BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Covid - Impact on Women's Finances; Bettany Hughes; Berta Cáceres.

6/11/2020 11:22:00 PM

The programme that offers a female perspective on the world

‘I put my savings into it but I haven’t got them back out but there are some things that are worth more than money.. we’ve created employment for people who’ve never had jobs before’ Jackie Shimidzu one of our Troupers on her work at a community café

The programme that offers a female perspective on the world

What impact has Covid-19 had on women’s personal finances? Bettany Hughes - A Greek Odyssey.Show more Fear of becoming homeless is one of the factors that stops women leaving an abusive relationship.Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given Released On.Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given Released On.

Troupers - Jacqui Shimidzu.The murder of Berta Cáceres.But now we're in lockdown have things got better or worse? In our latest Corona Diary we speak to ex-pat, Carol.Show more A picture is slowly emerging of what has happened to women’s personal finances since the Covid 19 pandemic began.The debt advice charity, Step Change, warned that British households are expected to rack up debts worth a combined £6bn because of the health emergency as they fell behind with their bills.She wants to be closer to her elderly parents, but the complications of coronavirus have put a spanner in the works.And it looks like this will disproportionately impact on women.

Jenni talks to Jude Kelly, Founder of the Women of the World Festival who is involved in the Insuring Women’s Futures programme, Zubaida Haque, Interim Director of the Runnymede Trust and a member of the Independent Sage and a commissioner for the Women’s Budget Group and Amy Cashman, CEO of Kantar’s Insights Division.touch them.The historian Bettany Hughes tells Jenni about her new series A Greek Odyssey where she retraces the steps of Odysseus from the coast of Turkey where the mythical Trojan War took place to the island of Ithaca in the West of Greece.Sailing through the Greek islands, she makes new archaeological discoveries, visits iconic sites and uncovers the truth around the myths and legends of the ancient world; including iconic women such as Hera, Helen, Calypso and Iphigenia.Penny Wincer has written about caring.A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes launches tomorrow, Friday 12 June, at 9pm on Channel 5.Coronavirus has made visible a group of people who were often invisible – volunteers.She offers hints, guidance and support.

Thousands of people signed up to help the NHS as a volunteer.Local residents’ groups have got together to help those who can’t get to the shops, or to call people who might be experiencing severe isolation.Before lockdown, Woman’s Hour began interviewing women who volunteered in all sorts of areas – who see a gap, or a problem to be solved, and just get on with it – Troupers.They told their stories to Laura Thomas.Today it’s the turn of Jacqui Shimidzu, who runs the Hill Station Café in South London.

Berta Cáceres – a celebrated Honduran environmental activist and indigenous leader – was murdered in 2016.She had dedicated her life to fighting for the land and water rights of indigenous Lenca communities in the west of the country.But after a relentless stream of threats, intimidation and harassment failed to deter her, Berta was brutally killed.Nina Lakhani was the only Western journalist to follow the trial and has herself faced threats and defamation campaigns in her quest to bring Berta’s story to a global audience.She talks to Jenni.

Producer: Louise Corley.

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ninalakhani Thank you for telling this fascinating & tragic story. A real issue from the real world for a change. So much suffering out there ignored by groups with a political agenda. bettanyhughes Distinctly limited woman gets BBC gig due to her gender and quota requirements. DefundTheBBC ninalakhani

JudeKelly_ Zubhaque Kantar As a temp I don't get furloughed and I had a small amount left by my mum so won't be able to claim for financial help. There's too many pages and info to fill out too. Too much for my head atm. My other pt job in cafe gone as I have lower immune system. Real fun 😏

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Homelessness, Touch, CaringWhy the fear of homelessness is stopping some women leave an abusive relationship: I agree that housing & homelessness & unemployment is a very, very real threat for women when considering leaving an abusive relationship...😥 Yes, it’s chronic janegarvey1 most inhuman not to be able to. Something huge is missing. So envious of those living with others that still can stanchers I have. Very much.

Woman's Hour - Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given - BBC Sounds'People see me as innocent.' Artist and author Florence Given talks privilege, racism & not owing anyone your 'prettiness'. Listen to our podcast 🎧 👉 Piss off

Woman's Hour - Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given - BBC Sounds'I have a lot more privilege... just because I exist in the body that I do.' Artist & author Florence Given talks privilege, race & not owing anyone your 'prettiness'. Listen to our podcast 🎧 👉 I was really surprised by the negative responses to this piece today. I thought she was excellent. For all those who are 'bored' of this messaging, you may have heard it before but the issues are as present as ever and thus the conversation needs to be had until they're not. I also thought she was very impressive for 21. I'm not sure I could have been so articulate, wise and focused at her age, which was of course a full 4 years ago now.....;-) What an honest truth from the artist&author, Florence Given. I can bet u that not many racially-advantaged placed citizens in her shoes who would have possessed such an uncommon or hard to find gut to have spoken out impartially in defiance of the so-called majority's interests.

Harry Enfield ignites uproar with racial slur and defending blackface on BBC Radio 4HARRY ENFIELD has prompted uproar this morning after he defended blackface and used a racial slur live on BBC Radio 4. Well done 👏🇬🇧 Did any other millennials watch this classic?🤣 Good to see someone not pandering to the snowflake brigade! 👍🏼

Harry Enfield uses racist slur 'c**n' while defending blackface on Radio 4Harry Enfield has come under heavy criticism for using a racial slur while defending blackface comedy. Vidal sounds like a knob Of course they don’t like him because he is funny, if it was the unfunny as fuck Frankie Boyle there would be no problem

Nigel Farage quits LBC radio show amid anger over Black Lives Matter commentsA statement on Twitter said the Brexit Party leader is stepping down and thanked him for the 'enormous contribution' he as made to LBC. Sacked more like for his anti BLM rantings in the face of a Global Radio commitment to learn and be sensitive. 'Quits' About this fucker was taken off the air!