Boys left feeling 'uncomfortable' after school removes toilet doors

1/19/2022 8:25:00 AM

Boys left feeling 'uncomfortable' after school removes toilet doors

Boys left feeling 'uncomfortable' after school removes toilet doors

Boys at Range High School, in Formby, have complained of being 'uncomfortable' using toilets after doors have been removed due to 'anti-social behaviour' and say it is an invasion of their privacy

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Boys at a school are unhappy that doors from the toilets have been removed and it has left them feeling "uncomfortable" using them.Joanne Mahon is furious as she feels she has to choose between her daughter, Skye's, education and her husband's health as Skye requires medically trained assistance due to having a severe nut allergy.A nine-year-old boy has died in Zimbabwe after being dragged into the river by a crocodile.Emergency services were called to a Derbyshire village at 9.

The decision was taken at Range High School in Formby to remove the doors over the Christmas half-term over what has been called "anti-social behaviour", reported the Liverpool Echo. But no changes have been made to the girls' toilets where the doors remain. Due to Skye's severe allergy, she cannot take herself to school as there's no one to assist her on public transport who is trained to use an Epipen should she have an allergic reaction and require medical attention. One Year 11 pupil at the school said that he doesn't like the way people can now hear them using the toilet from outside. His cousins attempted to fight the crocodile but could only look on helplessly as the reptile dragged him back into the river and out of sight. He said: "People don't feel comfortable using the toilets. She said: "I've actually been on the phone to him coming back from Kings Heath [where Skye is dropped off for school], and I've literally listened to him swallowing his tongue. "There are cubicles, but the urinals are behind a screen and you can see into the room and hear people using the toilets. The couple have been named as Freda Walker, 86, and her husband Kenneth, 88.

"It's just created tension in the school. Joanne said: "Skye has to have an EpiPen because of her severe nut allergy, because they can't get a guide that is EpiPen trained, they can't do anything. He said: "Circumstances are that on January 13, the three children were playing in the tributary, which had an inflow following the heavy rains that were received. It happened to me yesterday, I was using the toilet and there were some girls outside, and as I was coming out they shouted 'we can hear you'. "It's not a comfortable experience." Joanne raised her frustration with Birmingham City Council for there not being an appropriate person who is trained in using an EpiPen and can support with dropping her daughter off to school." Sign up to our newsletter to get the day's biggest news straight to your inbox The Mirror's newsletter brings you the latest news, exciting showbiz and TV stories, sport updates and essential political information. "The deceased clothes and some body parts were discovered along the river bank. The newsletter is emailed out first thing every morning, at 12noon and every evening. We've been trying to fight and get it sorted.

Never miss a moment by signing up to our newsletter here. The student also said he did not think it was fair for only the boys' toilets to be targeted in this way and yet the girls' still have doors." A spokesman from Birmingham City Council, which runs the Travel Assist service said: "We understand the situation must be difficult for the family, and the service is reviewing options to deliver transport in a safe manner given the potential risks in this case.. He said: "I don't think the girls should have their doors removed but for me you should either do it to both or not at all. "I don't understand why." To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up for one of our newsletters here. You will get a different answer depending on who you ask.

One said because of anti-social behaviour, another said to improve ventilation." Tom Dolly, deputy headteacher at Range High School, told the Liverpool Echo that it was decided to remove the doors due to "anti-social behaviour", and he denied that the boys' privacy is affected. He said: "Following some anti-social behaviour in certain boys' toilets, the school has refurbished and upgraded some of the facilities as part of an ongoing improvement agenda and as requested by the school student council. "No one's privacy is compromised in any way following the installation of new privacy panelling in the two toilets where doors have been removed. "There are also many other toilets across the school for students to access.

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