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Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

9/26/2021 10:30:00 PM

Boris Johnson to consider using army to supply petrol stations

Ministers to discuss emergency plan Operation Escalin after BP reveals a third of forecourts have shortages

in the run-up to Christmas.In a bid to avert the crisis deepening further, ministers including the business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, transport secretary Grant Shapps and home secretary Priti Patel gathered for a midday meeting on Sunday to discuss options – including Operation Escalin.

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It was conceived years ago during the planning for a no-deal Brexit, and would see hundreds of soldiers drafted in to drive a reserve fleet of 80 tankers. It is understood it would take up to three weeks to fully implement, because some of those mobilised may already be on other deployments and others could be reservists. Escalin was touted as an option last week, but government sources downplayed the chance of its activation.

Another measure said to be under consideration is temporarily changing regulations that mean fuel firms have to rely on particular distributors. Relaxing these would allow other firms to step in to make the deliveries if they have drivers available, in order to speed up the process.

The proposals will be put to Johnson tomorrow afternoon, in a meeting where ministers are also expected to discuss more immediate solutions to try to influence people’s behaviour and put an end to the current levels of panic buying.Ministers are exasperated because they think that the true magnitude of fuel shortages would have been tiny if the public were acting normally, and the HGV driver shortage would have only had a marginal effect, but media reports have prompted queues outside forecourts across the country. The PRA said demand at one service station had risen by 500% on Saturday compared with last week.

A source suggested that a high level of shortages will last at least another five days – and could go on even longer if people’s behaviour does not change. They called the situation a “catch-22”, because by making any interventions, the government could end up exacerbating the problem: “The more we seem to react to this, the more we end up driving it. But if we don’t react, it just carries on. We’re almost generating our own crisis.”

The shortage has also had major knock-on effects that ministers feel need urgent remedying, with teachers and doctors unable to fill up their tank to drive to school or hospital. The blunt communications strategy of insisting there is no lack of fuel is likely to be shifted to urging people to be mindful of others when buying petrol.

Attention is also turning to Christmas. Kate Martin of the Traditional Farm-fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) said the UK could face a“national shortage” of turkeysin the run-up to December.The TFTA, which represents producers of high-end free-range turkeys, said it was “100% caused by a labour shortage” due to post-Brexit immigration rules, meaning “a whole host” of the workforce is “no longer available for us to use on a seasonal basis”.

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The British Retail Consortium also said moves to relax immigration rules to fix supply chain issues was “too little, too late” for Christmas.Andrew Opie, the group’s director of food and sustainability policy, predicted to the BBC that during the festive season, shoppers would see “less choice, less availability, possibly shorter shelf life as well, which is really disappointing because this could have been averted”.

Jim McMahon, Labour’s shadow transport secretary, claimed the government’s solution of streamlining HGV tests andgranting about 5,000 extra visasfor drivers and another 5,000 for poultry workers was “not good enough”. He said if ministers did not do more, “shelves will continue to be bare, with medicines not delivered and Christmas ruined for the nation”.

A Tory MP, David Morris, spelled out the scale of the challenge facing the government. He said: “I can remember the winter of discontent and I remember what was building up to it and this to me feels very, very reminiscent.”Morris told the Guardian: “We’re not anywhere near that situation yet, but there are perfect storm analogies coming along that could put us into that territory.” He stressed it was a “historic problem” that ministers were trying to address, but admitted the pressure Covid was likely to put on the NHS this winter and the looming end of the universal credit uplift would make it a challenging winter for many.

Shapps on Sunday urged people to “be sensible” and blamed “one of the road haulage associations” for what he calleda manufactured crisis, suggesting on Sky News that the group had leaked details from a meeting last week about driver shortages at fuel firms. However, the Road Haulage Association branded it a “disgraceful attack” concocted to “divert attention away” from the government’s handling of the issue.

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When he should be considering resignation... of the whole party... The UK citizens must be enjoying all this 'freedom' so much. FarawoTinashe Sitting in Johannesburg where we regularly have issues relating to lack of planning and wondering why this was not foreseen. Where exactly is Johnson at the minute ?

Enjoy Brexit! 👋🏼 I thought the army were to be driving ambulances and soon to deliver fuel too. Busy. Is it that really that difficult to sort out? Tell all petrol stations to limit sales to £20 per car right now. Do this for a set time. Say 20 days. Give it a snazzy name like '20-for-20'. This'll give time for the supplies to even out and for everyone to calm down.

