Boris Johnson fuels speculation he could ignore Brexit delay law

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PM says UK can still leave with no deal and fails to deny asking EU nations to block extension

Boris Johnson has ramped up speculation that he is planning to bypass a law that stops the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal.

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More toddler behaviour. Nothing new

The haircut annoys me even more

😠✊🇪🇺 RuleOfLaw JohnsonMustGo

How to tell the difference between good and evil. Good is gentle and kind. Evil pushes you around.

Hmmm and all the other remainer politicians ignored voters

Follow the money. Which backers gain from a no deal Brexit?

This is true, actually. He can achieve this through an Order of Council passed by Privy Councillors, which doesn't need approval of Queen and can delay Benn Act, clearing path for No Deal.

BloatyMcBloatfaceBoris the lying thug and gutter mouth

Marr was where Johnson was not challenged rigorously enough. Seemed more like allowing Johnson to promote himself regarding use of the dismissive word ‘Humbug’ in response to a Labour MP who spoke about language used, and death threats. Just a load of bumptious flannel from BJ.

Not Boris..probably another media stunt

It’s hard to imagine a more destructive leader than Donald but here he is.

Well of course he will, he said LeaveOct31st and that's what he will do, no delay. There is nothing anyone can do to change that fact. It's really sad and childish the way Remainers are behaving. Stop causing trouble and let's get back to normal!

Supporting our democracy and the 17.4 million

Your headline is a flat out lie. Even the article talks about finding a way around it not ignoring it

Get Brexit done and stop the surrender act

Trumping. See how far his fan base will let him go before they remember the UK has laws fir. reason.

& save our democracy

Ie. breaking the law. Again.

He's fishing. Float the idea, judge response, decide whether or not to go for it. Desperate.

Good lad, that’s what the country wants

conservatives are illiberal thug Fascists. Dont you know?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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