Boris Johnson party news live: Sunak says 'of course' he believes PM - as Raab interview slip gets traction

'I carry full responsibility for what took place, but nobody said to me that this was an event that is against the rules.' Boris Johnson recalls what he remembers about an alleged party in the Downing Street garden during lockdown. Latest:

1/18/2022 4:25:00 PM

'I carry full responsibility for what took place, but nobody said to me that this was an event that is against the rules.' Boris Johnson recalls what he remembers about an alleged party in the Downing Street garden during lockdown. Latest:

Partygate latest as Boris Johnson 'deeply sorry' for misjudgements but says 'nobody told me' 20 May 2020 event was against rules; Dominic Cummings says PM 'lied to parliament' on this; second source backs up former aide's claim; Dominic Raab slips up by calling event 'party' in interview.

Asked again to confirm if he was warned against the gathering at any point, Mr Johnson said he only saw an email relating to the event after the matter.PM apologises for 'any misjudgements' - but denies claims he knew about No 10 'party'

Mr Johnson added he understands how"infuriating" it must be for people"up and down the country in view of the huge sacrifices that people have made".Asked if he could assert that Dominic Cummings was a liar after the former aide claimed Mr Johnson was aware of the event, the PM repeatedly dodged the question.

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External blaming? Always a weak platform. Take my hat off to the guy, he says it as if it’s true, and convinces lots of people it is… Nobody said to you... er, aren't you supposed to be in charge? Anyone else would be gone by now. Really. Rules don't apply to you apparently. So BorisJohnson you think you can say sorry, play the ignorance card, dig your heels in and hope it will all blow over? Others in your party have resigned for less, so its time you step down and stop taking us all for mugs!

If anyone actually believes this utter shit!!! They need to give their head a good spin. Gutless, in-denial idiot so just to clarify , a party that definitely didn't take place took place , that he wasn't aware of but was present at and he's upset that he didn't explain the rules properly to himself ? seems reasonable

Doh SIS YOU MADE THE RULES. Isn't that his job? To know the rules already since he sets them? Wow. Cunt

Boris Johnson lockdown parties: Dominic Raab denies Downing Street has drinking cultureA 'running joke' that ministers are saying the same thing is played out in an interview with Deputy PM Dominic Raab - as he mentions Sue Gray and the investigation being carried out into parties at No 10 during lockdown. Latest:

I should have told people to go back inside (to get pished without anyone seeing or knowing) get him out hes a clown our country is in the shitter because boris can barely run a bath to wash his hair never mind run the country can we have an guy with braincells as PM next please Lies lies and dam lies. If the PM cant see a jolly up, he's not the man to lead the country.

So he had no idea that in his garden.. Which by the way is one of the most secure in the country. That more than 2 people can constituite a party or a gathering. So in his garden there were 30 people and he apparently came across them and throughout all his TV briefings and the Eh, what? Nonce Bored of listening to your LIES! BorisJohnsonResign

If you don't know the rules and need them explaining then maybe this isn't the job for you. Let's have an apology for the bigger lie! The plandemic and false emergency status you still have us in!!!! Ahh if it is all soo lighthearted .why such a delay in resp9nding ? Getting bored of all this now. The guy simply cannot lead. He is not a leader. And I said this from the start. Get him out and move on. Simple.BorisJohnsonOut

Boris Johnson may have to resign if he lied to Commons, suggests RaabBoris Johnson may have to resign if he is found to have lied to Parliament, Dominic Raab has suggested Follow our live blog for the latest updates 👇 It’s with regret BorisJohnson if you misled the HouseofCommons you should resign. HouseofCommons grantshapps DominicRaab luhc michaelgove sajidjavid SirRogerGale SteveBakerHW He did lie though! Sadiq Khan: 'Nobody is above the law and police should follow the evidence. From what I’ve seen as someone outside the police, for me it’s a slam dunk' Follow our live blog for the latest updates 👇

Is there a list of names... ? Innocent drinkers as they Tory are? The former half of that sentence is rendered superfluous by the use of “but” in the middle I dIdN't KnOw It WaS aGaInSt ThE rUlS How much more snake can this man peddle? I wish someone had come on the tv every day to give out guidance and restrictions, so we would know the rules.....

