Biden Awarded Israel's Medal of Honor

7/15/2022 1:10:00 AM

President Joe Biden Received Israel’s Presidential Medal of Honor on Thursday

President Joe Biden Received Israel’s Presidential Medal of Honor on Thursday.

President Joe Biden Received Israel’s Presidential Medal of Honor on Thursday

Copyright © 2022 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Thursday argued that federal law does not confer a right to an abortion.Why Biden Could Come Back From Saudi Arabia Empty Handed By Tsvetana Paraskova - Jul 13, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT Biden is set to travel to Saudi Arabia this week to plead his case for additional oil output.By Kiran Moodley President Biden was categoric about Saudi Arabia when he was running for office: he condemned the country’s record on human rights.

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The war monger WHY? For what!? That’s like Obama getting the Nobel Prize for bombing civilians in the Middle East.

Texas sues to block Joe Biden from requiring abortions in medical emergenciesBREAKING: Texas state officials have sued the Biden administration to challenge its recent guidance requiring doctors to provide abortions in medical emergencies.

Why Biden Could Come Back From Saudi Arabia Empty Handed | OilPrice.comU.S. President Joe Biden is heading to Saudi Arabia this week to make the case for additional oil supply, but he may come back empty-handed Tanto que demócratas y liberales en EEUU y en el resto de Occidente atacaron 'sin piedad' al príncipe MBS por el asesinato del periodista Jamal Khashoggi. La energía proveniente de cualquier fuente con tal de que no sea desde EEUU, luce estar por encima del orgullo demócrata. Why should opec produce more if they feel oil is going to crash again? It’s been repeatedly expressed that opec does not see a supply demand imbalance.

Biden visits Middle East – against backdrop of low approval ratings at homePresident Biden was categoric about Saudi Arabia when running for office - condemning the country's record on human rights. But now he's in the Middle East hoping to promote US interests against the backdrop of war in Ukraine. kirancmoodley reports. kirancmoodley Anything newsworthy happening in the Netherlands? kirancmoodley When they told him he's going to the middle east he thought they meant Virginia! kirancmoodley No one knew back then that Putin’s Russia would be at war with the rest of the World. The prices of petroleum products have risen as a result and capitalist greed has created runaway inflation. Policy must shift.

First Lady Jill Biden to Take a 3-Day Trip to MassachusettsFirst lady Jill Biden will travel to Massachusetts Thursday and stay through Saturday, making stops in Boston, Andover and Nantucket. Dr. Biden is expected to land at Boston Logan Airport shortly after noon on Thursday, according to the White House. From the airport she will head to Home Base in Boston, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital program… ……Nantucket…of course

Joe Biden heads to Middle East amid faltering US swayThe US president's visit to the turbulent region may highlight the limits of American power. I have a bad feeling about this, in general. 😼 This is going to be really embarrassing.

Biden: Inflation Data Does Not Reflect Impact Of Gasoline Price Decline | OilPrice.comU.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the June inflation data showing the highest inflation in the United States in more than 40 years is “out-of-date” because gasoline prices have been falling over the past 30 days