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6/27/2022 9:29:00 PM

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From all of us here at BBC Look North, thank you Harry ❤️ Watch the full programme back here:

The latest news, sport, weather and features from across the region

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😥 RIP pal x. What a beautiful send off HarryGration_ AmyGarciauk RIPHarry ❤️ Thanks for sharing this, Luxmy ♥️ Watched this and it was a fabulous tribute to a very greatly loved man. Rip Harry and my condolences to your family and friends. Every time I watch this I go to pieces the second KeeleyDonovan does 😪 whole show was a wonderful tribute xxx

I moved to Dublin 22 years ago, but growing up,Look North and Harry were a part of my daily life. He always came across a real sound bloke, got a little teary eyed when I heard of his passing last week. Great send off for a great bloke. RIP were a good un... Absolutely beautiful. The love you have for him, and he had for you, his job, the audience and for his county was apparent in every second of the show.

Just a perfect tribute to the great man. All of us viewers are in bits, so for his colleagues and friends managing to bravely put last night’s show together, so full of admiration for you all. ❤️❤️❤️ Great tribute. Under the circumstances KeeleyDonovan held it together so very well A true broadcasting legend and a lovely man too

Harry Gration: Tributes pour in for Ex-BBC Look North presenterTonight BBC Look North will be paying tribute to Harry Gration. Please share your memories of Harry here and we’ll try to include some of them in tonight’s programme. I went to Leeds Uni in 1988. I'd see him around most days and this made me feel safe. No idea why. Years later his distinctive voice would leave me nostalgic. ❤️ Loved the piece he did on Top Gear with the reliant robin👍

Well done Look North team for a brilliant tribute to a great guy, held it together till the end which I am in no doubt had thousands watching shed a tear which is no shame as he will be very sadly missed HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUCH A FANTASTIC TRIBUTE TO A GREAT BLOKE ONLY THREE DAYS AFTER HIS PASSING, R.I.P HARRY GRATION 😥

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.i wanted someone to put their arm around Keely at the end though.😭😭😭😭very emotional RIPHarry Here in Chesterfield we love you the best Regional News in the country. Thankyou for all you do with compassion, humility and humour. Harry was the bedrock and always welcome in our sanctuary and home. Love to you all.

stejs9 We salute you AmyGarciauk. A solid eulogy for a lovely guy. Fitting tribute to a Yorkshire icon. Don’t know how you all held it together. The whole of the team have paid very gracious tributes to HarryGration_ since his passing. He was obviously very worthy luxmy_g May he rest in peace You did him proud, it was a wonderful tribute & lovely to see all the Look North family together. Thinking of you all. AmyGarciauk Hudsonweather KeeleyDonovan

Will always be remembered as a special, proud true Yorkshire gentleman. RIP Harry, loved but never forgotten….. Bless

Harry Gration: The best pictures of legendary Look North presenter from our archivesThe whole of Yorkshire has been devastated by the loss of Look North presenter Harry Gration. And not just Yorkshire…this should include many of us further afield

Beautiful ❤️🙏🏿 Absolute legend 💔 A real Yorkshire gent, RIP Harry Great tribute for a great man. Very sad loss…. NoelDavidWhelan What a wonderful tribute to such a lovely man that was the legend Harry Gration , loved by all. Well done Look North for all the lovely memories, tears and laughter which I’m sure Harry would have laughed at ❤️

😢 Such a lovely tribute 🥰 ❤️ Wicstunbully 😔😔😔 Hudsonweather So very very touching . What a guy 💙x 🎚️🙏🕯️

BBC on Glastonbury fan complaints after Paul McCartney's livestream delayBBC responds to Glastonbury fan complaints after Paul McCartney's livestream delay Sorry but more to it maybe they thought macca would give up half way all other headliners showed live They didn’t answer the question at all. Why was it not made clear that the performance was going to be delayed beforehand? Looking every day his 100 years!

Hudsonweather Fabulous tribute to a wonderful and caring man. Well done all!! The tribute to Harry this evening was superb. You certainly did him proud 👍 What a fabulous tribute to a wonderful man . Goodnight harry. Thank you. Everyone in bits at the end of this, but dear old Dickie Bird set me off. Well done lads and lasses - you did him proud tonight.

What a truly wonderful tribute to one of Yorkshire's greatest. Truly loved by all and will be missed by everyone. Rest In Peace Harry. 💔💔💔💔💔 ❤️💙 So sad. A lovely tribute to Harry. KeeleyDonovan you made me cry . Sending hugs x It was a wonderful tribute to a lovely man RIP Harry

Glastonbury blunder as BBC mistakes presenter Jo Whiley for someone elseTHE BBC made a catastrophic blunder this weekend after mistaking presenter Jo Whiley for someone else while broadcasting Glastonbury Festival. The iconic music event opened its gates on Wednesday a… Slow news day? What utter rubbish Just be glad it wasn't the black woman who was mistaken, or we would have had BLM burning down the bbc for being racist

RIP Harry ❤️ Can’t play the vid but Harry was a true legend! ✌️ I'm sure Harry would have liked that tonight and how good to once again see some familiar faces, in particular (all too briefly) Sue Wilkins. What a wonderful tribute. The love that's been shown towards him since Friday shows what he meant to so many.

A wonderful tribute to an amazing man 😪 Fabulous tribute to a legend 👊👊 Well done for a lovely tribute to the wonderful GrationHarry great memories of a truly loved man. AmyGarciauk you got me going at the end but I don’t mind a tear or two for him ripHarry xx

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Radio York Make a Difference Sharing details of help and support from organisations and individuals in your area who are working hard to make things easier for you.About sharing Image caption, Harry Gration joined BBC Look North as a presenter in 1982 and left the show in October 2020 Celebrities, sports fans and politicians have led tributes to former BBC Look North presenter Harry Gration following his death at the age of 71., these images from our archive show the various presenters he has worked alongside, and the accolades he has gained along the way.Lauren Laverne pulls out of BBC's Glastonbury coverage following her mother's death They reassured fans that McCartney's set will be available to watch in full online:"Paul McCartney's much anticipated set was broadcast on BBC One at 10.