Coronavirus Outbreak, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Boris Johnson

Coronavirus Outbreak, Chris Whitty

Boris Johnson says he wants to relax 2-metre physical distancing rule

Boris Johnson says he wants to relax 2-metre physical distancing rule

6/3/2020 11:13:00 PM

Boris Johnson says he wants to relax 2-metre physical distancing rule

PM’s comments come despite warnings by scientific advisers that rule should remain

The prime minister struck an optimistic note about easing the lockdown further after demands from Tory MPs for a review of the 2-metre rule to help pubs, restaurants, cafes and other venues to reopen profitably.“We are seeing continuous falls in this disease, in deaths, in incidents,” he told the daily press conference in Downing Street. “That’s why we’ve been able to take the very cautious steps that we have.

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“We want to take some more steps to unlock our society and try to get back to as normal as possible. Eventually I would like to do such things as reducing the 2-metre rule, for instance.”However, Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser, and Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical adviser, took a much more cautious tone, stressing that the UK needed to move very slowly given the current infection rate.

Whitty listed a series of measures including hand washing, “good cough etiquette”, the use of face coverings and the 2-metre rule that are “going to carry on really for as long as this epidemic continues”.Vallance said there was still a risk of a second wave and highlighted other countries where there had been subsequent outbreaks after physical distancing measures were eased.

He said there could be 8,000 new cases of coronavirus a day in the UK and there was “relatively little room for manoeuvre” in easing the lockdown.“We have relatively large numbers still not coming down fast. That gives relatively little room for manoeuvre. We have to tread very cautiously,” he said.

He said the number of deaths was coming down “but it is not coming down as fast as we would like it to come down”.Whitty is one of those responsible for having kept the UK’s coronavirus alert level at four, rather than three, meaning the current level of infection is still high or rising exponentially.

But he defended the government’s move to ease some lockdown measures, such as the partial reopening of schools.“Clearly there’s a very complicated balancing act for society in terms of the possibility of increasing the transmission on the one hand and depriving children of their education on the other,” he said.

“This is a very hard balancing act but this is where we’re trying to, as a society, walk between two risks, a risk to education and a risk to health. And the rates of transmission are now much lower than they were at the point when schools were closed.

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“I fully understand, as everyone fully understands, people wanting to think this through but ... the biggest concern is going to be the health of their children and this is a disease that can affect children but is very unlikely to compared to adults.”

But he also said it was the “unanimous view” of the UK’s four chief medical officers that the coronavirus alert level should remain at four.He told the Downing Street press conference: “We’re trending downwards. The alert level is a clear four but with a direction of travel down - that was the unanimous view of the four chief medical officers on the advice, the independent advice, of the Joint Biosecurity Centre.”

Several MPs, including former environment secretary Theresa Villiers, have called for a reduction in the 2-metre rule to save jobs and help the hospitality sector reopen.Johnson had asked members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) to review the guidance but No 10 said on Tuesday the government believed the 2-metre rule should remain in place for now.

Questioned about the economic impact of the lockdown, Johnson acknowledged on Wednesday that there would be “many, many job losses” but promised the government would take an “activist” approach to reviving the economy.“We will be just as interventionist in the next phase, investing in the UK economy, investing in infrastructure, taking our country forward so that we bounce back as sharply and decisively as we can,” he said.

He said he believed it was “vital” to ensure young people who were likely to be the hardest hit “should be guaranteed an apprenticeship”. Read more: The Guardian »

Cummings introduced the 260 mile distance rule So, based on experience, that’ll be a mistake then. If he wants to increase it just for himself that's fine by me. Surely there some better relaxation measures that should happen before this Need to kill more? He actually wants to kill thousands more. Actively... wow. Just wow.

Publish the evidence! There are no surprises. The daily changes are going to happen via the media and not following the science. Let's just bumble into another crisis. Remember this guy lied about Brexit then did have the guts to run for PM. Plan? What plan? Coronaboris talk ! INCIDENCE, not 'Incidents'. Also this is a pretty terrible idea, very clearly economy over the lives of people who will die in a second wave.

Infection rate is coming down there is more testing now and includes people with mild symptoms. Social distancing is emotional and psychologically abuse especially for young children. Social distancing is social conditioning The idea there's a shield at 6ft that becomes penetrable at 5ft 11' is completely ridiculous.

