Boris Johnson accused of attending mid-lockdown 'BYOB' party in No10 garden

1/9/2022 2:42:00 AM

Boris Johnson has been accused of personally attending a drinks party in the garden of No 10 during the first lockdown

Boris Johnson has been accused of personally attending a drinks party in the garden of No 10 during the first lockdown

Boris Johnson has been accused of personally attending a drinks party in the garden of No 10 during the first lockdown.

'Game over': LBC listeners pile in on PM over No10 Christmas party footage Senior civil servant Sue Gray is investigating as part of her inquiry into numerous allegations of rule-breaking events being held in No 10 during the coronavirus pandemic.The hospital where the number of Covid patients increased four-fold in a week Professor Andrew Hayward, who sits on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: “It is absolutely tragic and to think that’s been repeated so many times is awful."The real question is 'Why is England such a global outlier?'" By Senior Trends Reporter, HuffPost UK 07/01/2022 04:20pm GMT.saw in a mass rebellion on Covid rules.

Allegations of the May 20, 2020 gathering, said to have been attended by 40 people, emerged this week when Dominic Cummings said he had warned at the time the "socially distanced drinks" would likely be against the rules and "should not happen".But the front page report suggesting Mr Johnson himself was present will add to the seriousness of the claims.I think some of the deaths are even more tragic for the fact that many of them were avoidable if we had acted earlier in the first and second wave.The Prime Minister imposed England's first lockdown to combat Covid-19 in March 2020 and it was not until June 1 that groups of up to six people were allowed to meet outdoors.Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner said: "The culture of total disregard for the rules seems to have been embedding into life in Downing Street from the very start of the pandemic.In a tweeted statement, Boris Johnson said: “Coronavirus has taken a terrible toll on our country and today the number of deaths recorded has reached 150,000."When much of the country was struggling with empty shelves and a total lockdown with no meeting with other allowed, it seems No 10 we're hosting parties from the very start.It doesn’t mean I believe in everything, but I like to keep track of people’s views.

"Boris Johnson and his team are taking the country for fools.“Our way out of this pandemic is for everyone to get their booster or their first or second dose if they haven’t yet.We need the report from Sue Gray's independent investigation as soon as possible and Boris Johnson needs to face the consequences of his actions." Ms Gray, a senior Cabinet Office official, also expanded her investigation to the May 15, 2020 garden gathering revealed by a leaked photo showing the Prime Minister and staff sat around cheese and wine.“Our thoughts are with all those who have lost someone, and we thank everyone supporting the vaccination effort,” he said.Mr Cummings, who was present in the picture, insisted in a blog post on Friday that there was nothing "illegal or unethical" about that day, which he insisted was a staff meeting.But the Vote Leave veteran, who departed as the chief adviser in Downing Street in November 2020, wrote: "On Wednesday 20 May, the week after this photo, a senior No 10 official invited people to 'socially distanced drinks' in the garden.” Jo Goodman, a co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice campaign, said the official figure of 150,000 coronavirus deaths being recorded was “yet another indictment of the government’s handling of the pandemic”.” John Major struggled endlessly with Eurosceptics he termed “bastards”, while May’s nemesis was the European Research Group, or ERG, the longstanding alliance of Brexit ultras.

" Mr Cummings said he and at least one other special adviser "said that this seemed to be against the rules and should not happen", adding that he issued the warning "in writing so Sue Gray can dig up the original email"."We were ignored.“This is ever more urgent as deaths from the Omicron variant continue to surge, with little apparently being done to address this.I was ill and went home to bed early that afternoon but am told this event definitely happened," he continued.No 10 and a spokeswoman for Mrs Johnson have both been asked to comment on the latest claim.” Covid cases in northern England are increasing quickly..There is significant crossover, not least with Steve Baker, a former ERG chair who is vice-chair of the CRG.

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Not accused, he's in the photos, what kind of BS 'news' organisation are you running at LBC!! Who f…… cares, give it a rest and let him run our nation. Shame on the pathetic MSM. Try reporting more on Blair and his mate Campbell who really let us down. Who cares, can we talk about things that actually matter please

So what … lbc is now just a mouthpiece for LabourParty and all those other loony lefties ! And it ll go in the pile « no consequence » Pooey the 16th and Carrie Antoinette taking the p*ss out of the little people OneRuleForThem is this surprising? Hete we go again. What Bill are they trying to pass now?

Oh please! Stop it, it’s getting ridiculous now No surprise there then It will all come to nowt, just like the rest of the allegations and accusations. BJ is untouchable. Storm in a teacup.

Covid has taken 'terrible toll' on UK, says Boris Johnson as deaths pass 150,000 | ITV NewsOne of the government's scientific advisors has said the situation is an 'absolute tragedy' made worse because “many of them were avoidable if we had acted earlier in the first and second waves” adamboultonTABB Really!. So globally, every Gov? Hindsight is wonderful Breaking - there has not been '150,000 covid deaths'. Dying of Covid is a bit different than dying with it. Wake up.

Different year, same- At this point I’d think we would be more surprised if he hadn’t attended a party during lockdown. All whilst people were dying alone and family members unable to say their goodbyes. Businesses built up and lost. He does not care about anyone. Media allow him to get away with a lot things.

All Conservatives hate the people of Britain so its no surprise he'd do this while the rest of us were told to lock ourselves up. He's like a cross between the honey monster and an unmade bed. KarlTurnerMP Just boring. Go away ffs.

Mark Drakeford Lashes Out At 'Politically Paralysed' Boris Johnson Over Lack Of Covid Restrictions'The real question is 'Why is England such a global outlier?''

ERG out, CRG in: the Tory factions Boris Johnson is struggling to appeasePM relied on party factions to get into No 10, but amid Covid and climate crisis is finding them difficult to contain 'to appease'🤔😂🤣? Come on ,the whole country IS about to burst. Brexit = UnionJerks instead of UnionJack 🇬🇧 Get rid of them. Let them form their own right wing faction and see how they do. How can you appease those that want to see everything burn?

Boris Johnson ‘will not face new inquiry into Downing Street flat refurbishment’PM set to evade probe which could potentially have led to his suspension from Commons Always ask this Question when looking to effectively utilize the Power of Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses via meta, where we verifiably query very many Citizens of very many Constituencies on very many things: Is there a Law you wish to have Enacted, Enforced, or Repealed? At a Penny-Per, with Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses via meta, verifiably querying every Citizen of every Constituency: An 'All-UK', = 50,415,000* x .01 = $504,150 *18 Years & Over 2/When we have Mapped All Data Points inputted by Each User, that identifies Education, Occupation & Experiences, to Authoritative Bodies for verification of All Subject Matter Experts on All Subject Matters, we will Most-Effectively Gather Consensuses.

Boris Johnson faces questions over support for exhibition plan backed by donorLabour says Boris Johnson has 'serious questions to answer' over messages about a great exhibition. Corrupt Tories lining their pockets while the public face the most significant cost of living hike in living memory. I’m tired of Boris…Next!

Boris Johnson warned against scaling back free lateral flow testsScottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said the reported plan would be ‘utterly wrongheaded’.