Do you not want to publish stories around Keir Starmers drinks every minute of the day like you're doing about Boris? No of course you don't. Stop persecuting him , it's ridiculous with everything good he's done in difficult times. i was not told this could lead to a child (“ad infinitum”) hear the barrel scraping

I am not from UK .My view ,PM wanted to discuss about Covid 19 with his colleagues during lockdown .Instead of closed room he arrenged this in open place Best is citizen must replace the word 'Party ' with correct word 'meeting ' . He worked hard,being opptimist ,

Boris Johnson facing fresh party claims from Cummings – follow liveBorisJohnson 🔴 Raab insists Cummings’ party claims ‘nonsense’, as ministers openly criticise PM Follow latest ⬇️ Raab is the man by your side if you were the captain of the Titanic after everyone else has been evacuated.

OMG....his comments are even worse than his acts.... Utterly embarrassing If he's wearing a mask he's either getting desperate or realises it hides his smirks when he lies. No one told him it was against the rules - he just told everyone else it was against the rules. So, who was telling him, while he was telling everyone else? No one thought about that, obviously.

I thought only DickTurpin wore a mask when he was robbing the public. Everybody in Government knew the rules. Everybody in Government thought they could ignore the rules. Same for parties, same for handing out contracts, same for accepting 'donations'. They're all corrupt. Johnson thinks we were all born yesterday.

Lol… so what? Partying is good!!! Keep up man….!! Why the hell does someone that was there have to wait to be told of he was there by someone who wasn't there ...? Sue Gray is not impartial... I’m starting to feel sick, this person runs our country. Is he too thick to understand the rules himself, then? We all see it for what it is. Shame he doesn't hace the balls to fess up so we can all move on.

Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson lied to parliament about lockdown partyDominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of lying to parliament about a Downing Street garden party during the first lockdown after claiming that he directly a============witness=============of t r U U U t h Arise Sir Cummings. Dom Cummings willing to go on oath. Peston knows the email exists. Sue Gray informed and asked to speak to the author. Watch this space

I carry full responsibility = apology I carry full responsibility, but nobody told me = it’s not my fault 😂😂😂 BorisJohnsonOut nobodytoldme ⛽️ 💡 He doesn't do detail does he He didn’t understand his own rules he set for the country to abide by ? imagine saying this to the police ? Basically he’s screwed but it will all get swept 🧹 under the carpet like everything else 🤦‍♂️😡

No sweat. Oh no wait that’s the other fella. To be fair, it also appears nobody has told him how to brush his hair or wear a tie 🤪 How has this child ended up in No. 10? As Prime Minister it is his job to know, understand and obey the rules. He simply chose not to apply them to himself. Soooooo. The govt of the day doesn’t know what laws it makes?

Omg and he has the nuclear codes! scary

Boris Johnson pledges to ‘address underlying culture’ of lockdown parties to save jobPrime minister will overhaul way his top team works, Tory chairman says He is going to lift restrictions to make everyone love him again - and with no restrictions you can party as much as you. Despicable man. Too little too late BorisJohnson Conservatives do the decent thing and resign UK government spent £73,000 on wine in year before Covid

Only last week he forgot there was a party!!! I set the rules but did not understand them clearly! Do not believe you , as the countries leader you should lead by example , not by trying to cover up the nurses weren't able to party Lol 😂 when your excuse is worst than what you’ve done. Only now does he hide behind a mask

burdish Liar He really does think we're all stupid, doesn't he.. Didn't he make the rules?! I understand he’s numpty!! Being polite You wrote the fucking rules MDeanEsq Is it a bird?is it a plane?🤔

Boris Johnson broke law over No 10 parties, says Keir Starmer – videoLabour leader says prime minister broke the law by attending at least one of the parties at Downing Street during lockdown Do not violate human rights against asylum seekers. The people of Delta 011 are also human rights seekers.. Then so did everyone else at the parties? And wasn't it only the organisers that were being stung for the fines during lockdown not the attendees? Fairly sure it wasn't Boris organising... Oh dear. A barrister lying whatever next watching him slither and squirm under questioning just shows you cant trust this man.

Cobblers. That’s clearly not taking full responsibility Blimey. BorisJohnson is really crapping himself isn’t he? Or playing that for the cameras? A mask can conceal a 'dupers smirk' BethRigby “Nobody said to me that this was an event that is against the rules.” You’re absolutely right BethRigby, that the excuse sounds ridiculous and ludicrous. He’s exhausted knows the game and party is over. The final dagger was plunged in by his nemesis Dominic2306.