So the phrase, 'we are following the science' is another one that some politicians seem to think they can now ignore or amend I concur. Obviously. PS.The infections are 10times the recorded infections & lethality rate as direct death from Covid19 is half recorded amount. And no kids have even caught the Covid19 and they are paying the most of all. I'm glad someone is starting to make sense around here.

This whole 'plan' is turning into a farce. In fact, the entirety of the way the government has handled this outbreak from the start is a joke. Too late people have already done it Why not just open all the pubs, restaurants etc and call the whole thing off 🤷🏻‍♂️ It's official. The British population is by some distance the dumbest in the EU and globally second only to the US.

Very good, whenever you still have thousands dying every day, when you get it down to hundreds, then you can lift the 2 metres Other European countries had 1m or 1.5m rules and better overall stats on Covid 19. Standing in a q behind someone wdnt 1m be enough, person in front won't get virus from person behind coughing in their back.

That is so he can force more people back to work and open schools. If the science said 2 meters, it hasn't changed. BorisJohnson borisvoteofnoconfidence BORISJOHNSONFAILEDUK BorisTheButcher Oh FFS. And double the risk. Who made this decision - Cummings? They only care about getting the tax money rolling back in

Reduce it to 1 metre and the economy may bounce back. We are heading for a 2nd peak Boris. Surely you can see that? It won't do your failing ratings any good at all if a new lockdown becomes necessary. Your actions have already resulted in too any deaths and in an economic disaster for our children and their children. Wake up man.

The last thing we expect the PM to say during a pandemic....or a typical thing for our PM to say hence the lack of outrage? BorisHasFailed “We are seeing continuous falls in this disease, in deaths, in incidents,” he told the daily press conference in Downing Street.' Simply trying to justify rush to open schools and shops, falls in virus were only achieved by lockdown and caution.

'demands from Tory MPs for a review of the 2-metre rule to help pubs, restaurants, cafes and other venues to reopen profitably.' Money before people's health! Hurry up man! *cummings approve Sick of this fool polluting the minds of anyone thick enough to listen to him. He will put the whole country at even more risk just to get a few more of his cheering clowns on the benches behind him for pmq

Why when we've been told 2m is the minimum? Why also are we advised to wear face coverings when inside where others are, like shops and public transport or work, but school staff working in a classroom with up to 15 children plus support staff are not advised to wear one? I want to banish Boris to a 2-metre wide cell.

Bold move, Bojo. 2 metres works, why advocate less than that? I wonder how long it will take for the history books to condemn Boris, Trump and all the other inept wanna-be-dictators of our times. Still getting it wrong!! 🤬 I thought it had already happened following the pictures of people visiting the seaside and National Parks? Followed by people protesting in massive crowds?

It’s already relaxed man Hey 👋 Boris how big is your Penus ? Clementine Churchill . 03 . 06 . 2020 .💋 Going by the crowds gathering in London for protests I don’t think anyone gives a fuck! This is a farce, and relaxing the rules by going from red to green... Orange in a traffic light system is very important stage 🚦

Riots are ok though. The incompetence of the government in full display here. The hospitality industry in Europe can reopen because they have Covid19 under control. We can’t, so businesses would still lose the money... Please don't follow this instruction 2 meter rule will reduce your chances of contracting Covis-19. If your 1 meter away from a positive case for 1 minute you could contract Covid-19. Please! Follow the public heath message. Stay apart, stay local and live

He’s still playing a games of smoke & mirrors Murderer Honestly, don’t blame him that much, this man has gone through a toxic shock syndrome on the ventilator from so called ‘COVID’ poison. It will take a while to come to a normal self. He is still doing his job as a prime minister. Fair enough, most other countries and the WHO recommend between 1 and 1.5m I believe

Playing Russian Roulette with people's lives. Now they've trying to scrap NHS & replace with Health Insurance what next BJ ? jaacq1 Of course he does! Physical distancing ? Why is NOW physical distancing? Finally it is the right way to put the distancing! More deaths than the entire EU combined yesterday BorisJohnson . You really do want to kill as many of the vulnerable as you can dispatches newsnight Covid_19 BorisHasFailedUK

