Branson warns pound to plummet in no-deal Brexit

Branson warns pound to plummet in no-deal Brexit


Branson warns pound to plummet in no-deal Brexit

Virgin boss tells the BBC a UK no-deal departure from the EU would be ‘devastating’ for Virgin.

He told the BBC at the time that he was"absolutely certain" that leaving the EU without a deal would lead to the closure of"quite a few British businesses".

A hard Brexit would mean airfreight from Europe to the US would just disappear,"so that would be another £100m just down the drain."

It dropped below $1.25 after succumbing to political and economic pressures.

Sir Richard also criticised the UK's rail franchising system.

, Virgin and its operating partner Stagecoach were disqualified from rebidding to operate on the West Coast Main Line in April.

He said he was working on"open access" for Virgin Trains on the West Coast Main Line, which would let the firm operate a pared down service.

But the an official from Department for Transport said:"We are sorry to see Virgin leave the UK rail industry having failed to put forward a compliant bid.

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Saritainlondon Yeeweee and if this man can?he will do anything to make it happen. Same Branson who had dire warnings if we didn't join the Euro... Dickie got his crystal ball back from the cleaners then...✊💦 Scare monger. Wait once we’re out the others will follow. ipaul321 Says the man who doesn't live here jog on dick

They use dollars on your island ya scruff! Another W⚓ rolled out by BBShit. If it does that will be great for exports. Branson's turn to spout Remain drivel. Virgin won't be leaving the UK any time soon. Define plummet ! Or withdraw predication Says the man who's not resident for tax purposes and has his own feckin island

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic could build UK spaceport after striking deal to go publicSir Richard Branson’s space venture is in talks to build a UK base that could see launches take place from British soil, after securing a £1bn deal to go public. .......and stuff the environment.... despite brexit etc

You know your lovely rocket, Richard? May I suggest you launch it somewhere the sun doesn’t shine. Where’s your money stashed? To whom do you pay your taxes? Old men with long hair and little beards are really creepy. Why should he worry he dont even live here how many off shore accounts have you got Dicky 👂👂👂thought so

Isn’t he hoping the NHS gets privatised so he can make more money off poor people. And who will make billions because of that? Blah blah Or you may be forced to pay personal UK tax? The pound will drop because of dull people like Branson speaking negatively towards no deal, Brexit. Stingraytwo Forget Branson, what about the millions of pensioners living abroad, that have seen pensions halved?

BBCPolitics Roll up roll up, remoaner talks doom and gloom

Chris Evans: 'He doesn't know' Virgin Radio host addresses son's 'huge honour'CHRIS EVANS, who hosts the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, has revealed his son Noah could “lead climate change”. What a cute kid

Says the tax dodger The only thing I saw and heard in this interview was how much money and how much business Virgin would lose. No regard for the country at all hence the reason he doesn't live here. Con man ...but obviously a great entrepeneur will never see a full unedited Virgin Galactic flight ...over in a few minutes start to finish , like a multi multi thousand pound fair ride !!..if you saw a full video you wouldnt pay.

wont bother him with history money off shore And to the man who goes on about climate change and he owns an airline Why is it that when no deal becomes more popular BBC start wheeling out all the remoaners to spread ProjectFear? How about getting the opinions of leavers to talk about the upsides, you know, the people who actually won the vote 🙄

TOUGH! Sell it! Why do you have some one that tried to stop us from leaving when we just think he's a scaremonger.

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Says the man who took the NHS to court Will his island in the Caribbean also sink due to Brexit? What does he know that thousands of financial experts don’t? Bugger all I suspect. Is he truly a mystic Who cares what this tax dodger says about our great country? Richard pandering to the French and Dutch part owners of his airline.

Who gives a f_ck..🤔 Aging billionaire hippy tax dodger warns pound will drop. The fact we maybe leaving on a no-deal is already factored into the share price. After a few weeks of Remoaner wailing and nashing of teeth normality will resume. Who?

Chris Evans: 'Is that allowed?' Virgin Radio host questions wife's parenting anticsCHRIS EVANS, who hosts the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, revealed his wife, Natasha, took ice cream off their son, Noah.

