Brexit bum's rush: No-deal could wipe out toilet paper stocks

Brexit bum's rush: No-deal could wipe out toilet paper stocks

10/9/2019 4:45:00 AM

Brexit bum's rush: No-deal could wipe out toilet paper stocks

At least one manufacturer says the supplies are 'not unlimited' and border delays or panic buying could lead to shortages.

Brexiteers will say it is the ultimate in"project fear", but it's claimed the nation could be caught short by a scarcity of toilet roll after the UK leaves the European Union.Remainers will insist it shows Brexit is going down the pan, but a manufacturer has suggested some toilet paper supplies might not withstand long-term border delays or panic buying in the event of no-deal.

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The closet fears emerged after an MP, Plaid Cymru's Jonathan Edwards, asked a government minister for details on how long stocks of toilet paper will last after a no-deal Brexit.Clearly flushed, Cabinet Office minister Simon Hart said the Government was working to ensure the"best possible preparation" to support the flow of goods.

"The government would prefer to leave the EU on October 31 with a deal," said Mr Hart."If this is not possible, we will have to leave with no-deal.Advertisement"In the event of no-deal, the government will prioritise the flow of goods at the border while continuing to take a risk-based approach to controls and checks on goods to minimise additional friction."

He added:"We will continue to work to make sure we have the best possible preparation to support the flow of goods." Read more: Sky News »

Utter bullshit, pardon the pun. Load of 💩 Remainers are getting desperate Could!!!! Exactly it also may not wipe out stocks!!!!! Then I'll shit in the shower Aaarrrhhhhhh!!!!!! PANIC!!!!! Not surprised, most of the paper has been used for the polished turd deals Andrexit Another story that’s full of shit PHIL_BERT

KathyELStephen We’ve got the Sun, Express and Mail 😂 Do what ER do...use a dock leaf! 🤐 Don’t worry... when your socks run out that’s when you need to panic! RemainerNow I wouldn’t normally share this with everyone but I’m reading this headline on the toilet having just completed an after work dump and it reminded me that I ran out of paper yesterday. I looked around, saw the empty tube and just said “fuck”. I’m now at a loss for what to do...

Isnt this better for the environment anyway, extinction rebellion will be happy Oh 💩 What a load of old turd! Any excuse to put price up and increase profits ! So much for a clean brexit. It’s going to be very messy. Won't matter cos according to you we won't have food to eat post brexit therefore less shit paper needed!

RemainerNow Use lotahs You should report news not left wing lies Mine says made in Leicester 😂 Oh 💩 Daily Mirror or the Guardian can substitute. I think Americans will sell you tp. What will they come out with next this shit is getting beyond a joke Plenty of arse wipes in parliament... RemainerNow At last a use for the Sun and Daily Mail

Ok, so far this week we’ve been warned of an increase in dogging, limited supplies of foreign jizz at sperm banks and the need to use less paper to wipe our arses. 👍 Ok sky news obviously running low on actual news Tomorrow's headline... Sky bosses worried incase people see through yet another bullshit story and cancel subscriptions due to Brexit

More desperate scaremongering from Sky News! In this case absolute shit reporting!! Shit People are actually getting paid to write this stuff We can always go back to newspaper.😭😭😭😭 That's really shit news It looks like I'm going to have to start buying the Daily Mirror. On the bright side it'll be e the first newspaper I've bought in 15 years

😂😂😂🖕 Yet more project fear. Remainers are getting more worried the closer we get to flushing the EU down the pan. NoDealIsTheOnlyDeal BrexitNow IBackBoris 🤣 Again with the word could. Jeez... 😑😑😑😑 I strongly believe that you have ran out of actual things you could insight fear for, lack of swimwear toilet paper... what's next is leaving the eu going to bring the UK a lack of air or maybe sunlight? Main stream media is now a terror cell doing all it can to Insight fear

So what years ago we used tissue which oranges were wrapped in !! Plenty in Costco..... Can’t paper over the cracks now! Brexshit Nooooooo this sounds like a load of shit to me. What a joke this article is no one believes this ProjectFear BS Theres always the crap rags (newspapers) plumbing new depths of idiocy .

Nigel60007 Better start asking my mother to keep her copies of the Daily Mail. I knew they would come in useful for something 🚽 How the mighty have fallen 😂😂😂 Seriously!! Why are you reporting such rubbish. You want to be looked upon as a responsible midia and you do this... Unbelievable. Getting very concerned about sky's reporting!!

