Brexit: Boris Johnson denies his language incites violence - live news

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United Kingdom Latest News,United Kingdom Headlines

Rolling coverage of Tory conference in Manchester, as PM defends use of the term ‘surrender act’ and says ‘nothing to declare’ over Jennifer Arcuri

Johnson says he will not bring back Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. And that’s it. The interview is over. I will post a summary soon.


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So Trumpian.

More lies

And that is the problem with Johnson, he should have been talking to the EU because they can help, but he would rather talk at them with words that please the home crowd but do nothing good for anyone.

Are you sure he's not getting help from Trump to come up with this sh_ _?

has BorisJohnson got a shred of evidence that this took place answer NO if he had he would have made an bigger issue of it meanwhile his propaganda and lies continue to poison democracy and society

Johnson needs to go. He is destructive and doesn’t give a shit about regular people.

Not fit to serve this country

It was blindingly obvious Blair’s and Kinnocks were pulling the strings on the surrender bill !!!

Blame everybody except yourself. Give yourself credit. You created the Euromyth, and now you are using it to frighten people. Remember the kipper!

Says the man found staggering through an airport with no bags after a trip last year for god knows what

Of course, blaim the ‘others’, poor, so poor, pityfull...

The EU would have no idea how to draft a bill for the British Parliament. This is just yet another lie.

Language from the Remainiacs has been insulting and violent. What was that thing on Amazon, A Notebook to keep a list of Brexiteers I’d like to stab.

I am not inciting but here's another bit of blood in the water that will incite the extremists who lap this shit up.

Having EU help is entirely reasonable, as we are still currently in the EU. Good for his critics, using all the resources at their disposal.

Again trying to stir up Brexit outrage - to get a no deal Brexit done

Look! A dead cat!

He can deny and deny....the truth is it does.. This is how politicians have developed the 'let me be clear..' pre-sentence again and again

Boris gets Bannon help - collusion?

Yeah because ex Attorney general Dominic Grieve and QC Sir Kier Starmer need help writing a simple bill. Give me a break lol

Love those old western movies with Bud Spencer where the bad guy gets slapped in the face a million times.

It’s all just trumpian lies, get a day of press parroting the lie, when it’s found out untrue it’s too old to care. STOP reporting on it.

Johnson is in No.10 Johnson, an upper middle-class right-wing elitist serial liar, philanderer and racist. Johnson, who was put there via a coup by the architects of Brexit to force their ideology on Britain. Just let that sink in for a moment..

Boris needs excitement, his life don't provide him this so he incites violence. Common sense, simple common sense.

Johnson would deny that's him, if you put a mirror in front of him.

Boris Johnson was a liability as Foreign Secretary and as Mayor of London he cared more about vanity projects than Londoners.

SurrenderAct 🏳️

LotharBirkner Well he would do, wouldn’t he

Remember though. He said “Humbug” and “surrender” Absolutely awful. Meanwhile the left:

Or 'Liar denies lying'. Or 'Racist denies being racist'. Or 'Scumbag denies.... scumbagging?!'

At least he found the time for a haircut

He thinks the rest of us are ignorant. We are not. Words do kill. When you deliberately dehumanise others it can literally lead to violence and death.

Brexit was not voted in for Commercial purposes! It was based on Racist innuendos and speeches, so to expect this idiot to talk to the Base, the language has to relate to them!

The definition of delusional.

Of course he does, he’s never experienced a consequence in his life.


That's because his language is normal to him-nobody has pulled him up about it until now, basically got away with it all his life.

Don't ask BorisJohnson, ask his victims.

A week ago it was BorisResign - now folk coach graduate of Eton and Oxford to mind his language. - How did THAT happen? r4today / BorisJohnson

In the Commons, he told one MP that her concerns about aggressive language fuelling violence were “humbug” and another that the best way to honour Cox was to “get Brexit done”. stopBrexit StopBoris

It doesn’t. This however;

We have summarized this news so that you can read it quickly. If you are interested in the news, you can read the full text here. Read more:

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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