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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson offers Tory rebels 'olive branch' amid growing party split over expulsions

Boris Johnson offers Tory rebels 'olive branch' amid growing party split over expulsions

9/12/2019 9:14:00 AM

Boris Johnson offers Tory rebels 'olive branch' amid growing party split over expulsions

Boris Johnson has offered Tory rebels a way back into the party amid a growing split among Conservatives over his decision to kick them out.

It comes amid growing signs Mr Johnson could be about to broker a Brexit deal over Northern Ireland for which he would need the maximum possible number of Tory MPs to get it through the Commons. Read more: The Telegraph »

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson insists he has 'no doubt' schools can fully reopen safely

His remarks came as Public Health England scientists reportedly warn secondary school pupils transmit COVID-19 like adults.

Since when did 'ray of light' describe to an opportunity to rejoin a self-serving, country-destroying, lying, integrity-devoid, democracy-subverting, gvt that even lies to the Queen? The ERG MP's should make clear that they will only support a WTO Brexit. Madness Do not trust this man! Surely this is just distraction - more votes and debates in Parliament to side track MP's from voting though the WA in time - so we leave on the 31st?

They must not be allowed to vote against Independence The way back is to go though the appeals process 🤔😂😂😂 Massive error. I've a nasty feeling that Boris and his team will come to regret this. Do they have to take an oath of servitude? BorisTrumpLoser Hahahahaha Don't trust him, he's a liar What a raging bell-end.

If they're allowed back in the Tories are finished. Iromg Iromg Well well who would have thought it,if it’s true, you have lost my vote Brexit party all the way Iromg This man needs to stand down Iromg Boris doesn't need to bring them back in, force the local constituencies to sack their MPs and replace them with MOs who vote inline with the party, Brexit problem solved!

Stranded; with his motley crew of wannabe tyrants. Prepare to be Yellowhammered So he is doing a u turn Ha ha. They won't want back in while Cummings and Johnson are running the show. Should have looked before they leapt. Oops , I have made so many mistakes perhaps I can do something positive. Looks like he is clutching at straws!

Boris Johnson rejects Nigel Farage's offer of non-aggression pact at next electionNigel Farage's offer of a non-aggression pact with Boris Johnson at the next general election has been firmly rejected. Not a sensible decision. That could be costly Could do without seeing his shit eating grin if thats all the same to you . Cheers.

Opinion: Bercow's bombshell has skewed the game for Remain and shafted Boris JohnsonThe Speaker has ensured that his replacement will be elected by the current ‘Remainer’ parliament. I will replace him. I'll be armed too with no HRT patches. See how this tweet ages And what about the content of 5000+ Statutory Instruments that Rees Mogg said had been prepared for post Brexit. Is anyone outside of this tight-nit Johnson/Bannon/Cummings/Rees-Mogg treasonous UK Coup scrutinising the legal content? Prorogation is dangerous.

Boris Johnson and ‘wealthy friends’ will not bear cost of no-deal Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn warnsLabour leader will seek to galvanise trade unionists with promise of the ‘biggest people-powered’ election campaign ever seen Uh... well duh! We know! Action? Want to be a shopkeeping single block ? ... Neither will he

Boris Johnson still ahead in the polls - but by how much?Surveys taken at end of last week suggest election outcomes could range from Tory landslide to hung parliament And who is interested in? The Left wing party blocked an election because they know Conservatives will win in a landslide. Unfortunately, Johnson's 'People v Parliament' narrative is simple and easy to grasp - it will play well. The progressive parties need to circle the waggons and cooperate totally otherwise we face a new Dark Age.

Boris Johnson condemned over 'grotesque cowardice' as parliament descends into chaos before suspension - follow liveFollow all the latest developments 'Grotesque ' 'Grotesque cowardice' - yep, that about covers it. The cowards are the grotesque MP's who are refusing a general election DraintheSwamp

Letters: Boris Johnson can negate the Benn Act’s command to extend Article 50SIR – As a law-abiding citizen Boris Johnson must sign and send the letter requesting a further extension to the Brexit deadline. Aka ‘making it up as we go along’ He can’t I'm convinced that these 'letters to the editor' aren't from the public. They are made up by the Borisgraphs piss-poor hacks.