Well if the pound does plummet he can always put his prices up Feel the love Richard 😆 Bit rich coming from him 🤔 will there still be flights to America project fear!!!!!! boring. Democracy trumps finance! So more US Dollars for the pounds held in his deposit accounts? If it does happen, I hope he has the good grace to thank us. It didn’t happen when we rejected joining the Euro, so who knows, it may happen this time.....if he’s lucky.

Looking forward to July 15th when your BBC bias is to be debated in parliament! so what will Dick Branson do when pound does not fall post brexit, air travel cost totally dependent on oil prices and no mention of that being any problem once UK exit EU (if that actually ever happens?)

Pound continues slide as traders fear impact of no-deal BrexitConcerns rise over strength of UK economy with figures expected to confirm recession Nothing to do with the German bank gone tits up Project Fear = Project reality

I'm sure his team will take a position that limits his losses.... Probably so he can profit off it. Said the man who does his banking offshore. BBCBusiness Oh! Hello Richard, getting bored on is Virgin Galactica going 1 billion dollars later? Maybe some sterling speculation to raise funds? Why doesn’t he keep his opinions to himself and stop threatening his workers

Non U.K. domiciled entrepreneur gives view to remain media broadcaster... 'Sir Richard told the BBC that the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal would cause the pound to slump.' Crashing out? Pound to slump? No evidence offered, of course. Great!! Maybe the rich turds will know how it feels to be a normal person.

Tell us why ?making statements you don’t know ,obviously the markets drop to start but for how long no one knows Bit like your balloons Z

Britain would take Ireland’s economy down with it in a no-deal, Brexit Secretary warnsStephen Barclay says damage to Ireland is strong incentive to bring EU back to table

As if we haven’t noticed it already has. Whose listening to this obviously remain prat , constantly pontificating as if he’s the new messiah! He’s selfish. The pound will do just fine. Translation: Virgin Care may end up losing its legal basis for suing the NHS under EU directive 2014/25 if we leave with no deal and therefore become free to change UK law to prevent it. Brexit

I’m tired of billionaires like richardbranson telling us what’s best for them and their wealth. Who cares what Beardy thinks? Trump no deal? Fire uk ambassador? Pound down to parity as Euro BBCPolitics Says the man that said “by 2020 we will be launching ships to Virgin hotel in space” he’s as reliable in his predictions as 747’s are in today’s aircraft market

BBC highlighting the comments of this greed of a man Only thing he will be worried about is his bank accounts Got a lot to say about Brexit how many homes you got outside EU ? More fear reporting from BBC Brussels broadcasting corporation Would never buy anything from any of his companies. Would rather pay more from a competitor

How shocked the BBC is highlighting comments of this greed of man Only think his thinking about is his bank account was intview take in one of his homes outside UK more fear reporting by BBC Brussels broadcasting corporation Yeah right. Says the man who lives on an island ha img made a few bob from the taxpayer. Looking forward to the day the Beeb says something positive.

BBCPolitics Gunna get your collar felt soon. What about the failed coup investments in Venezuela? Not making up any brexit shortfalls? BBCPolitics richardbranson horrible man. You don’t live here in UK. Just stay on your islands & shut up. Vote brexitparty_uk 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Oh - shove off, Richard. BBCPolitics So exports go up

He should stick to making pickle BBCPolitics Dont think anyone doesn't know that. A no deal exit is one of the worst things our country can do. It's worse than exiting with a deal....not that exiting with a deal is good either....just the lesser of two evils. That's why the majority now do not want to leave the EU

Funny leavers don't care about farage, mogg, banks etc doing this

really, ? I guess that wont stop him suing the NHS for millions. Why should you worry Mr Branson you have more than enough to live on also what about the money you’ve allegedly been charging the NHS. If the £ plummets you along with the rest of us will have less in your pocket surely you don’t need any more I believe it’s a want

Can't get over how complacent or in denial some people are about our countries prosperity. Fake News! So many folks on here slagging off Richard Branson on being maga wealthy, maybe he should just sell all his businesses off and not care at all about his work force. Then he can go and live on his Island and not give a toss about the small minded people.

