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Beirut: Port worker found alive in the sea 30 hours after explosion

Beirut port worker is found bloodied but alive 30 hours after being blown into the sea by the devastating explosion

8/6/2020 11:00:00 PM

Beirut port worker is found bloodied but alive 30 hours after being blown into the sea by the devastating explosion

Port of Beirut worker Amin al-Zahed, whose photo was posted on an Instagram page dedicated to locating missing residents, was found in the Mediterannean sea, 30 hours after the blast.

Huge explosion ripped through the city of Beirut Tuesday evening, killing at least 100 and wounding 4,000A man who was flown into the sea in the explosion has been found 30 hours after the bomb blastOne young girl, who was missing, was found alive in Beirut after spending 24 hours under the rubble

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Search and rescue teams combed rubble yesterday, before discovering another man who was buried aliveThey managed to dig him out, to shouts of 'Issam is alive' from a crowd that had gathered to see the momentMeanwhile dozens of appeals were posted online for those who had gone missing in the aftermath of the blast

A nurse was also hailed a hero after being pictured clutching three newborns in the ruins of a hospital Read more: Daily Mail Online »

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Nigerians have taken to the streets to protest against SARS - a widely-criticised unit of the police often accused of abuses.

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Beirut port blast comes amid tensions between Lebanon and IsraelLebanon's interior minister said initial information indicated highly explosive material that had been stored at the port had blown up. Israel, which has fought several wars with Lebanon, denied any role. Can't forget about this! Here comes all the anti Israel hate now.

Wednesday briefing: Strife-torn Lebanon reels from Beirut port explosionHospitals overwhelmed as president calls for two-week state of emergency … MPs blast Covid border policy … man graduates from university aged 96

Beirut explosion: claims 'nothing was done' for years over ammonium nitrate at Lebanon port – live updatesLebanon PM appeals for international assistance with over half the city damaged in blast that killed at least 100 and wounded 4,000 The world is still exist. It’s CerseiLannister

State of emergency declared in Beirut and port officials detainedLebanon announces state of emergency and places port officials under house arrest Port officials right now : HOUSE ARREST? ARE YOU SHITTING ME? ARE THESE FUCKERS STILL ALIVE? DON'T YOU HAVE ANY WALL STANDING THERE TO LINE THEM UP? AND ANY FUNCTIONING MACHINE GUNS LEFT?

At least 135 killed and 300,000 homeless overnight after Beirut port explosionGovernor warns hundreds of thousands may be unable to return home for months Lots of empty cruise ships around the world, they could come to Beirut and house people 😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏

Officials long called for chemicals behind blast to be removed from Beirut port, reports sayMorning, everyone. It's DannyBoyle87 with my 6am choice for your SixAtSix Thursday reading 👇 Lebanon blast: Officials were warned stockpiled chemicals 'could blow up all of Beirut' 1/6 DannyBoyle87 First-person piece: My brush with death in the middle of the Beirut explosion 2/6