This is simply untrue. Tissue paper is imported in bulk from diverse places such as China. Shipments are scheduled months in advance. Shipments will carry on the only change will be duty paid. In this case the current duty is zero and that will continue. No duty no delay SKY BS More fake news from fake sky news

This 'story' Sums up your channel There is always newspapers to do that job.... More sh*te from Sky News! Think you guys being full of shit would make a dent in it anyway. Regardless of being remain or leave, this sorts of daft headlines lead to panic. How is this even news? RemainerNow Ironic that the UK might have to import bidets from the EU 💩😱 johnnyrsj

Aggghhhh quick lets all rush to the super market and panic buy. stockpilelooroll. Why on Earth can't Britain manufacture its own loo rolls? With all the unemployment there must be loads of opportunities to locally producing toilet paper and other products. OH Noooo! What will we use to wipe up all the bullshit from Sky News .

What a load of shit ! Sack the editor! ? Sales of the Guardian would go through the roof. This article is flushing, sorry I mean fishing surely? Project fear gets desperate GetBrexitGone Laughable Desperate WEAK remoanerinchief finally has lost the plot. Whoever decided to publish this needs medical help.

Oh please! like the UK cannot make its own tissue papers...the scare mongering must stop. They hope for panic buying to increase profits Excellent. The youth will get to experience what it’s like living under Socialism Go to Costco. You’ll be good We're up Shit Creek We've wasted a decades supply on remainer tears.

Sales of the Guardian will sky rocket sky news is really on the skids now This is why we need The Daily Mail. Honestly they'll try there best to stop no deal 😂😂 No shit ! You're full of S**t!😂 No bog roll lol just use a copy of DailyMailUK Or my old SkyUK contract...prob solved lol Time to use the Roman method...a brush...

F f s More crap from Sly News. Uks biggest brand Andrex is manufactured in UK. Stop telling lies. it'll keep the tree huggers happy then ! Another Day of Anti Brexit Get Boris reporting from SKY. 🤣🤣🤣 Or: Brexit “could” increase the UK’s toilet paper stocks. After reading the comments here, I would have to say the information from Skynews actually is important. The toilet paper is just one example, reality is that this Brexit situation will have a huge impact for many businesses in the UK in the long run

Sh*t happens Could again.ill have to start buying the daily mirror to wipe my arse on You peeps will learn to use water which is hygienically cleaner than paper 🤣😎 The shits got real, literally Could Is this a parody account That’s shit Hahaha. You are beyond a joke Sky. Oh S**T 💩 Will it wipe out grap news ?

Brexit ? lohtazindabad !! Shit happens This has gone too far now, I will no tolerate losing my toilet paper stock it's all I've got left No Shit! Luckily selling bog roll is my job 👍🏻😂 Could always use the printed version of the Benn Act. It's ok remoaners are already shitting themselves. Finally found a use for my sky magazine.

annus horribilis Good grief your hysteria is just comical. I stopped watching your dreadful channel months ago, after watching every day for 15 years. I’ll not be returning. Could or will? Sky’s agenda is very clear. Bit Distracting from all the extra homeless people it will make. oh and the folk who can’t get medical supplies will die too. Oh and the folk who will starve to death.

Sly News strikes again You been talking crap for over 4 years sky! Now you at the lowest point possible! Aww ffs! Will it ever end? Funny how all of these dramatic events don’t seem to happen in non-EU countries. This is nonsense. Have you fact checked what % of UK toilet rolls are imported ? I thought we were all going to starve to death after Brexit anyway. 🤷‍♂️

💩 That's just shit Here you go... Bull shit More potty talk from Sly News Quick everyone run to the channel and swim south for your lives. Britain is about to be overrun by shitty bums. About time Izal made a comeback. I find the Daily Mail to be quite soft and absorbent. Well done sky news, I see there are no other important things going on in London today, or across the country for that matter! 😳🙄

Toilet paper is manufactured in the fact Man city’s Francis Lee had a toilet manufacturing business up north.Not sure if he still has the biz.Stop scaremongering. I like how this article was supposed to generate a few comical toilet puns, but instead the usual sad case leavers and remainers have to be a victim as always. Boo hooing about this bias that bias. Why don’t you all just fuck off? Both sides are as thick as pig shit

What a load of Clingon propaganda 😂 So... leaving the EU means that the UK will have to find sustainable local produce instead of importing from all over the globe through the EU. Is that not more environmentally friendly? There’s that word again ‘could’! Let’s all rush to Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and stock up like we’re expecting a zombie apocalypse!

