Biden admin hints at deploying extra troops if Russia invades Ukraine

Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine, senior Biden administration official says

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12/7/2021 4:30:00 AM

Putin is preparing to invade Ukraine , senior Biden administration official says

Biden administration refused to rule out deploying additional US troops to Eastern Europe should Russia n President Putin invade Ukraine and President Biden will threaten sanctions.

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'100 invited' to Downing Street garden lockdown drinks

The Met Police have contacted the government over a get-together said to have been attended by the PM.

Biden left all his weapons in Afghanistan?

Bob Dole: Biden leads tributes to a 'dear friend'Tributes have been paid across the US political divide to the late Republican leader Bob Dole. That's sporadic

Joe Biden restores tradition with return to Kennedy Center HonorsPresident given standing ovations at performing arts awards snubbed by Donald Trump एक हजार वर्ष से गहरी निद्रा में सोया मेरा हिंदू समाज अब मोदी योगी के नेतृत्व में धीरे धीरे जाग रहा हैं बस यही समस्या विरोधियों को सेन की नींद सोने नहीं दे रही हैं Traditions? Where have they gotten us. Racial tensions, masked masses committing crimes, war mongering, inflation, dollar hasn’t been worth the paper it’s on, substantial and outrageous dog-earring of budget, halt in production, job loss, mixed emotions…more? EvacuateAUAFAlumni

Joe Biden to announce diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter OlympicsUnder the proposed boycott, U.S. government officials will not attend the Winter Olympics in February, but American athletes would still participate and compete, CNN reported on Sunday. Good! It’s a very stupid decision. Joe is toooooo old to make sound judgment. And the world never boycotted the US for doing this.

No shortage of sanction options if Russia invades UkraineThe Biden administration has plenty of options to make good on its pledge to hit Russia financially if President Vladimir Putin sends troops into Ukraine why do we sanction russia but russia doesn't sanction us for afghanistan and iraq etc? There was going to be an election in Ukraine scheduled for 6 months after Maidan happened. But then there was a violent, fascist revolution instead - supported by the US. Then literal fascists, became the National Guard of Ukraine. Then they had a war with East Ukraine 1/2 If Russia invades Ukraine, NATO should invade Russia.

Vladimir Putin 'drawing up battle plans or Russia to invade Ukraine in new year'Analysts say satellite images of Russia 's border with Ukraine show a build up of 175,000 troops, tanks and artillery. American intelligence officials warn the amassing of forces indicates a looming invasion, potentially in the new year