ireland.In Q3 as a whole, GDP may have risen by around 1.1 hour ago Ciaran McGrath Checks and controls to be reduced by 80 percent Maros Sefcovic has announced an 80 percent reduction in checks and regulations for all retail goods travelling into Northern Ireland.The requirement to submit documentary information online ahead of shipping the goods will remain, but the EU said it envisages an 80 percent reduction in both identity checks on lorries arriving at ports and the more intensive physical inspections of their contents.The EU is also proposing a significant reduction in certification requirements on multi-product consignments.

Under the protocol, lorries bringing agri-food products into the region are required to have vet-approved export-health certificates for each different product line on the vehicle.A grace period exemption means this requirement has yet to be applied.1 hour ago Ciaran McGrath Sefcovic offers new proposals New proposals for medicine moving into Northern Ireland The EU intends to pass legislation that will enable trade of medicines between GB and NI to continue.Under the protocol, this supply chain would have been severely disrupted when an ongoing grace period lapses, as Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are in different regulatory zones for pharmaceuticals.The EU law change would allow GB-based pharma suppliers to maintain their current regulatory arrangements.

It would mean companies in GB could continue to act as a hub for the supply of generic medicines to NI, without the need to establish bases in the region.The EU has said the medicines supply chain issue is not confined to Northern Ireland and applies to other small markets, including the Irish Republic, Malta and Cyprus.The steps being suggested would guarantee pharmaceutical supply chains to all of those markets.2 hours ago Ciaran McGrath Maros Sefcovic begins speech in Brussels Maros Sefcovic has begun speaking in Brussels - claiming the bloc has"gone beyond current EU law" by proposing an"alternative model".He claimed the bloc had"completely turned ourselves upside down and inside out" in a bid to find solution to the current gridlock.

Maros Sefcovic speaking in Brussels (Image: Brussels).

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DavidJonesMP johnredwood we need to scrap the whole agreement, it is nonsense to let the EU control goods in our free country. DavidJonesMP johnredwood Is unelected minister David Frost still negotiating? So Boris' Brexit Deal was a BrexitDisaster waiting to happen.

Brexit: EU to set out 'practical solutions' as UK demands changes to Northern Ireland ProtocolEuropean Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic is set to hold a news conference on Wednesday afternoon in which he will deliver Brussels' verdict on UK proposals for the Northern Ireland Protocol. People voted for what they got now want to change things oven ready deal remember that clowns 'demands' 😂 england is a busted flush you know it we know it everybody knows it 😉 Maybe the problem is EU has already proved not to play fair with current Ireland protocol. As Von der Leyen did.

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