He need to go. JohnsonMustGo How can he be so sure of events when last week he couldn't even recall if he was there? YOU WERE SUPPOSED HAVE MADE THE FUCKING RULES

'I made the rules, but I don't understand the rules.' I really appreciate all your efforts with the little Startup of $5,250 with all joy over me after withdrawing $10,000 with the help of Arlene_riggio BethRigby Liar

13:21:05 'I should have told people to go back indoors', says PM Continuing his conversation with broadcasters, Boris Johnson said:"If I had my time again, I would not have allowed things to develop in that way. "Yes when I went out into that garden I should probably have told people – I should have looked around  and said 'well we've got to go back indoors' or 'this  isn't the right way to do things' and I apologise for that but I hope people will understand the circumstances we were operating in." Asked again to confirm if he was warned against the gathering at any point, Mr Johnson said he only saw an email relating to the event after the matter. "Nobody warned me that it was against the rules," he said. And asked if he will resign if Sue Gray finds he misled parliament, he said:"We’ll have to see what she says." 13:07:10 PM apologises for 'any misjudgements' - but denies claims he knew about No 10 'party' Boris Johnson has today spoken for the first time since Prime Minister's Questions last week as controversy continues over alleged Downing Street parties. In a lengthy and often excruciating interview with Sky's Beth Rigby, on behalf of broadcasters, the PM was asked if he knew a reported gathering on 20 May 2020 was going to take place. Mr Johnson repeated:"No". He continued:"But I want to begin by repeating my apologies to  everybody for any misjudgement that I made, that we may have made in Number 10 and beyond whether in Downing Street or throughout the pandemic."  Mr Johnson added he understands how"infuriating" it must be for people"up and down the country in view of the huge sacrifices that people have made". He said:"I want to just say to you on that point. Nobody told me that what we were doing was, as you say, against the rules, that the event in question was something that wasn't a work event. "As I said in the House of Commons, when I went out into that garden I thought that I was attending a work event. "I think its very important that we see what Sue Gray, see what the inquiry has to say." Asked if he could assert that Dominic Cummings was a liar after the former aide claimed Mr Johnson was aware of the event, the PM repeatedly dodged the question. After being asked twice, he said:"I can tell you categorically that no one told me and no one said that this was something that was against the rules, something that was a breach of COVID rules, that we were doing something that wasn’t a work event because frankly I don’t think ...  I cant image why on earth it would have gone ahead. "My memory of this event is going out into the garden for about 25 minutes for what I implicitly thought was a work event and talking to staff, thanking staff, I cant remember exactly how many. "I went back to my office and continued my work. I do humbly apologise for misjudgements that were made." He added:"I carry full responsibility for what took place." 12:47:07 Sunak walks out of interview as he's asked if he supports the prime minister We've been bringing you updates after Rishi Sunak addressed the latest party allegations against the prime minister on camera for the first time. The chancellor said"of course" he believed the PM's account (that he thought the"bring your own booze" event on 20 May 2020 was a work event and he hadn't seen the email invite). But it's worth emphasising what happened at the end of the interview, with Mr Sunak walking out as a reporter asks him if he supports Boris Johnson... 12:42:35 Tory MP calls for leadership challenge, as he reports 400 'distressing' emails over party scandal Sir Roger Gale was speaking to Sky News this afternoon as the Downing Street party scandal continued into another day. He reiterated that he believes there should be a leadership challenge, but said he did not know whether 54 Conservatives felt the same way - the number needed to trigger proceedings. Sir Roger said:"I've already indicated that I believe there should be a leadership challenge, I did that a year ago after the Barnard Castle episode. I've refreshed it since, and I know that at least a few of my colleagues have joined me in that court.  "Whether there are the 54 Conservative members necessary to trigger a leadership contest I don't know, and I don't think anybody else knows either." Asked if the number is likely larger than the four we know about, he added:"I think it's probably quite a lot larger than that at this stage." Sir Roger went on to explain he has received a"huge number of emails" over the matter, with more than 400 sent over the weekend and"at least another couple of hundred" since. He said:"Some of those are very distressing, because they are from people who have lost loved ones… and they got over it, or they were beginning to get over it. "And now of course all those wounds have been reopened and the pain is being felt all over again, and that's really tragic." 