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Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson's bold but risky plan to force EU deal through Commons revealed

Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson's bold but risky plan to force EU deal through Commons revealed

9/22/2019 10:58:00 AM

Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson 's bold but risky plan to force EU deal through Commons revealed

BORIS JOHNSON is planning to tie his Brexit deal into the Government’s domestic legislative agenda which will be set out in a Queen’s Speech on October 14 in a bid to get the agreement through the Commons.

| UPDATED:09:00, Sun, Sep 22, 20190The prime minister risks a showdown with Conservative rebels and Opposition MPs if he decides to go ahead with his latest plan after the five-week suspension of Parliament has come to an end. A Queen’s Speech, which gives the Government the chance to lay out it priorities, is followed by a vote by MPs which is seen as a vote of confidence in the Government.

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Related articles'Desperate' MPs set to vote for 'lipstick on pig' deal agreed by BorisMr Johnson has promised to bring forward a “bold and ambitious domestic legislative agenda” in the Speech which is written by ministers and delivered by the Queen in the House of Lords.

Although no date has been announced, the vote on the Speech is expected to take place on October 21 or 22.A Downing Street source told the Mail on Sunday including the Brexit deal in the package was the Government’s “best hope” of bringing hardline Brexiteers and Labour MPs around to their way of thinking.

The source said: “If they vote this down, they are voting down Brexit and they can explain why they did that to their constituents at an election soon enough.”Boris Johnson will use the Queen's Speech on October 14 to try to get his Brexit deal through Parlia

(Image: PA)Yesterday it was revealed Mr Johnson is planning on continuing his hardline tactics when dealing with members of his own party, with a source insisting any Tory MPs who rebel against his Brexit deal would have the party whip withdrawn.Earlier this month Mr Johnson kicked 21 rebels out of the Conservative Party after they sided with the Opposition to block a no deal Brexit.

The Government will offer a glimpse of its upcoming domestic policy at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on September 28 to October 2.READ MORE:See below for live updates. Read more: Daily Express »

I hope the plan isn't to reash the wa,customs union,single market,you will be hated far and wide,forever.

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