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Blind woman left 'humiliated' as restaurant turns her away due to guide dog

Blind woman left 'humiliated' as restaurant turns her away due to guide dog

10/19/2021 8:40:00 AM

Blind woman left 'humiliated' as restaurant turns her away due to guide dog

Siobhan Meade recorded her visit to the Taste of India in King's Lynn, Norfolk on Saturday where she went with her husband Sean Dilley and guide dog Marty

.She posted the exchange on her YouTube channel which shows a member of staff refusing her entry because of the canine.In the footage shared on Blind Girl Vlogs, she appears to enter the restaurant before a member of staff immediately says 'dogs aren't allowed in here.'

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Despite explaining that guide dogs had to be accepted inside by law they were continually refused entry. Another person inside the restaurant then appears to confront the member of staff, explaining that service dogs cannot be refused entry.As the stand-off continues a man from the restaurant is then seen to approach before apologising and accepting that the guide dog could be allowed inside.

He said that the member of staff did not know that the animal was permitted and continued to apologise.At the end of the recording Siobhan says she was made to feel 'so humiliated' by what happened.She said: "All I want to do is go and have a bite to eat and, seriously, it is something that is really, really frustrating.

"I'm so upset by it. This is happening far too much, something needs to be done about it, I'm just so upset by it." Speaking to Eastern Daily Press she went on to say that similar experiences happened "all the time" and were getting worse, calling it a 'huge issue.'

She said: "It's always at the back of my mind, if it's somewhere new I'm literally so anxious and stressed before I even get into the restaurant."I'm always thinking are they going to welcome me or am I going to have to fight for my rights."

A manager told the newspaper that "normal" dogs were not allowed inside and the member of staff didn't know it was a guide dog.He apologised and said it would not happen again. Read More Read more: Daily Mirror »

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