Boris Johnson broke law over No 10 parties, says Keir Starmer – video

Boris Johnson broke law over No 10 parties, says Keir Starmer – video

Keir Starmer, Boris Johnson

1/16/2022 7:35:00 PM

Boris Johnson broke law over No 10 parties, says Keir Starmer – video

Labour leader says prime minister broke the law by attending at least one of the parties at Downing Street during lockdown

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Oh dear. A barrister lying whatever next watching him slither and squirm under questioning just shows you cant trust this man. Then so did everyone else at the parties? And wasn't it only the organisers that were being stung for the fines during lockdown not the attendees? Fairly sure it wasn't Boris organising...

Do not violate human rights against asylum seekers. The people of Delta 011 are also human rights seekers..

Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chiefConservative chair Oliver Dowden says PM feels ‘sincere regret’ and is committed to ‘upping our game’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dmitri sure this meeting will take all night

Boris Johnson not honest about No 10 party, say 70 per cent of votersSeven out of ten voters think Boris Johnson has not been honest about his account of attending a lockdown breaking party in Downing Street, a poll for the Times has found.Johnson told MPs that he had briefly attended the staff party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020 but insisted at the time t It should be up to HM the Queen to force boris to resign! What he did is simply put IGNOBLE! A TOTAL SHAME!

Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson ‘broke the law’ and ‘lied about what happened’Labour leader says prime minister has effectively admitted breaking law Correct. Indisputable. Gray or no Gray And youbare lying through your teath as well what a surprise Touché

Covid live: Boris Johnson broke the law, says Keir Starmer; Novak Djokovic deported from AustraliaLatest updates: UK Labour leader says PM broke lockdown rules and then lied; Serbian tennis player leaving Australia after court backs decision to revoke visa Couple of (5) months trading with rookiexbtrade are always profitable, I earn good return trading Bitcoin with Adriel and make huge profit, i withdraw my profit and convert to cash in the bank, DM him now and start earning massively. It is time to take out software chip in the mind of narender modi(P.M. of India)........... Well I misread that as Johnson broke the law, to be deported to Australia. No!

Footage of Boris Johnson disco dancing becomes hitA video of Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member at a Christmas party nearly ten years ago has re-emerged amid news of more No 10 parties.

What will happen to Boris Johnson now?Will he be gone by the end of the week – or will he lead his party to the next election? Four scenarios for the beleaguered prime minister From now? I guess some more copy & paste of others research books, lots of wine, lots of high pay/few hours consultancy jobs, reality TV, a couple more marriages, retires to live in EU. Hopefully a date with his Russian 'backers' in a warehouse with a meat hook...