This from a guy that's polluted the earth with his planes and now what's to do the same to the space around us. Bullshit! He will still have several gold toilets in all of his property's after brexit! 😡 Where's his can do spirit and positivity? Damn traitor! Surely he knows that's all we need to rule the world again! Tally Ho....

Says the man on his private island.

more self serving nonsense from a selfish billionaire Here we go again, more doom and gloom from idiots. 😁 😁 BBCPolitics Branson - the well known economist and tax exile. Propaganda. A low £ might be bad for holidaymakers, which is bad for Virgin but gives me a warm feeling 😊 but a low pound is very good for exports too the rest of the world, which after exit is needed and good news for UK ltd 👍

Yet more scaremongering. Branson will lose more than me but he will still be a rich bloke not caring about anyone else . h1llbillies It's already $1.24. It was $2.02 when Tories got their hands on it. If this is sound Tory Economics I don't want it, thanks. Parity with $ if we Brexit. Rees-Mogg & chums are rubbing their hands.

But don’t worry,he’ll be ready to make (more) money from the misery. Moneybags Branson shows the enormity of his greed yet again, his favourite sounds of the Kerching Kerching of his tills must be slowing down. Project Fear didn't work last time, it won't work this time. Mostly because now we know nothing they claimed would happen actually did.

How the 'eff does he know. Fridays euro lottery numbers please o great mystic one. Who gives a shit about him BBCBusiness The BBC Is the Enemy of Britain and British Values Why Do You Lot Have Such A Deep & Unbridled Hate Of The United Kingdom . Brilliant news, bring it on ! It's already happening I'm afraid that's one reason why I am not going on holiday to England this year.

Zzzzzzzzz And The white cliffs of Dover will still be there if anyone feels particularly blue. I say let's just wait and see. Branson should piss off to his tax haven

Says the twat that lives on a Caribbean island. Go away Ricky.. Click on pic FakeNews He needs to concentrate on getting his trains to arrive on time! I wonder who wouldn’t be predicting that?! The like of him and others can help make it bounce back though! Great for exports, thanks! So we could buy England with our Euros 😂

Sterling been trashed just a few months after referendum, art. 50 has not been even triggered, so no brainer the currency will plummet further in case of any Brexit scenario... but no deal will be the most harmful option anyway. RUBBISH! BBCPolitics Is the hypocrite still whinging

dontunowhoiam Put another record on please BBC- this one is cracked. Yawn. Yawn. Was that direct from Branson Island in the Bahamas. £1 buys €1.08 today. 89 cents on the continent. It plummeted in 2016. fly him to the moon-the sooner the better-take boris trump and putin with him Well I’ve not many to lose, how about you Mr Branson?

Jump into your space ship ASAP please and set your sat nav to the nearest black hole ... And the CEO of JCB sees Brexit as fabulous opportunity. So? BBCBusiness Didn’t think he lived in England anymore? Not the only thing. Doom n gloom n scaremongering again

Goodness for once I believe in what this billionaire playboy is saying. I would put Steve Bannon right up there with the genius of Marx and Lenin. Masters of selling BS. Shitbag profiteer shorts the pound. Just like he jumped off the sex pistols barge before they got arrested. F off will you Branson and give us back our NHS and trains.

But this might only be temporary. Branson who sues the NHS, we know where his loyalties lie, with himself! He might have been the working class hero at one time but he’s now just the same as all the others in power and lead by greed! It has been down for about 6 months, this is what we all knew last year this was going to happen because this government is inept at forecasting problems.

Oh well done we know that already Is he the one who makes the pickle? That will fk up his American routes then. BBCPolitics Omg for a second I thought it said he wants it to plummet not “warns”

You been to little st james? you'll be in a right pickle! So no more money for Britain, eh, 'Sir' Richard, if we dare to implement the decision of the people and exit your adored EU? Good... off you pop then, and by all means take your money with you! And the sooner, the better! sphenefan Until 2byrs ago a Euro cost us around it costs us almost a £1.....why?