So therefore I assume Tories will stop moaning about the protestors - they were also ignoring the science... newsnight TrafalgarSquare but people are still dying ? I thought he already had after PMQ The evidence even in the House of Commons points otherwise. Insanity He's an irresponsible idiot. Johnson now about to relax 2m distance rule. Very fed up with Johnson's blunders, lies and ineptitude. Staff in care homes still not being tested. Testing and contact tracing still not in place. It's one bloody shambles after another. God, he's a fool

This would only be an acceptable risk if masks were compulsory in public places, especially inside. He shows no leadership on masks/face coverings He shows no leadership. Lost the plot I want the country to open back up. But I think we are doing too much too soon. And still I'm not allowed to visit my gran.

So after 3 months of lockdown BoJo has gone back to herd immunity. Govt is following the science of the Cummings-Johnson theory. It's a cutting edge, world beating, bag of bollocks, costing billions and only another 70,000 British lives (mostly old, poor, disabled & non-white). I think you're a bit late with that as the people have already made their decision ... London this afternoon

No! samirhaji94 didn’t he get Covid19 and almost lost his life over it? He’s dumb! Very dumb! 🤦🏾‍♀️ He doesn’t care about anyone’s life but his own. Going to start shaking hands again? scientific miass borisjohnson the WORST PM IN HISTORY! (My opinion) Going against expert advice is what contributed to the 40000 plus deaths in the first place, as seen on channel 4 this evening and yet Johnson still wants to risk more lives by reducing the distancing rules..This Government has no shame !

That’s good. As today in London there was zero distancing and just abuse and hatred. Probably not after AlokSharma_RDG falling ill on day 2 of Jacob_Rees_Mogg 's gerrymandering and then BarryGardiner behaving like a covidiot amongst a vulnerable cohort Is it because he's the dim one in DimandDom ? The Tory agenda was never to save lives just not have the nhs over run.

He really cares nothing for peoples lives. Its all about his rich Business backers and if it kills a few more to get the economy up and running then its worth it for him! BorisJohnsonFailed BorisTheButcher boristheliar I'd opt for relaxing Tory rule myself People can ignore doctors and Boris; he’s safer.

After you Bojo.. Bring in the majority Tory gov first, and we’ll watch you scootch up nice together.. Awww sweet... 🥰 Not enough new daily infections for his continuing herd strategy? As Vallance himself said, distance makes a huge difference to the probability of transmission. It also potentially affects viral load therefore severity of illness.

good, its nonsense .if true, madness absolute madness Fine.please could he remove himself a few miles from the UK. CUNT!! No, it is the only thing that we can do to keep ourselves safe, gov. have abrogated responsibility He really should see a shrink to work out why he cannot understand what damage he is doing.

He basically decides his policy after reading latest daily mail BS & reading the comments section, before thinking 'right that's what the readers want & they = my voters so next easing is decided. Right I'm off to bed.' At which point he congratulates himself on a hard day's work Relax it like the protests and riots in London

Herd. Immunity. it's plenty safe, lets get out there and party. It really is just All about the money.....not lives. 359 today! Number 8 on the way... He says 'eventually' in the article, titles a tad misleading Boris Johnson can say what he likes. I will be using my common sense... While we're at it, let's take off those silly masks and cough in each other's faces.

What a mess of a government literally why He’s an imbecile, he really is.....👊 Two yards seems to work pretty well. unojen_wood Stupid oaf! Just as well judging by all those protestors going shoulder to shoulder. Needs to rethink the groups of 6 too! unojen_wood NO! NO! NO! IndependentSage says IT IS TOO EARLY FOR ANY EASING OF LOCKDOWN!

