Boris Johnson's deployment of brute force appears to have saved Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson's deployment of brute force appears to have saved Dominic Cummings

5/29/2020 12:32:00 AM

Boris Johnson's deployment of brute force appears to have saved Dominic Cummings

The public now have a recognisable figure to vilify as the font of everything they dislike about Boris Johnson's government.

Mr Cummings is now a celebrity, and not in a good way.Perhaps the biggest revelation of the last few days, for Tory MPs as much as the public, is that there is apparently nothing Mr Cummings can do that will ever see him removed from office.Cummings may have committed 'minor breach'

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He is untouchable, more so than members of the cabinet who - like one-time chancellor Sajid Javid, now fence sitter on Mr Cummings's future - saw them stripped of office if they defied his whims.However, that very sense of being untouchable may in itself become problematic.

It may just become an itch that opponents and Tory critics cannot resist coming back to scratch.Next week from Monday to Thursday, Dermot Murnaghan will be hosting After the Pandemic: Our New World - a series of special live programmes about what our world will be like once the pandemic is over.

We'll be joined by some of the biggest names from the worlds of culture, politics, economics, science and technology. And you can take part too. Read more: Sky News »

So corrupt The media lynch mob didn't get its way and that makes Boris a brute? What rubbish He deployed common sense and reason. He’s a good boss Time to show balance by moving on to Steven Kinnock et al. I don’t want u to of course just get ur 💩 together and find some news Sacking Cummings would be completely unfair, unjust and borderline illegal...

Are they behind bars now 🤣🤣 What’s the meaning of that photo 😂 really sky pic with realing bars bet yr owners & hounded got a few skeletons in the closits 👀🤔💩🦠🤷‍♂️😷 ScumMedia Nothing to do with DC being innocent of the main charges and only might have been in minor breach for visit to Barnard Castle. Perhaps media can remind themselves of the principles of UK Law, a presumption of innocent until proven guilty and stop acting like judge and jury

Good ScumMedia You mean the scumedia failed in its coup to get rid of DC Why are you peddling FakeNews? Isn’t a shame there is no honour in politics anymore... maybe Voris needs the real unelected PM... Don't think so, does he really think the people will forget, and I wont be doing what he says anymore and loads more will until Cummings is sacked

Rent free 👌🏼 Has Sky got them behind bars ! This is not news this is a piece you have written of your opinion. BUT you did not say it was your opinion. This is pure sensationalism. The wording of using brute force. Sky news knows how to trigger some people 😂😂 Wanker Not from a bullet it won’t :) If you thought Cummings was unbearable before...

It may have saved him now but they will pay the price at the ballot box, I've always voted Tory but will never vote a government with Dominic Cummings or Matt hancock in again Wait for the wrath of cummings bbc license fee abolished to begin with It was Domsarmy

Tory anger at Dominic Cummings grows as dozens of MPs defy Boris JohnsonAlmost 60 MPs break ranks to criticise PM’s chief of staff, with 43 calling for him to quit or be sacked Keep emailing your MP about the Cummings affair. We actually don’t want it to fade away. MPs quote their emails. 'Cummings took his family on a 60-mile round trip to a beauty spot in Barnard Castle, which he says was to test whether his eyesight was good enough' I mean FFS. How gullible do you have to be to believe this crap 🤣. The Tories were up in arms when Catherine Calderwood, Scottish Minster for Health broke the lock down rules. She subsequently resigned (or was pushed?) It's evident that the Tories don't want those same rules applied to Cummings. Epitome of hypocrisy!

Boris Johnson brushes off Tory revolt over Dominic CummingsPM also refuses to allow top scientific advisers to talk about chief aide at daily No 10 briefing Tory cabinet are like an MFI cabinet, far too expensive, plenty of screws missing, hard to assemble, weak and wobbly and falls apart after limited use. Boris’s hair and Trump’s hair being in the same timeline is just outstanding. He can't keep brushing people off; Scientists, MPs, the electorate, anyone that doesn't agree with him.

Boris Johnson grilled by MPs over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown breachPrime minister again refuses to apologise for his adviser, saying it is time to ‘move on’ *For 25% of the time. The other 75% was about important issues. Next he will be lightly broiled, barbequed, toasted, liquidised.... oh you get the idea.... Excellent. That's a democratic country. Something which we Indian couldn't think of in a recent time

Boris Johnson faces grilling over Dominic Cummings chaos - furious Tory MPs rebelBORIS JOHNSON will be grilled by senior MPs today as a rebellion within his own party grows over his response to the Dominic Cummings crisis.

Boris Johnson refuses to launch inquiry into Dominic Cummings affairBoris Johnson has rejected a call for an independent inquiry into whether his adviser Dominic Cummings flouted lockdown rules. During a grilling by the Commons liaison committee, the prime minister Quite right. even more furious now wtf does boeis think we are they taking us all for mugs twat I not sure about my eyesight, how should I proceed?

Dominic Cummings: Durham police says Boris Johnson's aide may have committed 'minor breach' of lockdown rulesDurham Constabulary has said Dominic Cummings may have committed 'a minor breach' of lockdown rules when he drove to Barnard Castle but will face no further action. In response, Downing Street says the PM 'regards this issue as closed'. More here: Now give it a rest FFS and move on, not what you wanted and no doubt you will still look for more sh*t to stir up. I hope sky news take a good long look at themselves along with other media outlets at the way this has been reported, absolute disgrace no wonder people take their own life’s after being hounded by the press !!! 😠 I’ll bet he does.