BBCBusiness I need an agent, 💸 💰 💸 a manager 🎬 🎥 🌟, and a deal ASAP Branson BBCPolitics I’m sure one or two brexiteers are betting on it to line there own pockets. I don't recall Branson moaning when the pound was at 1.12 euros in 2009 seven years before the UK voted to leave the EU. Today's problem is that sterling is intrinsically linked to the euro - a weak economy, when today the dollar/US economy is strong.

No 1 truly knows what will happen it’s personal opinions. U.K. managed very well b4 EU. I very much doubt we’re all 2 suffer if there is no deal. Remember millennium bug + catastrophe we were going 2 face? Nothing happened! U.K. will manage no matter what, it’s what we r good at! JJ warns gravy train to derail in no-deal Brexit.

His vested interests are showing whatever. Bored of this now. Worthless pound forever, no cheese, no travel, no medicine, no water, no food, no employment - just give it a rest

BBCPolitics That's VIRGIN on the ridiculous! Self interest is all he speaks about Only got his self interest at heart as usual for he knows not what the outcome will be and doubt it will have any effect on someone who is rarely seen on these shores would sooner listen to the man from Wetherspoon's Fine. It'll boost exports. Make a fortune, Richard. Sell the pound right now. Stop talking. Stop interfering. Put a massive bet on the pound being lower. Give the gains to charity if you like. You're full of it. Nobody knows the future, least of all in the currency markets.

How much money do you actually need as a human being? He'll be ok in his tax haven in the Virgin Islands. Did this individual sue our Health Service? Oh shut up go back to your island no one cars what you think A bit like his failed Space exploration aviation vanity projects! He’s used to his projects failing so he will be more prepared than anyone!

Who cares what Bransons opinion is on anything? All he cares about is collecting as much money as he can without giving the service.. And he isn't resident for tax purposes.. People like him are the true drain on the UK..

Shouldn't that headline read 'Branson HOPES pound will plummet.....' Brexit What do you know? You don't even live here!!!😬 stevebush1 Not that it'll affect him living his own little tax haven It’s already plummeting in anticipation! Has Mr Branson forgotten where he made his money and that the UK people should and deserve his loyalty .

Liar. BBCPolitics Just another Remainer offering False News! Says the biggest tax avoider this country has seen. Hey Branson. Why don't you go and find a nice Island and get lost for a few decades.....oh wait!

And I bet the greedy bastard is rubbing his hands with glee… Either way he’ll make a killing So his pile of cash wont be worth as much he means...currency has fluctuated for decades..& there are benefits on up & down swings to different sectors of society... Money Bags Branson with his faux concern about the pound, only because he has to pay in USD. Maybe he can plough a bit more back into the UK when we leave. He looks happy tho' 'All this is Mine' and no I aint jealous.

Yes but it has to stay on the table Richard. And I'm sure you of all businessmen understand that John_g_belfast All he’s telling you is virgin air fares to go up. Ah yes, will this effect his squirrelled millions in his tax haven...shame A man who has made millions can afford a hit for us Brits .Doesnt even live here and now trying to protect his lovey mates.

You been on the juice again If you don't want to operate in a Democratic country then leave telecom and rail too expensive I'm sure you'll be OK on your tax haven island Three years for government and CEO's directors to prepare but have tried to thwart process every step of the way & continue to do so

Stay then !

What does he care? He sued the NHS. Oh dear afraid he won’t be able to afford another island Coming from a man who’s business practices include seeing the NHS because he didn’t win a contract......... his credibility is zero I’ll put a trade on then! Cheers 😉 Im hopeing not. A great idea to ensure that the UK stays afloat post-brexit: Reduce income tax to 10% upto 50k, 35% after 50k w/no personal allowance. Increase tax slightly elsewhere. No tax cuts for the rich.

This guy we need to take notice of!! How short of cable is he ? What else does he see in his crystal ball?

