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Birth rates will drop and people will be single for longer post-COVID

Experts from the US reviewed 90 studies to help them predict how COVID-19 could shift social behaviours and gender norms - even among those not infected.

10/24/2020 8:19:00 AM

Birth rates will drop, people will stay single for longer and women will sexualise themselves more: Scientists predict how society will change in a post-COVID world

Experts from the US reviewed 90 studies to help them predict how COVID-19 could shift social behaviours and gender norms - even among those not infected.

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Covid: Boris Johnson to set out post-lockdown plan for England - BBC News

Boris Johnson is due to explain a return to the three-tier system after lockdown ends on 2 December.

Sooner better to start an only Biological weapon against COVID19. INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC CROSS PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY. Yo Women, don't worry. If this happened, come to me, don't sexualise yourselves. I am your savior RowanAtkinson😎 This was already happening before Covid 19... SOUNDS OK TO ME I dont give shit I want a robot doll better than any GB GB woman

So western society is done. Not in Bradford Again, DM scientists become bored. Positive outcomes more likely? Happy being single 💯 That’s their agenda Hopefully STIs will drop as well 🤞 'scientists predict'. OK then That’s one helluva a tag line. I’m not reading it out of spite alone MichaelYeadon3 has done an amazing podcast explaining what the situation is. I urge everyone to listen in-full & share (it’s long but worth it). Then make up your own mind, research the points in it if you need to.

This is what they want with humanity through their Vaccin bio-weapon covid/ gmo and more: NEWWORLd Order. News just in. Bringing a new life into this crazy world could be considered irresponsible and selfish... The anti white agenda is in full flow. Time for the healthy of mind to organise and create a world by whites for whites.

What? I've been hearing so many women give birth lately. Wee bit of scaremongering there DM This is what they want more like it !!!! Who paid for this 'study', Soros? Sorry to disappoint you but people have been pretty busy during Lockdown. I have a few friends who found out they are pregnant in the past few months. 🤣🤣🤣

There should be a laughter reaction button here. I found the part about population dropping because of less kids being reproduced. If anything, the lockdown due to covid will increase the population because couples will end up having sex due out of boredom. You wish I don't see a problem. I guess this was written even before the pandemic. What kind of 'scientists' are these? Antifa scientists?

Sexualise themselves more? Hmm im bi-curios like biscuits now 🤔 During the second world war children were born and also after the war ended in 1945 the birth rate has changed today, with women having careers and having children later in life or deciding against becoming mother's. UK Govt lied about 50,100 flu deaths in England & Wales during 2017-18 season, despite O.N.S stats showing there were only 372 flu deaths in that season...(source British Medical Journal) How did the Govt 'conjure up' 50,100 flu deaths? The Govt are lying about the Covid stats!

Can't afford anything else. Just as they planned it to be. Doubt it Good , people are having to many children without any card as to how to feed them clothe them and how as adults they will get jobs in an overpopulation- and the Climate crisis could easily end us all anyway in a very painful way - ...to rise out of poverty and planned servitude,this is not a good trajectory for anyone but the super rich and powerful...

...or understand where this is leading will bring a new easy-to-control workforce into the world,their knowledge and education will be strictly will flow continuously across the globe and with no Europeans left won’t progress fast enough... good as we the virus on the planet Total rubbish. What does “will sexualise themselves more” mean?

The alcohol is help you feeling aloud... you have no idea how resilient humanity is. 2021 will see a surge in birth rates. Especially for state with lockdown orders. What do you think couples have been doing during the lockdown? Plannedemic after decades of inhaling chemtrails toxic metals aluminum copper barium and shit

Is this a prediction, a threat or a promise? Nah. People esp women will lose their jobs and have more kids. Staying in everyone will shop less esp sexy clothes. People will date online and earlier without the stressful drunk in a bar step. You got this all wrong. Not in Africa I am more than happy to help out women in this difficult time. 😛😋

An interesting article, but the word evolutionary was repeated too many times, suggesting bias & intent in motivation. A different perspective for all intents & purposes; the CCP planned to shut HK down, then the virus got out of control. A ‘test case’, with worse yet to come. Going to need more same sex couples

What a bunch of simps. Live your lives! So, we can all get companion robots and bring the population of the world back down to a manageable level. OMG.. What do you mean...Sexualize Themselves ..above..ka..? This is like predicting today’s weather yesterday. Captain obvious!!

Horrifying reality of Covid as 2nd wave sweeps globe from US to France to ChinaThe second wave of Covid-19 is ravaging Europe but each government is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in very different ways

‘It’s like they’re waiting for us to die’: why Covid-19 is battering Black ChicagoansMost of the city’s deaths are hyper-concentrated in majority-Black neighborhoods, ‘a reflection of structural racism’ BLdM Fitting to have an Illuminati symbol right next to Obama in the graffiti, the Eye of Horus, being subtle is not your forte plastering it right in our faces 😏 MichaelYeadon3 has done an amazing podcast explaining what the situation is. I urge everyone to listen in-full & share (it’s long but worth it). Then make up your own mind, research the points in it if you need to.

Coronavirus live news: remdesivir approved as Covid treatment by US FDA; France sees record new casesAntiviral treatment is first to treat coronavirus approved by FDA; France extends curfew; Study finds between 130,000 and 210,000 US deaths could have been avoided. Follow the latest Of course they did But they said it doesn’t work How effective a treatment for COVID-19 is remdesivir? Seemingly significant enough to warrant the FDA approval, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Remdesivir: US regulators approve first drug to treat Covid-19The antiviral medicine remdesivir has been given full approval in the US after a trial showed it cut recovery time by five days Ben koronadan dolayı ıssız kaldım iki çocuk babasiyim çok zor durumdayız Allah razı için yardım edin veya sesimizi duyurmak için vesile olun artık ekmek alacak paramız bile kalmadı bilgi için DM atabilirsiniz teyid için gelip bakabilirsiniz First? I'm sure they're already using other drugs, or do you mean first NEW drug?

Covid tier system in England has confused the messaging, says police chief – videoThe assistant chief constable Owen Weatherill said during a home affairs committee meeting that England’s three-tier system of coronavirus regulations was confusing and, as a result, difficult for police to implement If you have to think about it, it’s too hard. All COVID guidelines should be built around modifying human behavior easily. Why isn't anyone speaking out about the PCR test that is being used outside of it's design parameters to illegally maintain this casedemic? The information that could end all this hardship and economic meltdown in an instant. Yet all remain silent. Will you remain silent?

Fifth of England to have sewage tested for Covid to identify local outbreaksMORE than a fifth of the country will have their sewage tested for Covid after government pilots found it can trace the virus even if just one in 1,000 people have it. Ministers believe sewage test… That’s a load of — Stupid On on this CRAP, goodnight!! 💩💩💩