12:26:49 Downing Street denies PM lied to parliament Number 10 has again refuted the allegation that Boris Johnson lied to parliament about his knowledge of a reported party in Downing Street on 20 May 2020. It was claimed by Mr Johnson's former aide Dominic Cummings in a blog post on Monday night that the PM was aware of the gathering ahead of time. The PM's official spokesman said:"You have seen us say repeatedly that it is untrue that the prime minister was warned about the event (on May 20, 2020) in advance and you have got the prime minister's statement to the House." Asked if Mr Johnson would quit if he misled parliament, the spokesman said:"The guidance is clear, the ministerial code is very clear on this point when it comes to knowingly misleading the House and the prime minister abides by that, and we fully support it." The spokesman added it was important not to"jump ahead" and conflate what was in the ministerial code with"what the investigation may or may not conclude or set out". Pressed on whether the PM had ever lied to the House, the spokesman said:"No." Mr Johnson will make a further statement when senior civil servant Sue Gray has completed her inquiry into party allegations, the spokesman said. 12:24:30 PM tells cabinet to demonstrate they are 'on the public's side' as he seeks to recover from parties scandal Boris Johnson earlier held a meeting of his top team amid a growing scandal over alleged Downing Street parties held during coronavirus lockdown. Following the meeting, a spokesman said Mr Johnson had stressed to his cabinet that they must demonstrate that they are"on the side" of the public. He said the meeting began with a discussion of the public's priorities in the"coming months". "The prime minister said we must be unwavering in our efforts to demonstrate to the public that we're on their side with our focus firm on beating COVID, tackling public service backlogs, cracking down on crime and illegal migration and ensuring there are well-paid skilled job opportunities across the country. "He said 2022 must be the year of delivery, underlining the importance of demonstrating to the British public that we're changing the country for the better." Asked if the remarks were an attempt to move on from the affair, he said:"No, that was talking about the importance of the third parliamentary session to deliver on some of those commitments." The spokesman insisted no cabinet members raised the Partygate affair. 12:19:02 Watch again: Sunak addresses PM allegations on camera for first time 12:09:25 Rishi Sunak insists PM is telling the truth over partygate scandal The Chancellor gave an interview to broadcasters in the last hour, in which he repeatedly dodges questions about his support for the PM. See the transcript of this conversation in full below. Interviewer : Isn't it inexplicable that the prime minister wouldn't know a party was being organised in his own garden by his own private secretary? You would know, wouldn't you? If there was a party in your own garden organised by your secretary. Sunak: The prime minister addressed this last week in parliament and set out his understanding of the situation, I refer you to his words. Interviewer: Do you believe the prime minister? Sunak: Of course I do. The prime minister set out – Interviewer: You believe he is telling the truth? Sunak: Of course I do. The prime minister set out his understanding of this matter in parliament last week and I refer you to his words.  As you know, Sue Gray is conducting an inquiry into this matter and I fully support the prime minister's request for patience while that inquiry concludes. Interviewer: Dominic Cummings and others have said that the prime minister was warned this party shouldn't go ahead. If the prime minister lied, and lied to parliament, he should resign shouldn't he? Sunak: Well, I'm not going to get into hypotheticals and ministerial code is clear on these matters. But as you know, Sue Gray is conducting an inquiry into the situation and I think that its right we allow her to conclude that job.  11:53:12 Labour deputy insists PM should step down ahead of inquiry report Angela Rayner, Labour's deputy leader, has insisted Mr Johnson does not need to wait for the results of Sue Gray's investigation to step down as PM. "Instead of hiding behind internal inquiries or technicalities, we need the prime minister to tell the truth pure and simple," she said."He must resign." 11:34:45 Partygate scandal is 'substantive', Jeremy Hunt says as he insists we must give PM 'credit' for successes The former health minister discussed the developing controversy regarding claims of Downing Street parties with The House magazine. He said:"I think the issues around 'partygate' are substantive issues. They are important issues and we're now waiting for the results of the independent inquiry to get to the bottom of what happened." However, Mr Hunt insisted"we have to give Boris [Johnson] great credit" for his successes throughout the coronavirus pandemic, including the booster roll-out. Within the interview, Mr Hunt also confessed his leadership ambition has not"completely vanished". He said:"It would take a lot to persuade me to put my hat into the ring."