Thinks he’s Jesus Then we can export = Then we can manufacture = The poorest 9 regions of Northern Europe can get back to work and be less poor. Sorry Dickie, London will have to be a little less rich. Balance Economy Good bye bye EU. Oh dear does that mean he will have less pocket money or should I say he will be able to pocket less money

Bollocks Ooo maybe sell one of your islands then 🤷🏻‍♂️ Pub Quiz: What was the surname of the Beatles manager? This man is a prick...still at long last people are finally waking up and seeing this nasty little man for what he really is. DLFairweather His pound or my pound? Really..did he pop over from his island to tell us this?..

The pound is a floating currency, oh ye doom makers, talking shit again, and Branson is the biggest pile of shit going, chief remainer, lives on an island in the Caribbean. So he gets more money on the exchange rate when he sues the NHS for millions again? He's a disgusting scrote, and he is walking a tightrope with some upcoming news,

BBCPolitics Wish everyone would just boycott his airline tbh. People as rich and as powerful as richardbranson who know like minded people equally as rich and influential could easily effect financial markets which could effect the £ to plummet.Self fulfilling prophecy is nothing new. I'm sure these people will also benefit if this haopens

His always so negative bog off to your Island!! You can’t take No Deal off! it is an important bargaining chip to negotiate a good deal. If you take that off the table you will be forced to accept whatever you’re given and unable to argue for more. Like if a seller knows you have to buy from them their price will never budge😡

He should get a decent exchange rate on knacker Island. 🐂 💩 All the Remainers coming out again. Good.

Why is he bothered off shored his wealth and owns an island. Cheap exports then. Might even spur manufacturing in UK. Plummet is also not a figure. So how much by Richard? Pestlience! Plague! He warned that if we voted no leave too. Yet another BBC banging to remoan drum. ProjectFear2 BBCPolitics Put your spaceship into orbit instead of your head.

Taking his bat and ball home 🙄 I am not a remainder but I think a lot of damage has been done by those trying to stop Brexit Hurry up and launch yourself into space one-way NSS statement from richardbranson! Ah Branson the true brit who absconded to his Caribbean island to avoid paying tax... I won't listen to him thanks..

Fuck richardbranson and his ways of litigating against lost NHS contracts. He can get right in the sea. Does that mean he will lose money... oh dear such a shame, bit like the. NHS when he sued them for not getting a contract....only their money was vital for benefit to patients To be honest this is one man I hope does lose money.....!

Lives on his own island, pays as little tax as possible, sued the NHS, yeah this guy cares about the UK BBCPolitics Heed this warning now! His will but others pounds will boom Oh only now the Arse hole opens his trap ... Great, fantastic, ok, move on. Enjoy your Island! More project fear! He was also pro Euro single currency and if you search historic archives he gave warnings about not entering being bad for the GB. The truth and the facts are nobody knows, it's all based on supposition, personal agendas and personal wealth, not what works out being okay.

Bugger off abroad with Dyson! You won’t be missed either!😊 That's what he wants The beardie is short then. Oh who cares about him You can't be a successful multi-millionaire business man and support Labour. I'm not sure where the cut off point between successful hard working small business and evil corporate machine is? Maybe a You Tube style buttons for achievement goals would make easier for us to tell?

Bull All lies. He is using scare tactics to protect his fortunes invested in the EU. BBCPolitics Wrong. He’s the one who opines about action needed to avert a climate crisis while launching a rocket for rich people to have trips into space for fun, right? Said we had to join the Euro too . Thank god we didn't

that is the idea of brexit - people going short on the pound. why do you think Mogg supports Brexit ? What a goofball. His is wanting our economy to crash just to boost his ego. Well Branson, I will be avoiding anything remotely connected to the Virgin brand from now on. Bye. BBCPolitics Leading Brexiters can’t wait to make more millions...

Let's roll out all the 'experts' again, it didn't work in 2016 but it's worth another try, eh?! Next up: some scientific type... A tax exile for 13 years, who pays no corporation tax on virgin care even though the £200 million it charges the NHS per year generates £15 million in profits passed through a series of 13 holding companies, some offshore. Nice.

BRANSON WORRIED HIS WEALTH WILL PLUMMET AFTER BREXIT. Go back to your Island! The UK not your Home OMOLMLNODEAL Stop whinging. BalanceBritain will strip richardbranson off his knighthood for the fact he has bled the British tax payers by being allowed to avoid our taxes and sue our NHSuk . To be a knight you have to reside here and pay tax here .