Idiots SLYnews the mouthpiece of the Loony Left Omg Now we’ve truly heard it all 😂 💩 And what arsehole has dreamed up this chapter of project fear? Must be a real loo-natic remain follower. Good. Then people can installed hand sprays for toilet cleanliness to wash the anus clean, a far better process than simply smearing pooh around with paper.

lol; who is it behind the scenes that is turning Sky News into the Daily Star/Sunday Sport? It’s literally disappearing down the toilet.... I actually said out loud the words 'oh for fuck sake' reading this headline. Sky. You are like the little boy that cried wolf. No one believes you. What is scary, is not that we COULD run out of toilet roll, or we COULD run out fresh air with a no deal brexit, it's the fact that someone gets paid to put these stories together slynews FakeNewsMedia biased negative Brexit LeaveMeansLeave

corrupt news and propaganda Stop this nonsense. Nothing more likely to create panic buying by morons than rubbish like this What a load of shit ..!! See what i did there . ? People used to use oyster shells and corn cobs, we can go back to using those You're a laughing stock Now that is serious.! And Omg, if only we'd known 3 years ago. Hold another referendum, once the British public realise that their bums will be smelly and unwiped, we're bound to stay in the eu dictatorship. Losing sovereignty and living under foreign rule is a small price to pay for bottom security

talking through it’s arse again 🇪🇺🔚 How do non-EU countries ever cope?. “Clearly flushed” 😆 Before or after ww3! The other day you reported a potential rise in dogging in Kent due to Brexit Get a grip will you! You’ll be grand, you always have the Telegraph and the Sun. The media must have loads of it .......

I can’t believe that anyone can really believe we will run out of anything? Can you imagine all the entrepreneurs and business people now just sitting waiting for a shortage of something? Those gaps if any will be filled within a matter of hours if there’s a few quid in it. 3 shells 🐚 There’s always a puppy near by you could wipe your backside with.

If in the loo there’s no paper, behind the bowl there’s a scraper. If the scraper can’t be found then wipe your backside along the ground. I smell shite ! 🤔 What a load of sh Now this is getting to the desperation stage Sly News talking shit as usual Who's old enough to remember this from school 😅 don't worry, we're covered 😉

Give it a fucking rest sky, it's getting boring now Fingers, soap and water it is then😂 Back to good old hard 1950s toilet paper? TakeBackControl Sky Views (News is a misnomer). Oh please do shut up with project fear, nobody believes you. You only show what a faux news service you really are. It’s better than getting a bum deal with the EU.

Ffs Seems like bullshit to me 😂 😂😂😂 Sky News talking sh1t once again ramping up the fear This the best you got PATHETIC.. What a load of crap Why does this article even exist. There's so many better things we can talk about If we run out, we'll be okay, we have TheDailyMail TheSun TheStar and plenty of others to use.

Bidet it is then 😀👍 Here man quit with all this bollocks.... Can we make a list of the drivell this comedy outfit has said will not be available ? Every day there is,something new Ffs 😂 Could Jesus, the barrel has been well and truly scraped. I just love scaremongering. Are you on the corrupt EuropeUnion payroll by any chance.

stop using the word COULD because equally so it may NOT happen they are NOT saying WILL happen you SKY are the scaremongers by reporting this wtf 🤷‍♂️ More verbal diarrhoea from SkyNews BorisJohnson brexitparty_uk Nigel_Farage piersmorgan Conservatives Is this feed an Advent Calendar? Daily bullshit.

That won’t matter, we’ll just use our hands like the disgusting ‘peaceful ones’ do. Peak sly news. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ffs Sky.Scaremongering daily. Give it a rest. Looks like we are in the shit big time! You running out of ideas to try and scare people about no deal Brexit . Try again 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧nodealbrexit.

Definitely time to unfollow sky news. They are turning into channel 4. Embarrassing. This is a real bull shit story. Could ? Might ? Maybe ? CONJECTURE!!!! We can use Labour manifestos instead 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Trash reporting!

