Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson lashes out at Thomas Cook bosses as holiday firm collapses

Boris Johnson lashes out at Thomas Cook bosses - LIVE updates


Boris Johnson lashes out at Thomas Cook bosses - LIVE updates

The PM said directors might not have been 'incentivised' to fix the ailing firm's financial woes

He added: “It is a very difficult situation, and obviously our thoughts are very much with the customers of Thomas Cook, the holidaymakers who may now face difficulties getting home.

Visibly frustrated with the unfolding situation, Mr Johnson signalled there would be no government bailout for the world’s oldest holiday firm.

Read More Thomas Cook goes bust “I do think that we need to look at ways in which tour operators, one way or another, can protect themselves from such bankruptcies in future.

Read more: Daily Mirror

Quite right they wasn't giving anything back when they made huge profits bad management and decisions is why it failed shame in then with their 29 million bonuses

Boris Johnson insists he has workable Brexit plan after EU rebuffs backstop requestNew York visit will feature face-to-face talks with Donald Trump as well as meetings with Merkel, Macron, Varadkar and Tusk You can not believe a single word that comes out of him... It must be hard to overwrite the word 'May' with 'Johnson.' Really small letters. Stu warned us:

Priest gives Irish PM holy water ahead of Brexit talks with Boris JohnsonIn an off-the-cuff, light-hearted remark, Leo Varadkar asked Father Richard Gibbons: 'Do I throw it over him?' And some potatoes He's a Hulk not a Vampire Sláinte

Boris Johnson tried to claim his 'no press here' lie at a London hospital wasn't embarrassingBarely hot off the heels of using a bunch of police officers to try and improve his image (leading to one of them to pass out), the prime minister yesterday tried to repeat the trick with NHS workers. Very common in this days agree, it was bloody hilarious, foot'n'mouth strikes again And the press still love him....

Rory Stewart: ‘If Boris Johnson gets a deal, my political career is over’The former international development secretary warns of ‘more Trumpian type politics’ 👋 Who gives a fuck !!

Supreme court poised to rule against Boris Johnson, say legal expertsFraming of verdict on prorogation of parliament may set off ‘constitutional eruption of volcanic proportions’ Should folks be prepared for 'The Ash', 'The Magma' or the 'Fire'? These are not good days for Boris. I’m reminded that this doesn’t bother me in the least. Boris can have his 'Dunkirk' moment and come back stronger. On the other hand Guardian usually have crap Socialist opinion

Boris Johnson posed with military chiefs and the jokes wrote themselves Boris Johnson , our prime minister, whose middle name is 'de Pfeffel', posted a photo of himself posing with military generals on Twitter, and the internet couldn't resist making jokes about it. Today BoJo is trying look like Putin! We are a democracy BoJo and we are ruled by a dictator!

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