Nothing more than a guess but where would we be without our daily brexit operation fear fake news story

I call bullshit Here he goes again, sitting there with his feet up on his island ! BBCPolitics I get worried when the super rich start being proud of uncertainty that effects the common folk BBCPolitics Boris willbankrupt the UK as he sells his shares now to make a killing Post brexit It’s sickening He should be sent to gaol

No shit Sherlock! It doesn’t take a multi-millionaire to predict that one! I’ve got £10 in my wallet but I can predict that it’ll pick back up after the initial “shock” when we finally get our arses out! 🙄 Bojo/Hunt: scrap Brexit and save the pound and the value of UK pensions. Conservative Party voters beware that falling pound will crash your private pensions. .... this year!

We should be backing Britain whatever your views on Brexit. despicable vulture › News Web results Why did Richard Branson sue the NHS? Virgin Care received an undisclosed ... BBCPolitics People had best start tightening their purse strings in preparation e.g. Virgin Media, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Active etc...

Breaking: Branson warns Branson's pounds to plummet in no deal Brexit.

He needs blood pressure tablets by the look of his face When did Branson become such an expert Guess what your not 🤮 Sooo....exports cheaper, jobs on the continent better paid, British labour more competitive. What is he warning about ? BBCPolitics Well we did alright years ago before we was in the EU It's being in the EU that's done this shie,Noooooo please send MONEY, SUPPLIES , MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO THE UK THEY WE ARE STARVING, ILL . Please send MONEY to me NOT THE MPs due to them putting it in their own pockets.

He is part of project fear Keep it coming Rich. The sky will fall in. Locusts etc. Oh and your little island will sink under rising sea levels all because of Brexit. the price of his knighthood and patriotism comes at a price. another greedy offshore richman threatens us with his departure-well in the name of god GO! blackmail is a cowards crime. what's up lost interest in the CIA and their oust democracy plans in venezuela-no profit?

No wonder he’s in a pickle So, if everybody can move their billions to the Cayman Islands, that might help. Virgin money. 🙄 Says Branson from his Caribbean Island...

Personally, If I was Branson I would be more concerned about Jeffrey Epstein opening his mouth and grassing everybody up. The likes of Branson are named in the flight book as a regular flyer of Epstiens Lolita Express. Course Branson can't remember any of it. Funny that. Another one, whose original predictions of doom proved to be totally wrong. Every six months for the last fifteen years he has been confidently predicting that his Virgin Galactic will be ready within six months.

Warning is a bit late ? Buying both $ & Euros of late I ask can the pound get any worse ? - only a fool would think Brexit does not impact Sterling & all that comes with it ! The fact we can't leave gracefully highlights how incompitent UK Govmnt is - would you invest in the UK ? 😂 all the people in the comments slating him for taxes, not living here blah blah blah. Like u all know more about money, taxes and the economy than this dude and his entire team of accountants and lawyers. 🤣 Biggest decisions u lot make is which wetherspoons for date night.

Also Branson: smoking weed doesn’t affect your brain. Says the biggest remainer on earth BBCPolitics He is right and leaving would irreparably damage the economy and be bad for our kids futures and it must not be allowed to happen. BUT being a non Dom for tax reasons does weaken his influence and credibility imo.

BS it’s already going higher than his rocket plane Heard it before BBCPolitics And here we go again....

He a Brexiter. What an asahole. I think you will be safe on your private island in the Caribbean, no need to worry about us mere mortals. You mean the other way round !! ths damned Euro currency will be toy money soon.!! Thats why Germany is pressuring Switzerland to end their neutrality ..and join the Euro Union. Legarde needs to charge higher interest IMF vampires.

