Biden considers sending troops warships and aircraft to Eastern Europe

Biden considers sending thousands of troops, warships and aircraft to Eastern Europe

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1/24/2022 7:30:00 AM

Biden considers sending thousands of troops, warships and aircraft to Eastern Europe

President Biden is considering deploying several thousand American troops together with warships and aircraft, to NATO ally countries located in the Baltics.

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He should secure his own border Let's start a war. We have not had one since World War 2 Warmonger How about sending them to the southern border? please leave them at home. Gotta rake in those tax profits with the war buddies, blow up a few kids to show they mean business, and collect the cheques on the way out

You can always count on Biden to mess things up. If Ukraine was a member of NATO then the US would be obligated to defend them if invaded. Since they are not, other than sending supplies, the US should stay out. In my view, he should send thousands of diplomats instead of troops , with the brain to discuss issues on international level ,to handle the situation before it results into a useless war 👌

A legal referendum avoid to go war? I won't hold my breath Biden’s mental health has been called into question many times over...and now it’s your turn. Try watching “Threads” or even “Doctor Strangelove” instead...

Sanders: ‘anti-democratic’ Republicans to blame for Biden woes, not just Manchin and SinemaSenator confirms he will campaign against moderate Democrats if they face primary challenges Manchin and Sinema hold the power to stop them, but instead, they joined them. They are equally at fault. So wish we could clone Bernie, he is great. Yeah Blame all asunder but themselves

Because he didn't know what to do with them after withdrawing from Afghanistan? Shit in your own country please Not to worry. The speed this guy works at. Is biden hurrying? Why create more tensions, rather than solving them I need a whisky now Paulus will lead the US to victory. Popcorn out! We couldn't win air defenseless Afghanistan but somehow we ll conquer Russia

He's simply thinking of it. It’s not our fight dude. Not a single America’s should die over this Keep your eye on the old fart. He'll probably get Ukraine confused with UK and end up wiping Milton Keynes off the map.

Biden 'prepared to meet Putin' to break deadlock over Ukraine invasion fearsDiplomats desperately want to defuse tensions with Russia after it amassed 106,000 soldiers along the border with Ukraine . wonder how they came up with that amount For how long will humanity continue to live in this darkness and oppression? Qasim has been shown the way out and towards the righteous path, the path walked by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Learn more about this on

Uk and US should stop sponsoring the ongoing killings of indigenous people of BIAFRA and Christians in Nigeria because of their selfish interest and benefits...the indigenous people of BIAFRA has the right for selves determination FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow FreeBiafra

'Very Significant Risk' Russia Will Invade Ukraine, Says Dominic RaabThe deputy PM said the UK would stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Ukraine but said it was “extremely unlikely” it would send out troops. Wondering what Putin thinks about that ? So, not shoulder to shoulder then. Thus revealing his hand - clown!

Anti-aircraft weapons on way to Ukraine as Russian troops amass on borderThe Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are to send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine , in a move that is backed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, but is unlikely to please Moscow. kirancmoodley This is going to be really bad…. kirancmoodley We can all see that Russia has made its decision the only question for NATO is whether they are going to stop them? They can if they so choose!🤔 kirancmoodley Ukraine is the new dustbin for out of date materiel.

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During a meeting in Camp David over the weekend, Pentagon officials outlined various options to President Biden. Options would see American military might move a step closer to Russian border. Among strategies being considered, between 1,000 to 5,000 troops could be relocated to countries in Eastern Europe. There would also be a potential to increase to 50,000 should the need arise. None of the military options would see the deployment of additional American troops to Ukraine