Biden calls for new gun laws in wake of massacre that killed six

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Joe Biden calls for new gun laws in wake of massacre in Sacramento that killed six

Sergio Harris, 38, a married dad-of-three, and DeVazia Turner, 29, are the first of six victims to be named. 'We equally mourn for those victims and families who do not make national headlines,' he said. 'But we must do more than mourn; we must act'. He cited his administration's work implementing gun reforms, including attempting to stop those trafficking firearms, plus expanding funds for police.


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This is the results of not inforcing controls on the Second Amendment.

If CA continues its path of being soft on criminals & infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of those who live here, this gang war shooting may become the norm in every major city that is run by Democrats. Basically, there will be anarchy. Which strangely, many on the left want.

This was a dangerous fight between criminals but will be glorified like the others. Woke glorified BLM. Riots next the usual pattern

So no gunman, no gun, no motive.. but it’s the same rhetoric. Increase police.. um that defund stuff? Sometimes it’s hard to pretend it’s less about what actually happen and more about a greater narrative… one of the dumbest thing.. make the firearm manufacturer liable .. silly

My neighbours are a family of Jews. What does Kosher mean? And how can salt be Kosher? They look funny, but I ignore them. Do Jews worship the devil?I think they have a pentagram and huge silver candle holders?That's not a problem! But I think they keep blocking our sewagesystem

Just don't research who commits the vast majority of murders. Or what guns are used. Spoiler alert. It's not white supremacists. Or AR15s.

Like that will ever happen

Where have we heard that before and how many times.

It's been more than one year since he has assumed the office and it should have been done long ago.

It's cute he says they'll hire more they just got done firing them the past few year over reform, ect. Which is it? Better ask the Squad if it's ok to hire more police.

He’ll do nothing, no President ever does

He could have made this a priority when he ‘won’ the election. I guess he doesn’t really care after all. TRUMP2024

you mean they legally owned the guns?

Let's go Brandon

No gun likes life.

Damn lefties always wanting make people defenseless.

Who? The problem isn’t the guns. But, those who use them!

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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