And then recover. It’s what we doooooo BBCPolitics It really is this that the likes of BorisJohnson and Jeremy_Hunt won't explain during the debates. No matter how much money that have in the bag, you can only spend it once. If it goes on defending the pound or on patching up USD payments on existing contracts, its gone

Yeh,yeh.heard it all before. Scaremongering Well it’s a good job for you then all yours are off shore! The pound has already plummeted. RevokeArticle50 Keep out Soros puppet

he a ' remain at all costs guy ' so who can really take anything he says seriously . BBCPolitics Another remoaner. All his are tucked away BBCPolitics I mean it will, of course it will that’s obvious. However Branson isn’t the person to listen to on this. Is this why he is making virgin media more expensive

Well. Guess he'd know a bit about things plummeting... (Web search Branson Hot Air Balloon Crash) after being around for a while.... BA-DUM-TSCH If the worst comes to the worst Richard you can always take more money from kids' savings accounts. BBCPolitics Mr Know it all who as usual. !!!! We dont need no more pokers in the fire thanks! Get on with avoiding the tax in UK on many of your investments and then have the cheek to comment on the value of the pound! FYI Branson, the pound plummeted years ago.

Since 2016 the pound has fallen from €0.70c to the pound to €0.90c to the pound. Boris elected as PM it will weaken again and crash out it could hit parity. That would be a 30%+ fall in 3 years.

Blah Blah Blah we have heard all about Project of fear before Another wealthy businessman full of self interest. I knew the bbc would start with this cráp. The day we leave they’ll cause panic in the markets. Good Every cloud etc. apart from trains and planes, are there any shops/stores here in the UK that he hasn't opened then shut and walked away with a pay out from ? are the US stores still in operation ? then there is the £10k per night to stay at the island he lives on. Bandit Branson

What it to do with you, you are a tax exile, it doesn't affect your personal wealth Well, there is something called a futures contract whereby he can speculate on this and provide a hedge against it happening. Get back to your hidey hole, you dont even live here !!

Maybe he can pay his taxes owed, that will sort it out I wouldn't listen to any advice, traitor Branson gives !. He is correct the £ has heavily depreciated on the money markets so that Euro 1 = £0.9 due to the political turbulence and the economic tragedy that is Brexit. Non Dom Non taxpaying Branson has no skin in this game.richardbranson

Of course he does. Establishment personified. He should focus on running his companies and ensuring they are on time before lecturing the British people. Brexit So he’s a forex expert now? Bet he’s betting on it!! Ask him where virgin’s head office is based About to launch virgin FX Richard the fun sponge there!

Nobody knows , it hasn't happened yet, 3 years on, and we are still waiting....the crystal ball is a bit fogged up, and thus he seems to only see the short term...

Forgot he was a chief economic person.!!!!!.....are folk like him so far up their own bottoms that they believe we will listen to them?!?! Clearly he is a fortune teller nobody knows not even Branson It's already on its arse Leavers: 'The EU have put their prices up to spite us!' What does he know or even care- he doesn’t even live here!

'Branson talks out of his arse.....' It's OK for the UK dear Borris is on his way . Devastating for Virgin and Branson? At last, a fucking positive side to this shit storm we have got ourselves into...........😂😂😂 He can invest more with less profit and charities.

says the 1% guy living on tropical island 💭 wtf does that helmet know........ Those prophesies have been proven to be wrong all along ... maybe you should throw a regime change benefit concert about it The day the vote was revealed, the bloke in my local shop put 4 pints of milk up to £1.30 from .99p. The next day it was back to .99p. It will drop, no doubt because someone somewhere pushes a button. She'll bounce back eventually.

Has he any substance to this statement? Branson lives in the lap of luxury on his own island only bothered by cheap labour and profit Let's hope the virtue signalling, bearded tosser 'plummets' when he's in his spaceship Does anyone listen to him anymore? Bizarre the BBC have this as a story BORING!!!! Full of crrap

That’ll be good for exports. Ask him for this Saturday's lottery numbers if he can see in to the future The pound will go down yes. Because people like you and all the other Remainers including government, BoE and every financial institution scare monger. So of course it will fall, because you all said it will be a disaster. Just like the vote to leave it plummeted. Morons.

The pound goes up and down anyway, What a loser Mystic Branson has spoken.... blonde tosser 👍 Virgin mobile offering 5000 minutes, you guys not discovered unlimited minutes yet? vodafoneuk

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