'Be kind,' social-media users urge after Flack death

'In a world where you can be anything, be kind,' Caroline Flack wrote on Instagram in December


'In a world where you can be anything, be kind,' Caroline Flack wrote on Instagram in December

A desire for change - but can calls for kindness offer anything more substantial than catharsis?

"It takes people to commit to changing their behaviour," Center for Countering Digital Hate chief executive Imran Ahmed told BBC News."It's important that it's sustained over the long term or it will be one moment of positivity in the sea of negativity social media can be."

"By engaging with negative content, we fall into the trap of amplifying it," he said.

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In a world where you can't be anything that matters, BE DEAD! If being kind is not a good way to solve problems, there have no way to deal with troubles better. BBC_HaveYourSay Ccol BBC_HaveYourSay She clearly had a lot of issues, but I wonder where all the so-called friends and colleagues of hers were in December when she was arrested? They're ever so quick with the tributes, but were probably nowhere to be seen when they were needed. UsualHypocrisy

And then hit her boyfriend on the head with a heavy lamp requiring police to attend the property. That under criminal and mental health assessments is dangerous impulsive conduct requiring detention either for treatment or punishment. Why does media keep exploiting her passing? BBC, or UK can you be so kind to save DAVID ABEL AND HIS WIFE?

Who? She clattered him, bedroom looked like a horror movie, plus the police video evidence,that’s why she was terrified, no need to top yourself but if it was the other way around, he’d be getting a stretch with the evidence FACT. She was 32 & dated a 17 year old When in Decemeber? Before or after, she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend. To dismiss this alleged assault, is to send out a message to others that 'what the heck'. Be kind, don't do harm to others. If you have been harmed, seek redress.

Letters: Was the CPS really right to prosecute Caroline Flack?Please send your letters to lettersindependent.co.uk Yes. No. All celebrities should be above the law. They dont prosecute alchoholics on bail for assaulting OAP's, then punching 10 year old girls in the face metpoliceuk islington socialservices

And 'practice what you preach' is another good one. Yes I agree ,be kind & scraptvlicence that we have been forced by prison,is this Russia?ask Americans what they think about paying to have a tv ,go on,ask them,that’s ya job. Shame the uk press didn’t listen 😔 She wrote a lot of other stuff too. People write a lot of crap on social media. Why do we always have to go through celebrity accounts with a fine tooth comb like “Oo look what they put” when they just shared an “inspirational quote” that was doing the rounds

Also, be neutral So many of you are missing the point here and carry on trolling. None of us are perfect or do we know what happened that night. Trolling and tabloids went to town on a girl already fragile and let her feeling this was the only option. She was loved by all who knew her. BeKind And if that fails beat them over the head with a lamp while they sleep. 😜

This in no way a t criticism of Carolyn but what I don't understand is who reported the so called incident to the police? If it was was her boyfriend, what the hell did he think would happen? Doesn't he share some blame in this awful tradgedy? Like beating up her bf

Caroline Flack told police she would kill herself after alleged attack on boyfriendLove Island presenter 'will be forever in our hearts', ITV says Sad,shows how damaged and potentially abusive she was. Probably needed help,I wonder if any of the rose tinters with vacuous words tried to get her help or encouraged her to get help. So she was unstable for a while then!

Celebs make you laugh...they can’t tweet quick enough when someone dies and jump on any bandwagon going to boost their profile but I wonder how many reach out when she and others are suffering? Very few! And delete Twitter 'By BBC News Staff' right there on the BBC news website - proof of group think - 'we are the Borg' maybe it should be 'i am Borg'!

We’ll never know the truth. Better to leave her alone as she seems to be a mixed bag. - Caroline Flack: Love Island host denies assaulting boyfriend if as a star performer your personality is challenged by your position of perceived wealth, authority and your pauper audience, maybe you should all walk away as for being inspirational friends to overcome your post transmitted show depression becomes a factor

BeKind Remember ..punching someone in the head .. is an act of kindness. Emotional Distress? Why tell the world what you are thinking? Social media ? Mad world. Mad people! Be your head some day

Legal experts debate CPS decision to charge Caroline Flack despite mental health revelations‘Nobody, except those involved in a criminal case, knows enough details to comment on whether the CPS was right or wrong,’ says criminal barrister As an abuse survivor I would be immensely concerned if this legal measure, designed to protect victims, was removed/diluted on the basis of one high profile case. Scapegoating the CPS is a simplistic, unhelpful response to a complex issue. No they don’t It’s not a contentious prosecution. There have been thousands like it almost all involving men as the offender.

Just before she beat her boyfriend up? Was she kind to people she abused? Is that before or after she 'allegedly ' wacked her boyfriend over the head with a lamp while sleeping? The same BBC that nearly destroyed Cliff Richards. Was that kind? I like this Very common phrase when youre reaching out Beautiful 😍

Also, try being honest. That seems to earn trust better than kindness. do you remember when Journalists went out & Got a story, doing the leg work, now they just steal tweets & post whatever suits them, the last 3 days has been wall to wall coverage of someone's fate, yet if it was a day 2 day of the 84, nothing would get a mention, Shameful


Caroline Flack – in picturesThe TV presenter hosted many of UK television’s biggest reality shows and their spinoffs Saved you a click... Not really the time for a wank is it? The things she was missing not pictured

Nice sentiment, sadly however that twitter was absolutely toxic whilst folk were tweeting BeKind... Exactly! So BBC!? Why do you threaten people with prison? This is clearly just milking the tragedy and you really should just let it go now. She posted plenty of things on social media. Looking for poignancy or foreshadowing is pathetic. She's free of this scrutiny and nonsense, so salvage some respect.

Social media is a free to use and free to not use. It only took the media until February to make her khs as a 'news' organization, you have no shame, you flog the woman while she lived, now you flog her after she's escaped your wrath, then you're put up PSA tweets to anyone feeling suicidal. late stage 'journalism'

Monday briefing: MPs condemn 'hounding' of Caroline FlackAnger grows over media coverage of the late TV presenter’s court case … 600 flood warnings in Dennis deluge … James Taylor on hanging out with the Beatles are you look for-t -shirt ? I will design bulk t shirts for your pod business contract I doubt we'll see much condemnation from the tory benches given the Boris, Cummings, Murdoch triumvirate.

Lewis Burton and Ant and Dec lead tributes as Caroline Flack found dead‘I’m trying to find the words but I can’t,’ says Love Island host Whitmore Ant n dec were over there all the time lately, I'm sure Then to know that this was a crime until 1960, now they celebrating it. Every death is sad and a loss, it is also the persons own free will. Hello uk peoples and womans not there new my wife u are all fail oops

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