Boris 'to delay June 21 reopening until July 19' after surge in Covid cases

BREAKING: Boris 'to delay June 21 reopening until July 19' after surge in Covid cases

6/11/2021 8:14:00 PM

BREAKING: Boris 'to delay June 21 reopening until July 19' after surge in Covid cases

Government officials said they would rather delay 'Freedom Day' than be forced into a u-turn and have to reintroduce restrictions.

will delay the full lifting of lockdown on June 21 by almost a month, according to government sources.The PM is reportedly planning to push back ‘Freedom Day’ to July 19 amid a surge in cases of the Indian variant.Under the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, it was hoped all restrictions could be lifted by June 21.

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But multiple sources told The Sun the chances of this happening were close to zero after cases of the Indian strain tripled in a week.Officials said they would rather delay the big day than be forced into a u-turn and have to reintroduce restrictions.

One source said: ‘The last thing they need is a hokey cokey of in out, in out of restrictions.‘No one wants to go backwards, and we have to get this right first go.’Under plans to be announced on Monday, a two-week review will be included meaning restrictions could be dropped on 5 July if hospitalisations stay down.

If not, the situation will be looked at again in two weeks time.The delays will be used to work out if the vaccine rollout is stopping rising cases from translating into a surge in hospital admissions.It will allow millions more people to be double jabbed.

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Great, it's too early anyway! Agenda 2030 If they extend to 19th July that is the first week of school holidays gone BorisJohnson schools break up 9th July in Leicestershire JaneMHunt No reason to not go go step 4 on 21st June. freedomday We’ll be in lockdown forever 😩they will never let us have our freedom

Quelle surprise Its never going to end. FFS. Started reading the news,back to Hercule Poirot Good. As for this 'freedom day' title, wtaf? We're not imprisoned, we just have to wear some cloth on our face and be respectful of other people. Swear to god the people who use this are the same dumbasses who've thrown a tantrum about covid from day 1 😡

Is that when kids break up school for the summer holidays ? AvonandsomerRob EssexPR

Four week-delay to June 21 Freedom Day 'being considered' by Boris JohnsonIt is thought they want to give more people in their 40s a window to get their second dose of the vaccine and for it to take effect before fully lifting restrictions. Ah yes, I remember that being a key condition. Double jab and a month or so delay after for people not at risk. This won’t end. stoptesting Make the mass vaccination centres walk ins now anyone that wants one in the higher risk categories has had one.

Who would of guessed that 🤪 covid1984 very sensible Should have made it the 12th July, wouldve been perfect Not surprised it's delayed. Even when he announced the roadmap out of lockdown back in February I could tell straight away that 21st June will not be going ahead. Heh. 🔥THAT'S going to go down great with the people who think lockdown is a scam.


Newspaper headlines: Johnson and Biden's 'love-in' and PM mulls 21 June delayJohnson and Biden's first meeting and a possible delay to ending England lockdown are in the papers. Delay will happen when a clown leaves the Border open with India and let's in the new Boris variant, POTUS can see straight through the crap that Trump Mk2 the English version who was born in America is like. Clown comes to mind when I think of Boris Johnson 🤡. Shambolic PM I see why Johnson hurried to get married, now. bbclaurak Yet CNN don't use the words love in, the opposite in fact. Who's lying?

Ministers 'considering four-week delay' to end Covid curbs with June 21 in doubtAmid a surge in new infections and concerns over the spread of virus variants there have been questions over whether or not the next stage of restriction easing can go ahead Freedom day going well eh?

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