Berlin church opens doors for Muslims to pray

Ramadan: German church opens doors for Muslim prayers

5/23/2020 9:19:00 AM

Ramadan: German church opens doors for Muslim prayers

New social distancing rules meant many worshippers had nowhere to go until the church stepped in.

ReutersA church in Berlin has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers unable to fit into their mosque under new social distancing rules.Germany allowed religious services to resume on 4 May but worshippers must maintain a distance of 1.5m (5ft).As a result the Dar Assalam mosque in the city's Neukölln district could only hold a fraction of its congregation.

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But the Martha Lutheran church in Kreuzberg offered to help by hosting Friday prayers at the end of Ramadan.Throughout the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sex from dawn to dusk. Normally families and friends would gather to break their fast and attend communal prayers, but in Berlin - as in countries across the world - this year's celebrations have been affected.

Image copyrightReuters"It is a great sign and it brings joy in Ramadan and joy amid this crisis," the mosque's imam told Reuters news agency."This pandemic has made us a community. Crises bring people get together.""It was a strange feeling because of the musical instruments, the pictures," congregation member Samer Hamdoun said, noting the contrast to Islamic worship.

"But when you look, when you forget the small details. This is the house of God in the end."Image copyrightReutersEven the church's pastor took part in the service."I gave a speech in German," said Monika Matthias."And during prayer, I could only say yes, yes, yes, because we have the same concerns and we want to learn from you. And it is beautiful to feel that way about each other."

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Waste of time. Leave it to the church to defend western civilization when its under diabolical threat. A lot of critics and islamiphobes replying - tend also to be be right wing. However, you can pray in any mosque or church if you want- the difference which is fascinating and why it’s newsworthy is that this church allowed a service for another faith. Something kind and decent.

This is compromise of the highest order. It won't be long before Germany churches are replaced by mosques at the rate of their immigration. Islam has brought terrorism, FGM. bigamy, acid attacks, Muslim rape squads and honour killings to Germany. It's Christian to forgive, but NOT to tolerate it. Always trying to undo their past.

Weird! Big deal Its a nice gesture definitely but a gym hall or empty space is an alternative.. depending on weather prayer can be outside with social.distance.. No real difference between Lutherans and them Look at the high virus areas very heavy on mosques Who cares, one made up god or another it doesn't matter.

A beautiful gesture. Ban all religion The Teutonic Order would be spinning in their graves. Maybe they'll return the favour and allow Christians to enter their mosques and pray in there. This is the understanding of Germany of the word 'Cosmic Religion'. So happy to know that Germany get the points og being human together in this world.😍😍😍👍👍👍💞💞💞💞

OMG that’s absolutely beautiful Once again, despite their history, Germany leads the way in just being decent to each other. this is a good news to all Muslims Why don't you give this many updates about 'Christmas' or 'Easter'? Why cant people pray in their home especially in current times? Its not like one God texted the other to say “hey meet you at the church at 9?” 🤣

Congratulations. Germany, tired of trying to invade the rest of Europe tries being invaded by Islam... get a grip Mutti You know what, why don’t we just have a ban on religious news? It’s all bull*hit, it’s all backwards, it’s all judgemental and divisive and designed as a means to control through brainwash. We shouldn’t be furthering any religion or it’s agenda.

Where Germany leads...... Boris will follow....... Religion tolerant 💜💙❤️💚 Germany leading the way yet again But the door wasn’t open for Christians during Easter 🐣?🤔....🤐 No no no no no no! This makes absolutely no sense! There is no other religion that is pushed and reported on as much in the UK as Islam. There are other communities you know? I've no doubt that they get a mention or two, I guarantee that the number of stories, adverts and articles are far less. Why? What's the agenda?

Wtf this is ridiculous, so will the local mosque let Christians in to prey with their shoes on? I think not Why? It’s been proven a billion times, paying doesn’t change gawds plan 😂 It's all made up you know Mosques will allow Christians to pray soon I imagine... KremlinRussia_E RoyalFamily Not surprised, German authorities will soon be throwing out the good Christians in their churches, to make way for the new Germany

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