I'm keeping it regardless. Someone wants to break 2m Infront of me ill chin them. Following the science again Ask Alok Sharma if he agrees with him. Wonderful news! It’s based on nothing. Guy needs taking down. Danger to society. Now that Bolsonaro is breathing down his neck, he wants to make sure UK keeps the second place in tbe death toll

Don’t be ridiculous They want more other-than-them to die! That is the eugenicists Master plan! NOT negligence but DELIBERATE!!! Put some context around it, who doesn’t want to see them relax the 2m social distancing rule EVENTUALLY, when it’s safe to? At level 4 Boris Johnson’s life was saved by the wonderful NHS. Now he must act to prevent more deaths. NHSheroes carehomes keepschoolsclosed

Has the virus magically disappeared then I think the protestors today had already done that. Ha he got a bet on that he can match Trump's 100,000+ About bloody time. It’s a joke! LondonItl 2 metres works. 1 metre doesn’t. Johnson’s determined to inflict herd immunity on us all, regardless of risk to older & vulnerable people. If ever we needed effective opposition it’s now, Keir_Starmer BorisTheButcher

Do it Boris, hurry up Get em spending... a Muppet that needs a barber assisted by a Muppet that a barber does not need ,the run away government I hope he ran that past the virus. At the same time he defends his ridiculous quarantine idea. Does the left hand know what the right is doing? Raab today was not wearing a mask and was about a metre away from two police officers.

Well the government have got it right so far. i'm sure that's right. So they can go to the pub 🤔 FFS why? In Spain, health personnel who have been in the front line of battle against Covid 19 show their rejection of the Princess of Asturias Award and ask the monarchy to return 'what was stolen' under the hashtag NoQuieroPremiosDeLadrones.

LondonItl There’s a petition on to hold a vote of no confidence in Johnson. It’s not much, but when we can’t demonstrate safely, it’s something. Please sign - especially after watching Dispatches. BorisTheButcher borisvoteofnoconfidence NotFitToGovern Gambling with the pandemic I still wake up every morning and think, Christ! Johnson's the fcking Prime Minister, how did we let this happen?

Stop following the science, they are insane eggheads who want to vaccinate the entire planet. Science isn't a religion, but it's beginning to feel like one unojen_wood probably to about 6inches ? loose a foot every week Great just spent ages in my school trying to work 2ms distancing, one way corridors eric etc and that fecking idiot wants to throw it all out the window.

Was that before he found out one of his MP's maybe has Covid I didn’t realise the will of the people was another 60,000 deaths So that he can go and fuck someone else behind his partner’s back. Apart from restaurants & pubs not opened the lockdown is practically lifted so hey why not just formally announced the relaxing of SocialDistancing altogether. The first wave isn't finished yet, might as well join it up with second. HerdImmunityByStealth BorisHasFailed

Cockwomble No no no. Enough madness now Hes taken charge far be it from me to defend apparent lack of caution on the gov't's part, but PM said he would like to do this 'eventually'. This is an irresponsible headline, implying as it does, an immediate wish to do so on the part of the PM. Johnson is losing his grip on this crisis. If he ever had it. I fear he is steering us into prolonged Covid horror. For the sake of all of us, he should go.

You can do what you dam well want. Your advice is worth zip! Wait ... there are protests (with police being attacked) in London, packed people, shouting (no doubt spitting) and your worried about Boris relaxing distancing measures. The world has gone mad. UK will not survive with this man ruling... Looks like he might want to lockdown parliament now!

Called it 5 hours ago...he needs more MP’s in chamber for his braying mob The protesters are already one step ahead of him The way I see it is that the only people who would listen to him are the plebs from up north and outside of London, who were also the ones that overwhelmingly voted the tories in. I say fuck'em . Let his base die. The ones that don't believe him can continue to distance. win win!

Still trying to distract from DominicCummngs, anything to shift the blame/narrative away from Durham. How British. Sadist! endthelockdown Italy bars and restaurants reopened. Sweden only had a short lock down. Literally pointless exercise! I’d like my rights back now. endthelockdown Only so he can squeeze more Tories into the chamber to support him next time he has to face Starmer at PMQs

So most here are bitching about relaxing the 2 meter rule, but no comments about thousands taking to the streets of London today Seriously stop with your fake outrage ‘I wanna moonwalk son, but life’s a shithouse....’ For ministers on covid? Yeah let’s just forget the whole thing, shall we? What poor woman has he got his eye on this time

Good lord What’s your advice for protests? Is Dominic Cummings wanting his revenge? It’s been relaxed for him. That's already been done. See blm . Today it was stamped and became official. He didn’t say he wants to, it all depends on us the public. The WHO say 1 metre, Germany have 1.5m. Either of those would make a massive difference to a lot of sectors and “allegedly” no difference to health. We are all making it up really but it may be ok. I rarely agree with this willie waving egotist mind you........but

Clear as mud as usual from the useful idiot wh33liedave Yes so he can open pubs and restaurants. You can't hide dead bodies for long, eventually people will realise your incompetence and greed. Hair and Now!!! (10,000 already sign the petition) Why is the Government still reluctant to make the sensible decision to open Hair Salons along with non-essential retail on 15 June?