He’s better make consider into will use the army, breeallegretti Careful who you credit. Op Escalin wasn't 'conceived during planning for no-deal brexit'. That task, by name, has been extant since ~2012: In spirit, it can probably be traced back to COBRA planning in 2000: Non action man, not dithering or delaying, but 'considering'. I see. Go for it, the army on the streets, marvellous advert for Brexit. ..How very right wing. Can IDS, Redwood, Farage, Rees Mogg drive a truck. No, well what use are they.

Boris Johnson relaxes rules for foreign lorry drivers🔴 NEW: Boris Johnson is set to relax immigration rules for European lorry drivers as queues began to form at petrol stations following warnings of fuel rationing Again more scaremongering.its got to stop .the only problem is panic buying because of story like this So after all we need them more than they need us. 😜 Where’s the Torygraph outrage? Irony and hypocrisy clearly lost on your propaganda rag.

Why considering? Just do it already. As usual, always too late with everything🙄 Use whatever resources are available in the UK fail to prepare prepare to fail 💪 Weren't they driving ambulances and food deliveries? This isn't s game of whack-a-mole you know Get the army in! Getting big politics bullshit bingo vibe here. Just need some 'green goddess' action & we're laughing.

Ask the EU for help. The government has had years to plan for this and has done squat. What's the plan when medical supplies run out too? The UK needs a competent government that's actually capable of running a country. A three legged donkey could do a better job. How will they get there How will they do that if they’re also restocking supermarket shelves, policing, working in care homes, working in hospitals, fighting wars and there’s about 40 of them left after MoD cuts?

The MSM have played a big part in this 'fuel crisis ' You people really are the enemy of the people. 🤬

Jeff Bezos’s date with Boris Johnson didn’t prove all that taxing | David MitchellThe Amazon boss turned up late and then told the PM to get on with his job. As Jennifer Acuri points out, it’s tough in New York Irony lol

The problem isn’t a lack of tanker drivers, it is the media hyping up a few stations running short and all the idiots queuing to pump our petrol stations dry 😠 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Recogiendo lo sembrado!!!+ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 Most of the Army HGV drivers are reservists and guess what there day job is.

Dad's Army? Just get on with it..... C’mon, brits love this shit, they can pretend they’re living through the blitz and inject that faux war time nostalgia straight into their veins. Queuing in adversity in part of ye olde ways. But they’re here in Scotland driving ambulances. Let’s hope war doesn’t break out.

It's all going so well... All we need is troops on the streets

Boris Johnson has '10 days to save Christmas' amid lorry driver shortage chaosSome petrol pumps up and down the land ran dry as motorists started panic buying at the forecourts. And retail chiefs warned Boris Johnson has 10 days to save Christmas most EU countries have HGV driver shortages also.

brexshit So they are driving lorries, driving ambulances and giving vaccinations. Give it a couple of weeks and they will be teaching because all the teachers have covid. At this rate the Govt. will need to introduce conscription to cover the uses that the army are being promised to do. But Ed Milliband ate a bacon sandwich funny.


'Boris Johnson always wanted to be like Churchill - he may also cause blackouts'Anything from a farm will be in short supply, because of energy prices but also because there’s a labour shortage. This has turned out well as one argument for Brexit was so we could have more space in our country He wants grow some bollocks and make decisions, be them right or wrong in the end. Leaders make decisions and when wrong admit it, fix it move on. I guess that’s to much to ask of our politicians though😏 What is missing for the country to understand that Brexit was a mistake? Will they continue to believe the lies? While the government invests in aircraft carriers. Well he’s blown that !

Boris 'backs nuclear reactors by 2050' after lorry shortage sparks fuel panicBORIS Johnson has reportedly backed the building of a new generation of nuclear reactors by 2050 after the lorry driver shortage sparked fuel panic. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is said to be … pfff But... Uhh, solar is cheaper than nuclear. The cost of generating solar power ranges from $36 to $44 per megawatt hour (MWh), the WNISR said, while onshore wind power comes in at $29–$56 per MWh. Nuclear energy costs between $112 and $189 Shortage of food and fuel and the madman talking about 2050?

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