Ofcom this is getting a bit ridiculous now guys. The standard of this news agency is the lowest of the low and deserves to be looked at about its biased reporting. Scare tactics to the UK people should never be allowed to emerge on MSM This country’s on its arse !!!! you're shitting me Cool story bro more bias crap from

That's why God gave us newspapers. guardian Independent DailyMailUK Daily_Express TheSun Turn it in will ya🙄🙄😂😂😂 Utter rubbish what next! The world will end, bloody sick of these stupid scare stories, here’s a fact the EU bloody army! What do you think about that! Oh joswinson links to EU funds investigate that, bloody MSM is totally Pro EU, anti Britain 🇬🇧 BritishIndependance

Shit happens 😂😂😂 Sky just hit panic mode 😂😂😂 We’re doomed 🤣 Sky news finally scraping the bottom now Its gunna get tough for you newsreaders at Sky to not scratch your ring whilst live We can just use our blue passports instead I hope that a “no-deal” Brexit wipes out Sky News! You wouldn’t be missed

If only it threatened broadcasters..... PLEASE STOP WRITING THIS RUBBISH! you’re the laughing stock of UK iitsonlyagame Go into any Turkish run retailer and you’ll find them stacked to the ceiling. Never going to run out. lacted whole populations can die of buttrot! TP is a tactical strategic weapon !

Reading your news seems to me that you will need tons of toilet paper The fear monger of brexit shit never end, even with the toilet paper. Haha what crap ! Primark sock sales will go out the roof. fuckingdivs Soapy water never hurt I got a stack of Man Utd match day programs my tenant left behind... Just use the Guardian

Don't talk shite. I use baby wipes, I suppose I’ll be alright. 😂 Could no deal take out sky’s satellites, please god 🙏 Thats one way to get the flagging newspaper sales up again. only thing they are good for. Recycling too. win win.. No wonder sly is panicking this time because they are full of s**t with their ‘news’ Sly - first for faking news!

We had the same during the miners strike - the UK coped then and will do so again Now, this is serious! 🙄 Finally a use for the guardian print edition. No shit. Wow! Your really in bottom of the barrel overdrive with the scare mongering. Roll on the fallout show on 1st Nov.. Don't worry we used to use newspaper the Daily Mirror always came in handy

Peddling shit as usual Sky Project Fear is really digging deep - what rubbish Any more Project Fear stories? It seems you're ramping up on them these past couple of days. Mens swimming trunks. Toilet roll. Anything else? Bottom of the barrel now guys. Better stock up then my dog has the solution drag your ass across the floor

What a load of shit Just shut up and do it. You mean to say the Brits are incapable of organizing a toilet paper stockpile? Should I be bringing my own when travelling? Back to cutting up newspapers then. You people are a circus

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'Immature' No 10 briefings trigger another day of Brexit troubleBlame game row as Downing Street turns fire on Leo Varadkar and Angela Merkel Borexit , time for him to find that ditch he promised. The Eu should state that no deal is possible without solving the Ireland boarder problem

No 10 blames EU as Johnson's Brexit plan fails to make progressSpokesman says PM is waiting for EU27 to engage with proposals after muted response so far And that's news? Hello_world There_are_people_Making Revolution_now_in_iraq ! Show_your_support_for_the right_of_Iraq_people_to protest_peacefully Save_the_Iraqi_people HELP_Iraq saveIraqipeople Should we remind the Dick Head in charge...the EU didn't force us to have a referendum, or for us to trigger Article 50. It was our own stupidity.

Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson warns Macron ‘don’t be lured into belief UK will Remain in EU’

Brexit: Johnson poised to end talks after call with Merkel ends in deadlock - live newsRolling coverage of the day’s political developments, including German chancellor telling PM Northern Ireland must stay in customs union for a deal Ditch your car, YOU could save $2000 each year on fuel and help the planet with this e-bike! Proof yet again that no Deal should’ve been left on the table, because that would’ve given the UK leverage and only a moron would take that option out which just goes to prove yet again how stupid these MPs really are.... “The pound is sinking” - it’s down half a cent 🤦‍♂️

Pound to euro exchange rate: Pound serves as a ‘Brexit Barometer’ as political uncertaintyTHE POUND remains rangebound against the euro today as worries remain over the potential of a no-deal Brexit. Despite a revelation in suggested plans last week, sterling still hovers around the lower end of the spectrum. What does this mean for your travel money?