Well we are nearly at just 350 covid19 deaths a day now Wow! Well, he's already forgotten how sick he was? Maybe memory loss is a side-effect of COVID-19? Tighnacoille Not safe yet. Too much of a hurry. in simple terms herd immunity by the back door , he is deliberately killing off the sick and infirm and aged - A murderer

Brexitspoon Tim’s on his case. He has literally and completely abandoned the science now and is just going to hurl the old and the vulnerable at the virus. He is also such a coward to announce this after pmqs. Whole other week until eviscerates him. Health of the population doesn't seem to be a priority anymore.

Are 60,000 preventable deaths not enough for that psychopath- does he want to surpass his friend Trump's unenviable total? Of course he does, he wants people back in offices and wants the pubs open. Too early to do that according to the science. Boris doesn’t give a shit and as always the poorer communities will be hit the hardest...and amongst them are our BAME population who are at even greater risk.

So he can get a haircut? They're not even trying to hide the fact they're trying to kill us all anymore Yes why not....I mean we had more people in the UK die of Covid today than the combined total of all countries in Europe. Not safe His wife and girlfriends disagree And this guy went to Oxford? I guess they have lowered the bar.

Once he gets it again he’ll learn his lesson That would be the most stupidest move he has directed. No change until the virus is either under control or is vaccinated he‘s going back to Imperial: 6 feet. this guy is fukin nuts, its the scientists vs boris right now Did he say it in Hyde park at about 12 o clock today? Because everyone there didn’t seem to give a fuck anyway

Everyone does, doesn't mean it's a particularly clever thing to do. Boris Johnson is a c*nt that's why. He hasn't got a clue to what he's doing 😷 Idiot He's planning to get handsy. Did he tell Alok Sharma that in person? Boris Johnson wants a second wave in UK

UK opposition parties urge Boris Johnson to suspend export of arms and riot gear to USLabour says UK should not sell arms to US 'at a time when Donald Trump is gearing up to use the US military to crush the legitimate protests taking place across America over the murder of black civilians' We saw you trying to slander Lil Nas X Err, or charge more ... Thats how trump plays when the vaccine is ready We shouldn’t be doing this anyway

200 top UK businesses call on Boris Johnson for green recovery plan from coronavirus pandemicFirms put pressure on British government to meet own climate targets including hitting net zero emissions by 2050 Hope they dont hold their breath Facts check please Johnson, plan?

Boris Johnson vows to provide security for Hong Kongers fearing authoritarian ChinaBORIS JOHNSON has revealed the UK is prepared to change its' immigration rules should China impose a national security law on Hong Kong. 🤔🤔🤔👍.. yeah yeah yeah he doing everything trump doing putin has his two puppets Brexiteers wont be happy they dont like foreigners in England

Boris Johnson says 3m people in Hong Kong will get path to British citizenship🔴 Boris Johnson is ready to open the door to nearly three million Hong Kong citizens if China imposes a new security law Fuck that 😡 Good👍 Good hardworking people - they would be a great asset to our Nation. Not fanatical - not here just for the money and free ride. Hardworking, smart, good family people - welcome to this independent Nation of Britain.

Boris Johnson lays out visa offer to nearly 3m Hong Kong citizensUK prime minister says all eligible for BNO passport can apply if China cuts freedoms This dude went through some things. He’s a changed man. ThE RaCiSt BrExIt MaN!!!! Not enough - still need something for kids who were under 18 before 1997, and those beyond that

UK coronavirus live: Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of 'winging it' over lockdown easingLabour leader warns prime minister to ‘get a grip’ in Guardian interview ahead of PMQs Finally some criticism And proof of that is the rush to unlock coz of bad headlines over Dim Cummings.